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Unbalanced Sound Between Left and Right

  1. Bagusa4
    Greetings to the members here. :)

    Are there members here who have the same problem? About the sound produced more clearly and feels "hard" on the other side than the other side?

    - Only suggestion?
    - Perspective ?
    - Audio source?
    - Hardware itself?
    - normal?


    I just bought an ATH M20x Headphone, after a few hours of use I just felt if the sound produced by the Headphone is louder and clearer on the right side and feels less on the left side. Is that fair?

    I finally bought the In-Ear JBL C100SI, to compare with my headphones, but the thing I really didn't think was that this In-Ear produced a clearer and louder sound on the left side and felt less on the right side.

    Where is my mistake? Hopefully, the members here can give me advice about this :)

    Thank you :)
  2. yong_shun
    Let your friend try on the same source. There are few possibilities:
    1. Recording
    2. Music player hardware
    3. Headphone
    4. Psychology
  3. Bagusa4
    thanks for the reply, I will try it :), but I hope it's just my psychology :)
  4. Prosny
    Honestly, just hope it’s your equipment. That can be fixed, not really sure about the other one... And it gets frustrating, trust me.
  5. Bagusa4
    thank you for the reply, I hope so, they can be fixed :), because I feel wrong every time I used it :frowning2:
  6. castleofargh Contributor
    the obvious question, what happens when you put on the M20X backward(left driver on right ear)?
    for in ear it's really tricky because maybe the shape or your ears make it so one can go deeper or seal better, so your experience might have nothing to do with the IEM itself and it could take some time and some getting used to before you can properly diagnose if there even is a problem at all.
    trying to measure even with a cellphone and some spectrum app could perhaps tell you something, but you have to be careful about jumping to conclusions because even a very small change in placement can significantly alter the frequency response. so if you do try this, I would advise to repeat the process many time trying to find the best way to place the drivers in a similar way relatively to the microphone, and see if there is a consistent pattern suggesting one is really a good deal louder.
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  7. PointyFox
    You can narrow it down to the headphone if you can swap the left and right signals at the headphone connector or use a different source.
  8. Bagusa4
    thank you for the reply,
    yes I have tried using the m20x backward and so is the harder backward, if my vocal feels the resulting sound is more dominant on the other side I mean the "right" side I indicated is problematic. when I turn around the device the sound goes backward and feel dominant on the left ear. but sometimes it sounds annoying when I start trying to think something is wrong with my headphones or when I try to focus my listening on the sound produced by this device.

    for the in-ear I've tried to put the deep right part into it, it has become decent, but it still feels dominant left,

    but strangely when using it and letting it go, I feel like I'm comfortable,

    Can my hearing and mind adjust to the device I use? is that dangerous?
  9. Bagusa4
    thank you for the reply, yes I've tried with other device sources but the resulting sound is the same, but I haven't tried flipping the channel physically, I flipped the channel with the software, maybe it will be different?
  10. PointyFox
    No.. This is to see if there is an issue with the headphone cable.
  11. Bagusa4
    mm okay, but should I try it?
  12. PointyFox
    I guess one thing to try is to make sure this is repeatable, like does it still sound the same to you over time, and can other people notice the same difference. If they can, you could return the headphones or exchange them if you still can.
  13. Bagusa4
    mm oke I will try your advice, thank you for your good advice, thank you very much :)

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