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Bluetooth noise cancelling inEars with an inear measuremen to individualize the sound.
Touch sensitive for volume, pause/play, level of outside sound.

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Pros: Sound is very clear and it is hard to go back to other headphones because of the unique clarity.
Good soundstage with good separation.
Nice out of head sound which makes it enjoyable watching videos since the voices seem to come from the screen.
Good noise cancelation.
Noise cancelation/social mode can be adjusted to the situation using TouchDial controls.
TouchDial controls on both outside inEars are programmable and allow loudness via dialing.
Long battery life.
When you put them in you ears the Nuraloops automatically switch on and vice versa.
They tell you at the beginning via a voice the battery status.
Basslevel is adjustable (Nura calls this Immersion)
Bluetooth sound quality is extremely good for a wireless connection.
Cable from one inEar to the other inEar is very helpful for keeping the inEars around your neck when not using them.
4 tip sizes for finding a good fit.
Can be also used with an analog cable.
Because the personalization with the measurement of the hearing profile is always different, you get different sound options through the results.
Cons: Bluetooth range is too short.
With mobile phone in my jeans back pocket the bluetooth connection is sometimes disturbed.
Sound could be a bit more fuller and natural.
The measurement of the hearing profile is not consistent, see pictures below.
Proprietary connection for the loading cable. If it breaks you have to try to get one from Nura.
Proprietary eartips which so far I do not know where to be ordered.
The Nura eartips never get comfortable. I am a fan of Comply Foam and SpinFit Ear Tips which I both can not use.
Walking with the Nuraloops is often not a joy as the seal is due to the silicon tips strong and you get with every step on a hard underground a certain “bum” in you ear. Again using Foamies reduces this kind of problem usually.
TouchDial controls allow not the dialing function for next track, so you can not have pause/play, social mode and next track at the same time.
The possibility to combine the functions of “pause track” and “100% social mode” would make sense to quickly react if someone wants to speak to you. At the moment you have to first pause and then put on social modus, one click would be more convenient.
The TouchDial controls are way too sensitive. When you are in the garden or you are in the forest and a leaf touches the Nuraloops the TouchDial will react depending on what you programmed.
Somethimes the function of my left TouchDial went away and I had not idea why. So I had to wait until they shut down and come back and then things will resume normal.
Lying in bed with the Nuraloops is difficult as the cable connecting the tow inEars is a bit short and stiff and pushes the Nuraloops out of your ears.
Using the iPhone’s speech to text function, the first word is always missing. In addition the texts are full of mistakes in direct comparison to the Apple cabled EarPods or Bluetooth functioning AirPods (standard not Pro). Which makes you wonder how good the 4 microphones are.
People I have been on the telephone with using the Nuraloops complain about my voice being too muted and muffled. It would have been great if Nuraloop would allow some control over the microphones.
No way of telling of the Nuraloop is on or off (except looking the Bluetooth connections of your smartphone). Sometimes the Nuraloop turn on by themselves while dangling around my neck and although they are not in my ears. Which is strange if someone starts quietly to “whisper” something you do not understand. Plus it is very uncomfortable if you took a call via the mobile using the mobiles speaker and mike or using a cabled headset and suddenly your telephone conversation stops since nuraloops have decided to take over.
A possibility to turn on and off would be very helpful.
If you have done your profiles and you settle with one, you might wish to to rename them, which is currently not possibe.
Since the Nura Headphone Kickstarter campaign in ending in July 2016 I was very interested in the technology. But I had just invested 1000 Dollar in the then ultimately disastrous Ossic X campaign and could not invested in another headphone project. So I just invested 1 US Dollar for the Nura to get all the updates.

So when a as a former Nura “backer” I got the offer to pre-purchase offer for their next project the Nuraloops inEars I had to pull the trigger. Also the price of the Nuraloops was a bit less - while having the same technology as the Nura phones - and the Ossic X drama was something of the past.

With all this projects you have to be patient and hope the companies do not go bust. I had my fair share of suspense with other projects like the Smyth Realizer A16 but also quick wins like the Audeze Mobius. From these projects you can already deduct that I like headphones (just have a look at my profile) but also like technological advancements in the headphone arena.

So talking about the Nuraloops. When they finally arrived I was extremely happy that this project went through.


This is how they look right out of the box. While a cable does not seem to be very nice to the eye, I have to say it is much more practical if I compare it to my other bluetooth inEars like the Apple Airpods or the Creative Outlier Gold. Both of them always need to go back in their case if you do not wanna loose them. Not so with the Nuraloops. They just hang around you neck and often you will forget you have them their until you want to listen to some music or do a phone call.

Setup is relatively easy and the bluetooth connection and the Nura app guides you through this process in a good way.
Doing the profiles is a bit surprising as the results are always different.

30C60FC1-675E-4B21-B284-BDE20B1A29F5.jpeg A7C73F77-4741-4CAC-B136-155505B7102E.jpeg F3F1D4EB-5032-4E03-ABFB-F3CEACC8986F.jpeg

My frame of reference for these Nuraloops is build on what I owned but mainly what I own and use most of the time.
I have also ordered the Nuraphones and listening to them too.

So here are the full headphones driven either by Meier Audio Soul headphone and amp, Smyth Realizer A16 or sometimes mobile stuff like the FiiO M11, Sony NW-ZX2 and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The mobile devices I also use for my inEars. I also own a Meier Audio Classic ff and an ifi DAC but I do not use them so often.

So here are some of my favorite full headphones
Hifiman Ananda
Sennheiser HD 800 (with french Helmholtz mod)
Hifiman HE-500 (without metall grill, ony a thin cloth as dust protection —> before place seven)
Fostex Massdrop TH-X00 Ebony
Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro 250 Ohm
Meze 99
Audeze Mobius
Sennheiser HD-25
Beyerdynamic DT 770 80 Ohm
mitchell & johnson MJ2
Ultrasone Edition 9

Here are my inEars
FiiO FH7
Audeze isine20
Massdrop x Noble X
Audiofly AF78M
Pioneer RayZ SE-LTC5R-T (these I use most often on my dog walks)
KZ ZSA inEar
Hifiman RE-400
Apple Airpods
Etymotic ER4S
Westone 3
Stax SR-001 MK2
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