1More EVO

General Information


Earbud weight (Single):
Case Weight:
46.9 g
Gross Weight:
58.3 g
Earbud Dimension:
22.03 x 20.69 X 25.11 mm
Case Dimensions
66.60 x 28.61 x 38.65 mm
Earbud Battery Capacity (Single):
48 mAh
Case Battery Capacity:
450 mAh
Earbuds Charging Time:
1 hour
Case Charging Time (Wired):
2 hours
Playtime* (ANC Off):

Earbuds Fully Charged Music Playback:
5.5 hours
Case and Earbuds Fully Charged Music playback:
20 hours
Playtime* (ANC On):

Earbuds Fully Charged Music Playback:
8 hours
Case and Earbuds Fully Charged Music playback:
28 hours
Speaker Impedance:
32 Ω
Bluetooth Range:
10m (Open space)
Bluetooth Version:
Bluetooth® 5.2
Bluetooth Protocols:
5V 1A
Working Temperature:
0℃ ~ 45℃
Frequency Range:
2.400 GHz ~ 2.4835 GHz

Latest reviews


Reviewer at hxosplus
Pros: + Very good sound quality
+ Balanced and musical tuning
+ Open and spacious soundstage
+ Effective ANC without compromising sound quality
+ Premium looks and excellent build quality
+ Lightweight, discreet and comfortable
+ Compact sized charging case
+ 12 presets and 10 bands user configurable equalizer
+ Sonarworks Sound ID application
+ Stable Bluetooth connection with LDAC support
+ IPX4 water resistant rating
+ Excellent price to performance ratio
Cons: - Touch control actions are rather limited
- Short battery duration
- The inside compartment of the charging case gets easily scratched
- Soundstage is lacking in depth and holography
- ANC is not up to the competition standards
- Lack of aptX and aptX-HD support
- More tips would be welcomed
The review sample was kindly provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.
I didn't receive monetary or any other kind of compensation and I don't use affiliate links.
The price of the EVO is $169.99 and can be ordered directly from the 1MORE online shop.



1MORE is by now a well established brand with a couple of well known and much acclaimed products in their portfolio like the Triple Driver in ear monitors.
Lately they have been expanding to include wireless earphones with active noise canceling like the EVO.


The 1MORE EVO is a True Wireless (TWS) Active Noise Canceling earphone with a hybrid dual driver configuration and LDAC support.
Adopting a hybrid acoustic solution of a 10mm diamond-like-carbon dynamic driver and a balanced armature, the EVO replicates the studio sound quality that musicians and sound engineers strive for.
The EVO is precisely tuned by the 4-time Grammy Award Winning sound engineer, Luca Bignardi, so you can enjoy natural, authentic music exactly as the artist intended.
With 1MORE's proprietary QuietMax active noise cancellation technology, the EVO can provide up to 42dB noise cancellation depth, allowing you to experience the tranquility and purity for a truly immersive music enjoyment.
Furthermore the EVO features 6 microphones (three per earbud) with an A.I.-powered DNN (Deep Neural Network) algorithm that can detect and remove background noise and then amplify human voices, providing unrivaled speech intelligibility.
The EVO can be connected with two devices simultaneously and effortlessly switch between music, online meetings, videos, and calls on the two connected devices.
The EVO comes with an IPX4 water resistant rating so you can use them during exercise or on rainy days.



The EVO comes with 5 pairs of high quality silicone ear-tips (XS,S,M,L,XL), a USB-A to USB-C charging cable, a 1More sticker and a user manual.


Design and fit

The EVO faceplates are made from precisely crafted 3D ceramic panels that produce a surface as smooth as a mirror and can effectively reduce electromagnetic signal interference.
The rest of the housing is made from scratch resistant aluminum alloy with smooth matte black or white finish.
The earbuds are very compact and lightweight with an anatomically shaped and premium design that is aesthetically pleasing and reminds of much more expensive earphones.
The actual fit is very comfortable and discreet, the ear-shells stay securely in place offering good passive noise attenuation without causing annoyance.


The charging case

The charging case that houses the earphones is compact and lightweight with a curved, elegant design.
It is made from scratch resistant aluminum alloy with a rubber, non-slip, surface at the bottom and a premium back or white matte finish.
The inner compartment is made of plastic though that gets easily scratched.
The case has a charging status LED at the front, a USB type-C charging port at the back and a pairing button at the inner compartment.


Battery duration

Each earbud houses a 48mAh battery while the charging case has a 450mAh one that can be fully charged in two hours and offer about 3 additional charges for the earbuds.
The charging case supports Qi-Wireless Charger technology while it needs about 15 minutes to fast charge the earbuds giving them about 3 hours of playback time with the LDAC codec and the ANC enabled.
Full charge takes about one hour and increases playback time to 4 hours.
Disabling the ANC or choosing the plain SBC codec will increase the total battery duration.
Considering the compact size of the earbuds and the charging case, the total battery duration should be considered as satisfying.


User interface and Bluetooth connectivity

The outside surface of each earpiece functions as a capacitive touch control panel which is quite sensitive so accidental actions should be expected while trying to fit the earbuds into your ears.
Available actions are rather limited, you can double tap on either to control playback and call management, triple tap to activate voice assistant control, swipe up/down for volume control and long press to activate ANC.
Some limited customization is available through the 1MORE Music application.
A smart playback feature will auto pause music upon removing the earpieces and resume when placed back.

Bluetooth connection is stable without any dropouts and with a working distance of about 5 meters without obstacles.
The LDAC codec is the best when it comes to sound quality but the lack of aptX and aptX-HD means that if your phone doesn't support LDAC then you are stuck with the plain SBC or AAC codecs.
Sound latency with games and movies wasn't tested.

Active Noise Cancellation

There are four ANC and two transparency modes available, configurable through the 1More Music application.
You can choose between adaptive, mild, strong and wind blocking while the transparency modes include pass-through and voice enhancement.
Active noise cancellation is pretty effective, especially the strong mode that did a great job blocking noises like a running car engine, a working air-conditioner or the noisy crowd without affecting the overall sound quality too much.
Call quality was reported as good, my voice sounded as usual if not a little more bassy.


The 1MORE Music application

The 1MORE Music application, available for both Android and iOS, supports 12 presets and 10 bands, user configurable equalizer while additionally you can use the Sound ID application by Sonarworks for a more personalized listening experience.
You can also perform OTA firmware updates and customize various options as discussed in the previous sections of the review.


Listening impressions

The EVO doesn't have some kind of a volume limiter and can get pretty loud without any audible distortion.
The earbuds were burned for 11 hours using the "smart burn in" function that is available through the 1MORE Music application.

The overall sound quality is good, surprisingly good for such a friendly priced TWS earphone.
The LDAC codec is doing some pretty good job in minimizing transmission losses over Bluetooth while the overall sound signature is mildly V-shaped with a touch of emphasized bass, present mids and slightly forward upper treble.
The bass might sound a little accentuated but it is clear and well defined without too much mid-bass emphasis and bleeding into the mids.
Sub-bass extension is adequate for bass heavy tracks while at the same time technicalities are up to the task for more demanding listening.
This is a fun and enjoyable tuning that nevertheless doesn't exclude more reference listening as long as you don't mind some tonal inaccuracies here and there.
The bass is full bodied and punchy with good overall control and firmness while it is impactful and dynamic with good timing.
The mid-range is just slightly recessed compared to the bass and the highs but it still sounds present, crystal clear and articulate with a pretty much natural timbre and sufficient resolution.
Voices don't get projected but they get all the necessary attention and blend together with the rest of the instruments in a realistic way.
The famous duet "You've undone me" from Handel's oratorio Semele sounded wonderfully sung with a nice interplay between the two voices, emotional intensity and harmonic wealth.


The treble is extended with luminosity, crystalline clarity and plenty of detail retrieval.
At the same time it doesn't get too bright and in no way harsh or piercing.
It is rather controlled and not too unforgiving so you can listen to almost everything without the fear of getting fatigued.
The upper range has a touch of artificiality and some digital glare but as a whole the driver implementation is well done resulting in tonal and texture coherence without thinner sounding mids and highs.

The EVO soundstage is very good for this kind of earphone, it is open and spacious with plenty of clarity and satisfying imaging.
Don't expect laser sharp positioning or layers of depth and holography but you shouldn't be afraid of listening to more complex material since the EVO manages to avoid congestion and instrumental suffocation.


In the end

The $169.99 1MORE EVO is a welcomed surprise and an absolute bargain when it comes to TWS earphones.
It has stellar sound performance with a fun but still balanced tuning that is supported by good technicalities, it is lightweight and comfortable, it has excellent build quality and is backed by a good application that offers plenty of sound customization options.
Add the ANC that despite not breaking any performance records it still manages to be pretty effective without degrading overall sound quality too much and it gets pretty clear why the EVO is a winner and an instant recommendation for an all-around, budget friendly, ANC TWS with great sound quality.

Test playlist

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1MORE EVO Review
Pros: Exemplary sound when you dial in your favorite personal EQ
Cons: ANC is less to be desired when out and about with wind noise
1MORE EVO Review


Thank you to Mr. Black and Mr. Noyd for the EVO in exchange for the review.

This review is also on hypethesonics.com under their Headphone Repository (1MORE EVO - MiniHype).


The Nitty Gritty

The 1MORE EVO might be just another set of true-wireless bluetooth earbuds, were it not for one rather interesting feature, which could one day be a game changer. The EVO has 'SoundID', powered by Sonarworks. Through a series of A/B preference tests, the 1MORE Music app steers the frequency response toward the user's personal preference target. The idea is fantastic, and it does work - but only to a degree. The raw/uncorrected frequency response of the EVO is quite poor, with a single narrow-band peak around 8 kHz and no bass to speak of. So almost any EQ is going to sound better than the default setting, and this can create some initial wow factor. However, the subjective test only applies a small number of coarse-grained corrections based on rather short passages of a very limited-selection of music, none of which covers the full spectrum. The resulting EQ appears to use only a small number of fixed frequency bands and mainly affects only the low and mid frequencies; it seems no combination of selections was able to correct the deficiencies in the treble, and our resulting preference curve (e.g., HS001, made with the 'Kireyev and the Void' test track) was still not entirely where we'd like it to be. This is potentially game-changing technology, but version 2 ought to have a better DSP (the EVO has a poor impulse response, with massive excursions and very little damping), a wider variety of test tracks containing a full span of audible frequencies, a finer-grained selection process, autoEQ to a proper parametric EQ, and an underlying raw frequency response that doesn't contain any strong resonance peaks. One final thought on the design - the EVO buds protrude far enough from your ears to generate significant wind noise, even with the ANC active.








Other Thoughts

Based on my listening, the EVO without the preferred EQ sounds like a middle-of-the-road, balanced sound, not too enveloping and expansive. But using the preferred EV sounds as good as I want to hear it, which is very good! Slightly crisper highs, smoother mids, and a bit more oomph in the mid/subbass department, especially when paired with ANC in a quiet room. Out and about, the bass won't shine, even with ANC enabled.

My wife uses her EVO often, and enjoys listening via her personally preferred EQ.

Is it Worth the Hype?

Yes, if only to take that brief glimpse into the future.

Headphones and Coffee

Previously known as Wretched Stare
One of my favorite TWS so far
Pros: Build is great and they look premium, a large number of features and quality sound
Cons: Touch control is just basic, no EQ without app.

We will start with the great looking package; I love how one more has the artwork for each product inside the cover.
you get the standard type accessories tips and a charging cable.

Brand: 1More
Battery Life: Up to 8 hours on earbuds, up to 28 hours on carry case
Bluetooth: 5.2
Additional Tips: 5
Noise Cancellation: Adaptive ANC
Charging Case: Yes
Codecs: AAC, SBC, LDAC
Drivers: 10mm dynamic plus balanced armatures
Mono Listening: Yes
IP rating: IPX4
Wireless charging: Qi
Microphones: 6
Weight: 5.7g (0.20oz) per bud

These are very comfortable, well made and look very nice too.
The one more app allows you to customize the sound to your own preference.
Call quality is decent on most android phones on apple it's a little less clear not entirely sure why.
the EVO offers a balanced sound with light elevation in Bass, it has a well-controlled punch and Mids sound clear with some warmth in the lower Mids, treble is responsive but not harsh and soundstage is above average. LDAC is so sublime with this and layering and placement are better than I was expecting.
ANC the 1More Evo ANC, which is tested to block around 42dB is also a hybrid system offering adaptive ANC with a passthrough feature too very useful. The ANC is one of the better ones I have heard in recent times giving lager names a run for their money.
Overall, this new flagship TWS offers a good-looking stylish product with great features and performance.
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1more Evo (studio preset in 1more music app, meaning no EQ, but somebody even tried to turn on Sound ID also) +Wavelet+EVO-Sony IER Z1E preset = pure bliss (could be a little bit bright). No need to thank 😄


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