6.5H BATTERY LIFE + FAST CHARGE- An optimized battery provides 6.5 hours of continuous play/talk time on a single charge (24 hours total with case). Fast charge capabilities gives you an additional 3 hours of use with only 15 minutes of charge time. TRUE WIRELESS + BLUETOOTH® 5- Enjoy a truly...
  2. AudiophileAri

    1MORE Triple Driver IEM - Brand New (2 Sets for sale)

    1MORE Triple Driver IEM - Brand New still in shrink wrap. Possibly the best sub $100 headphone EVER...just read the posts. Buyer must pay shipping please.
  3. AudiophileAri

    1MORE Quad Driver IEM - Brand New

    1MORE Quad Driver IEM - Brand New, still in shrink wrap. These are one of the great Ch-Fi multi driver IEM's and the sound curve is flat with a little bit of love. Buyer must pay shipping. Thanks.
  4. sennfan83261

    [SOLD][FS] 1More Triple-Driver Titanium Over-Ears (like new)

    Price: $120 (including insured Fedex shipping and Paypal fee) or $110 (local pickup in DTLA; Paypal fee included) Shipping to CONUS only These cans have about 10-12 hours on them with >8hrs of that spent on overnight burn-in via pink noise. So, headtime is just a few hours. These come in their...
  5. gregrob20

    1more Triple Driver Headphones

    These have barely any play time on them and function perfectly. Z liked these a lot, Tyll had good things to say. They have really nice imaging and fun sound signature, great bass. Asking 135 obo shipped in US / paypal.
  6. AudiophileAri

    1MORE VRX Gaming Headphone

    1MORE VRX Gaming Headphone, never used, in wrapping, includes Waves Nx 3d audio and head tracker.
  7. Edhunter

    1more Triple Driver Over-ear Brand New

    Ok so here goes, We have a pair of Brand New 1more Triple Driver Over ears for sale! I bought 2 of these and my wife doesn’t seem to like them that much, im keeping mine (they are awesome, i love that piezoelectric thingy ceramic driver) and i decided to sell the other pair. These are the...
  8. hifi80sman

    1More Triple Driver BT In-Ear

    Don't see much about these on the forum. I just picked them up for $79 (original retail $199) and I have to say, these are really good. I found the wired Triple Driver IEM, out of the box, doesn't sound the greatest; it's a little bloated in the high-bass/low-mid area and lacks some air, so it...
  9. S

    1more Quad driver vs Dunu Titan 5

    Hello, please help me to choose between these 2 iems, in my country they're cost the same. And i can't go to try them in a local store before a buy, i'll have to order them from another city. Which iem has better sound, a 1more Quad driver or a Dunu Titan 5?
  10. Lamim Rashid

    Are the Pinnacle P2 IEMs a good upgrade?

    I've been on budget headphones for a while (but always head-fi recommended ones of course) my best being my current 1MORE Triple Driver IEMs. My sound source is a Oneplus 6 with ViPER4Android and Tidal Hi-Fi (no external amp or dac). Saw the MEE audio Pinnacle P2 IEMs on massdrop for only $42...
  11. M

    Need advice on IEM's <$300 USD

    Hey, I was looking into getting new earphones, that will mainly be played through my LG V30 (will probably get the LG V40 as well), and my Macbook Pro 2018. I am only looking for earphones that can be worn down, and with an L shaped connector. So far I have found the Final e5000, but I keep...
  12. cathee

    [SOLD]: 1MORE Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones (IEM) + Comply Foam Tips

    Auditioned these while trying to find the right portable companion. Unfortunately, I realized my ears do not work with IEMs. I used them for a little over a week but couldn't get over the pressure they exerted on my ear canals. My birth defect is your good fortune! Excellent condition 1MORE...
  13. Virgiljoker

    Need advice on 1more single driver earphones

    I recently broke my Jay's a five earphones, and need new that sound similar, 1 more single driver caught my eyes but reviews of them are holding me back, since all of them seem copied from a single review, can someone who owns one give me a honest opinion about them. BTW I listen to EDM and pop...
  14. compgenie

    MA750 vs iDX 200IE vs Triple Driver

    Haven't been able to find a comparison for all of them together because of different price brackets. Fortunately they're all the same price where I live. If not these, what else can I buy? IEMs only I listen to post rock, a little neurohop and retro synthwave. Occasional EDM. Looking for...
  15. Uminessho

    Xiaomi Piston 3 vs 1MORE Piston in ear

    My older brother has a pair of the Xiaomi piston 3 in ears that I've been borrowing quite a bit and I really enjoy the sound but when I looked into buying a pair it looks like they're discontinued and out of stock. I had heard that the 1more single driver was similar to the piston 3's but it...
  16. reeza

    My first IEMs recommendation and related IEM questions

    Hello everybody! Let me just start off with apologies to this post as it may be a longish and written by a newbie and also really has (4) questions. Please don’t feel you need to answer everything, and thank you in advance. 1) I’m looking to get my first set of IEMs to pair with (my future)...
  17. BackBoneCrusher

    Is there a difference between Triple & Quad Drivers IEMs ?

    Hello guys, I need some informations. I've saw earphones with triple and quad drivers (Like 1More Triple/Quad Drivers) I don't know if there's a huge difference, I don't know if the price difference is worth it and I don't know what is different (in the sound) Thank you ! :D
  18. ReAcT


    I'm looking for a pair of earbuds that have very good imaging and a wide accurate soundstage any recommendations? I am looking for these characteristics because I would like to use them for gaming.
  19. menuki

    1MORE H1707 Triple-Driver Over Ear

    Hello fellow Head-Fiers :) Here to show you the newest Over Ear headphones from 1MORE: https://uk.1more.com/products/h1707-triple-driver-over-ear-headphones...
  20. aussietanker

    WTB: 1MORE Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones

    Hi all. Looking to expand my IEM collection. Does anyone have a near mint set of these that they are willing to part with for a reasonable price. I am in Sydney Australia and would need to pay with PayPal. Thank you :)
  21. [No title]

    [No title]

    1More Triple-Driver E1001
  22. George-gearbest

    2020-04-25| Xiaomi Haylou GT1,Smart AI TWS11B

    This thread is create to bring cheaper headphones price to you. If anyone found any headphone price cheaper than following list, please tell me, I will try to make more discount. All products are 100% original from manufacturer. If anyone found any fake headphone, please tell me, i will make...
  23. djangomango

    1MORE Triple Driver IEM vs HiFiMAN RE-400?

    I was originally going to get the RE-400, but I just found out about the 1MORE: http://www.amazon.com/1MORE-Triple-Headphones-In-line-Microphone/dp/B01A7G35S0 It seems to have gotten great reviews everywhere I've seen. Does anyone have experience with either? I am coming from a Yamaha EPH-100