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This is a true comfort bud, as it is best to help assist with your sleep.

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Great for bed time
Pros: comfort and good fun sound without over emphasis.
Cons: No Microphone or phone calls but it is understandable

1MORE ComfoBuds Z True Wireless In-Ear Headphones

The Comfobuds Z are small so small you might forget they’re in your ears. At the moment I think they are probably the smallest TWS made. These are made for bed time sleeping, watching TV via Bluetooth, listening to podcast , nature sounds via the 1more app or music. the comfobuds Z worked great. I’ve been using them for days the 24dB sound reduction and comfortable fit worked as advertised. Construction is good and very light. There is no microphone or call capabilities to maximize you stress relief and sleep time. The app included plays nature sounds if you need more help falling asleep, my favorite was the rain.

Another cool feature is you can set up an auto-off timer for the soothing sounds between 30 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 minutes. You can also switch between peaceful vibes mode (Soothing EQ) and dynamic rhythm mode (Music EQ) via the 1MORE MUSIC app to enjoy a more diversified listening experience!

The full range BA does a great job giving you a smooth Vshaped signature that is detailed and clear with a never fatiguing Bass or Treble response, I found them perfect for night time listening as the bass presented well but never over powering just relaxed and rich sounding. Mids are clean and vocals sound warm with a good clarity, treble was polite yet detailed and soundstage was above average and surprising considering the size of these.


The comfobuds Z are well made just like the original but designed for sleep time, the BA offers a great sound signature and the sound very good for their size I was impressed, it should also be noted the tips are antibacterial a trend I would love to see more in all earphones.


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1MORE ComfoBuds Z Review
Pros: Very comfortable, sleep-inducing
Cons: no on-stalk buttons/controls
1MORE ComfoBuds Z Review



This is a true comfort bud, as it is best to help assist with your sleep.

There are no real on-earbud buttons to mess with, you control the earbuds with the 1MORE app and your smartphone/device.


You can choose the various “Soothing Sounds” in the 1MORE app: Breeze, Drizzle, Medium Fire, Spring Water, Summer Rain, and Thunderstorm. My favorite is probably “Breeze”, since it most resembles pink noise to me.

The sound is a bit more subdued than the more powerful ComfoBuds Pro, but I would say these fit a bit more comfortably than the Pro (even though the Pro is pretty comfortable as well.

The case is very minimalistic, and can fit into just about any pocket your heart desires.



The ComfoBuds Z is perfect if you want an easy-to use, very comfortable earbud without all of the fuss of buttons to have to remember, and a serious inducer of a restful sleep. Worth the 4.5 star score, in my opinion (because of the non-buttons on the earbuds).

For more information about pricing, and specs, go here.

Feel free to contact me on Head-Fi.org (moedawg140), and I can help you out with regards to any questions or inquiries you might have! Take care.
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