1. TLDMan

    Cable annoyance help

    I like my HD201s, but they have a problem that I can't seem to get used to. While one side of the V-shape is straight, the other side curves inward. This causes it to press up against the skin with even the slightest movement, something that has become extremely annoying. I'm not getting used to...
  2. marko93101

    Recabling M50s?

    Has anyone done this? Is it easy or difficult? I'd like to know because the 10ft straight cable is a right pain in the arse, and i only have them a day so far. Any help or even links or pictures. Greatly appreciated, thanks. Mark
  3. merro

    Shure survey: Who wants a straight cable for SRH840

    For starter... im just a customer but did contact the shure and the product manager did say he would be interested how many would actually have straight cable for SRH840 so I suggested a poll on this forum and he agreed to check the poll later on before he makes any other decisions.
  4. swbf2cheater

    Need Full size closed cans with detachable cable

    any sets you guys can name with a detachable cable with a 3.5mm or 2.5mm standard entry would be greatly appreciated.
  5. damagedhearing

    Sennheiser CX300-II replacements(want identical cord length)

    I am very happy overall wtih my inexpensive Sennheiser CX300-II's. I like the slightly, artificially juiced bass levels as these are used in the gym only. I love the comfort of them as well and need that comfort in my new pair. The only gripe I have is I am just fed up with the uneven cord...
  6. stephancho

    What is the difference between the M50 and M50s?

    Is the difference noticeable?
  7. swbf2cheater

    Taking big step up to expensive portable sets $1500-1800 Budget

    well, I've never owned a set of expensive closed backs portables, even though I've tried a few.  I've got a few grips that I am afraid I will have to live with such as on ear sets, which I hate.  I have some requirements and I hope to meet as many of them as possible.  Three must be met, which...
  8. milosz

    Color code of wiring in stock HD800 cable?

    I'm chopping off the 1/4" phone plug on my Sennheiser HD800 stock cables to go balanced. I need to know the wiring scheme of this cable - which color wire is Left (+) and which LEFT(-)  etc.   Anybody have this info?    (I would also like to know the wire color scheme for the...
  9. Frederick76

    UE Triple Fi 10 PRO and VI cable

    Recently i've purchased a set of Triple Fi 10 PRO's and wanted to change the cable to the ' vi ' cable with the microphone so i can pick up calls..so i bought a pair of those cables..   But after trying them on, i find my TF 10's EXTREMELY muddy compared with my old normal TF10 Cables.. Is...
  10. O

    The death of Ultimate Ears? How many replacement cables should I buy?!!?

    Did anyone else notice that the critically acclaimed and dearly beloved line of universal fit Ultimate Ears IEMs with replaceable cables is pretty much extinct? In their place are these cheap looking buds that start at $20. All that's left is the TripleFi 10 (on either UE's website or Logitech)...
  11. xmoduser

    Koss porta pro cable noise (microphonics) how to fix ?

    Recently I encountered little annoying problem. Left cable from my koss porta pro (when I move head or cable, when wearing on ears) is making noise that sounds like it would rub against plastic. Sound is quiet when headphones are off but annoying when on my ears. I heard that people call this...
  12. Hawkins85

    Urbanz Block (free with Q40 cable!)

    Anybody got their hands on any of the Urbanz range and able to comment on their bang for buck? The Block phones clearly share a few parts of their casing with the Ultrasone DJ1. The Block's are available for £29.99 (Play.com), whilst I'm going to guess they're going to be pretty poor...
  13. Sparky191

    USB Charger and Cables for portables

    I charge my portables a few different ways. USB on the desktop/laptop and a few different USB wall chargers. How long the player keeps it charge seems to vary a lot depending on which I use. I've also noticed some cables won't charge and some will. I'm also looking for a new charger perhaps a...
  14. rangerid

    IEMs with removable cables....

    http://www.custom-iem.com/cables-c-123.html?zenid=0be723f753a780b4947d2e158ddc8d90   Unique Melody just exploded with variety of custom cables....   anyone tempted?
  15. yliu

    Sennheiser IE8 cables? where to buy?

    I just realized that connector nickel plating on my IE8 cables are starting to come off, so I I'd like to get a new cable just in case the old one breaks but I can't find any place where they sell spare cables. Is it just me or other people is experiencing the same problems?
  16. havishpatel


    Wow, now I am confused.    I am a teenager who loves to listen to music. I listen to RnB, Pop, Hip hop, a little rock and a little dubstep. I use a 3rd gen ipod touch.   I really want a set of M50's, apparently they sound so good, but am really confused on a few things.   1) What is...
  17. acegazda

    Does the sony walkman LOD function the same as an iPod LOD?

    I'm thinking of getting this: http://www.amazon.com/FiiO-L5-Line-Cable-Walkman/dp/B003UCI2CI/ref=acc_glance_e_ai_purchase_similarities_t_3 for my dap. Is this a true line out? Will it improve the sound if I run my Fiio E5 from this instead of from the headphone jack? Thanks.
  18. afinch1992

    Warming up headphones?

    Has anyone noticed their headphones perform worse when its colder and get better as the warm up? both literally and just in a technical sense?   my q40s seem to sound better after a good 20 min play through if theyve been in a cool place like by a window
  19. cargo

    Need some new headphones.

    Not a fullblown audiophile but do love my Sennheiser HD202.  I am looking for   something portable,  in ear or over ear (basically something that doesn't let everyone else hear what I'm listening                                   to so if there are some on ears that fit this I am open to...
  20. Camomille

    A reccurent hassle: cable faulty connection

    Ever since I bought my first cans almost 5 years ago, I've had the same issue, again and again, and I'm absolutely fed up with it. Every, everytime, a faulty connection would appear on the "jack" end of the cable. As a result, only one earcup would be supplied with electricity, only one would...
  21. DavidMahler

    How drastically is sound affected by using Though Out / Loop Out?

    If I use one source but two amps, one which has a through out, will their be drop in sound quality in the second amp?   Thanks!
  22. gridlock

    How to Setup a Long Run between Source and Headphones

    I am researching headphones and amps and wondering what the best way it is to setup the connection between the audio system and the headphones.   My audio system is about 15 feet from my listening chair.  My preamp has both analog and digital outputs.  I can think of several different...
  23. Vinc

    Questions about cabling the AMP

    Hello head-fi'ers! I've lurked into the forums for some months, but I still haven't found post about which cable you need to plug everything - I'm talking about type of cables, not the brand. I'll probally do : Computer (SPDF OUT) - Matrix Cube - WA6 - HD650. What type of cable would I...
  24. NRGreatest

    PC 350 Static Problem

    Another PC350 problem to throw into the pile! :( This time it's something wrong with the cable's. The sound is great but when I talk in ventrilo or any voice program and I move my wire their seems to be some static transmitting throughout the cable. It's really annoying to the people listening...
  25. flipdac

    ATH-M50S Cord Question...

    I recently got the M50S headphones... can someone who has them tell me about the spring at the end of the cord?  The spring on mine is not attached to the plug so it slides down at times - is this how it's supposed to be?  Seems like it is meant to be attached to the plug...   Thanks in advance!