1. miksta

    Custom TF10 Questions

    So I got my TF10s and I really like them. I have a few problems with them like the fit is okay with the foamies but I dont want to have to keep buying them so I was looking at getting custom ones. I have a few questions about this, so first I go to an audiologist and get just my molds done then...
  2. oldschool

    Custom cable for ER4P

    I am trying to find a replacement non-Ety cable for my ER4P. I know Ebay seller 'awwman' used to sell custom Ety cables, but it seems he doesn't anymore. Also, I don't want to pay crazy money for APS cable..   Any suggestions?
  3. jrkong

    where can i get a replacement cable for a pair of sennheiser hd 558

    Hey everyone, i just got a pair of sennheiser HD 558's and i love 'em but where can i get a shorter cable for them 3 meters is just too long i want a cable i can use for an ipod/iphone   I really need the help   Im an audio noob. XD
  4. av104

    Replacing frayed cords/cables of EH-150

    One of my cable has frayed so badly that I get no sound from the earphone. I really like this headset. Is it possible to replace the cable/cord of EH-150? I noticed that on the company web site they have replacement cable for model EH-350 but not EH-150. Are they interchangeable? How hard is it...
  5. bamboo5354

    Can you use AKG K702 cable on Q701?

    Please let me know thanks!
  6. Katun

    Ultrasone Pro 1/4 cable concern

    I have a question for any Ultrasone Pro headphone owners.   Alright, so I've always wondered about that really beefy 1/4 plug on the coiled cable. Well, yesterday I twisted that and found it can actually screw apart. But the things is, when you unscrew it, it literally falls apart and you...
  7. wheijke

    Sony MDR-3 rewiring advice

    Hi,   I found my old MDR-3 headphones, bought them when they came out, used them a lot and then forgot about them... The problem is that the cables to the headphones have hardened and have been broken, one channel is out and the other definetly has a problem.   So I think the best...
  8. Blazestorm

    DT770 Pro 80 Driver... dead after re-cabling

    I recabled it once before and it got ruined over time from abuse, then I re-did it again. Now up to the most recent time there was rattle in the left driver, I knew it was a hair but when I went to take it apart I broke one of the wires on the driver. The pin was bent as well, so I figured I'd...
  9. pandaman0529

    ES7 Cable Broke...Worth Repairing?

    So my trusty ES7's just broke today. I was sitting down, ES7's around my neck, and my foot was on the unconnected cable. As I stood up I yanked against the cord and one of the cables going from the splitter to the right speaker popped right out of the splitter.   My question to you...
  10. gmreplay

    Want to tie up long AD-700 cable

    I love my AD-700s, but when I'm using them around the house with my ipod the cable is just way too long. I'm currently taking up some of the slack by looping it a few times at waist level, and holding that together with some twist ties. This isn't ideal, however, since the twist ties are metal...
  11. pez

    Post Pics of Headphones & Headphone/Listening Area

    OK, I think there should be a new thread of this as the other one has 234pages and the pics one is getting lengthy too, so why not combine. I think we should get people to take some more current pictures of there setups and there nice looking listening areas. So show off your headphones, you...
  12. MRiNiCK

    Ways To Shorten Sennheiser HD 598 cable?

    the cable is way too long. 10 feet is just insane. Yess it fine when im sitting across the tv watching a movie but i wont be using these all the time for movies on my tv. So I was thinking of cutting it to 4-5 feet. any way to do this. Im no soldering expert also
  13. gazzab

    Cable wrap

    Hi, i'm new to all this but i have just bought a pair of Sennheiser HD25-1 ii and i fancy customising them a little, ive seen on websites such as customcans that people have coloured cable wrap, where can i buy this ?   Thanks
  14. ThermL

    Serious issue with SR80's after repairing broken cable

    The cable going to my right ear cup got tugged too hard for the last time and finally decided to get pinched and snap off. No big deal I thought, just busted out my soldering iron and resoldered the wire together. This was at the junction where the wire enters the cup. So I took apart the cup...
  15. Proglover

    Deal with taxes when recabling/modding across continents

    Not 100% sure this is the right section, but it's about headphones, modding or recabling headphones   I'm in EU, when people want f.e. a Beyerdarth mod, or a recable done by someone in US/Asia, things like that, how do they handle possible importtaxes. I mean, you're sending outside EU/US or...
  16. ryder78

    Hooking Headphones To i-Devices : Which 3.5mm Headphone Output Jack Gives Best Sound Quality - iPhone, iPod or iPad?

    If hooking up headphones up to $250 to an iPhone, iPod Classic, iPod Touch or iPad, which device will yield the best sound quality? I presume the quality of 3.5mm headphone jacks is not similar throughout the various i-devices.   Any insight would be appreciated.
  17. Phraxos

    Help: ATH-ANC7 Replacement Cable

    Does anyone know where I can find a replacement cable for the ATH-ANC7? The original one is not working anymore (and the problem is definitely in the cable - wires are showing where it connects to the plug). I don't want to have to get an expensive (but nice) recable... btw it is detachable...
  18. DjAmTraX

    How to remove the cable from HD800?

    I want to disconnect the cable form the headphones, but I don't want to use much force because it is NOT coming out. Do you just pull HARD or is there a special way?
  19. whoelse

    UE cable from Effect-Audio?

    Hi, I'm thinking to get one of these from this seller: http://shop.ebay.com.sg/effect.2010/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p3686   or http://shop.ebay.com.sg/undertop2010/m.html?_nkw=cable&_sacat=0&_odkw=&_osacat=0&_trksid=p3911.c0.m270.l1313   Anyone actually own one of...
  20. dailo23

    TripleFi 10 attempting hack; end connectors onto ipod cable

    ok so I'm sick of the triplefi cables breaking, I have the old broken ones and am going to attempt to hack together my own cable.   I would by the westone replacements except theres no Ipod control which is nice to have.   Going to cut the ends of the triple fi's off for the connectors...
  21. Caphead78

    Reterminating ER4P's?

    I recently damaged the right angle plug on my ER4-P's and am trying to decide what to do. I do not have access to soldering materials since I am at school but was wondering if anyone knew of a business or head-fi member that may be able to reterminate my earphones.
  22. levlhed

    K701 cable repair options?

        I've got a pair of Stefan Audio E-Series re-cabled K701 that I got in trade from someone a few months ago. Last week the left side cut out on me.  I was wondering what my repair options might be.   I was going to open it up and take a look, but I can't figure out how to take it...
  23. Skullkrusher

    ... Recabling HD555s, and supplies needed for it?

    http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa234/synbios459/Temporary%20upload/002-2.jpg   Not my pic, but this is basically what is happening to my Senns, and I'm thinking of replacing the cable. According to a guide off of Sennheiser's website, it doesn't look that difficult, but since I have...
  24. Sonic Atrocity

    Ultrasone Pro 900 Cable Problem (extremely frustrated)

    Okay, so today I just got my brand new Ultrasone Pro 900s. They are absolutely fantastic. I had a great time listening to Emperor's Prometheus in the family room and am really glad I bought them. HOWEVER, later on in the evening I was trying to plug the cable into the headphones again but with...
  25. skwosh

    Detachable cord modification (for Sony MDR-CD3000)?

    Hey.   I'm wondering how to make the cord detatchable on said headphones (although I presume it's a pretty general procedure).   I'm thinking about making it balanced, with a connector on each side.   I would like to be able to use the Sennheiser sockets that are on the HD-600 etc...