Post Pics of Headphones & Headphone/Listening Area
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Jul 30, 2007
OK, I think there should be a new thread of this as the other one has 234pages and the pics one is getting lengthy too, so why not combine. I think we should get people to take some more current pictures of there setups and there nice looking listening areas. So show off your headphones, you stands, and such...I will be adding mine soon.

Let's modernize.
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My listening area (just 5 minutes ago).

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Originally Posted by G.Kennedy /img/forum/go_quote.gif
New member here.

HD-600(original cable still), Bottlehead S.E.X., Ipod


Wow that looks comfy and tell, what is that cable under the table?
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Originally Posted by pez /img/forum/go_quote.gif tell, what is that cable under the table?

Its just a real big extension cord for power. No outlet in that area, and thats the only cable I had. I should make something a big more refined looking maybe.

The headphone stand is homemade, from left over scraps of Baltic Birch from a speaker project.
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It all looks really nice...the extension cord looks like it costs a fortune xD. I'm going out to eat so I will post pictures of my area all looks kind of weak compared to the 2 so far :p.
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OK here goes my little corner of goodness
, I'd like to say it's the better half of my room. I'm especially proud of my somewhat DIY headphone stand (like what it's made out of?) I keep all my IEM's in the little white shelfs. I put three pics...sorry if I slow your comp



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Why can I never see all of the photos in posts for this website?!

I can only see G.Kennedy's pic... which caused my mouth to salivate, by the way...
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sorry for the grainy pic its from my only camera, iphone err

but it consists of a bean bag, (laptop normally sitting on my lap), laptop connected to speakers (pointing at me), (soon to be a pair of denons in the pic), a plasma ball and fibre optic lamp,

nice in the dark!
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Nice private space. You should patch up the wall with some colourful drapes or something to make it extra cosy

My setup in my study.
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that's nice desk layout, everythings close. That monitors hi res like my laptop which I can see on it LOL

I like the idea of the drapes! But i sit with my back against the wall, And maybe a bubble column? Im addicted to glowing things! (couldnt tell!?)
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Yes it is a lego stand
I had the idea when I first got my Grados and got around to it...this morning
. I do want to know though: I have a pair of really really nice floorstanding speakers and I'd love to hook them up to my computer other than an AUX cable through a crappy amped cd would I go about doing this. Oh I'll take a pic of my speakers...they're ancient, but they're lovely speakers (Pioneer HPM-1500). Same thing as the HPM-150s, except the 1500 is the german version which was supposedly thought to be better....

EDIT: Here they are...



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