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Jun 26, 2017
Jan 28, 2005
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Phonetics research, teaching French

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Headphoneus Supremus

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Jun 26, 2017
  • About

    Phonetics research, teaching French
    Music, photography, reading/writing
    Photography (landscape and astrophotography)
    Headphone Inventory:

    Sennheiser HD-600 (w/Headphile BlackSilver V2)
    Westone UM3X
    Pioneer Monitor 10
    Sony MDR-V6
    Soundmagic P10
    Sony MDR-EX85 (with JVC HA-FX33 Kramer mods)
    JVC HA-FX33 (Kramer modded)
    Pioneer SE-405


    Beyerdynamic DT-880 (2003)
    Alessandro MS-1 (modded, & w/bowls)
    Altec Lansing im716 (depodded)
    Sennheiser PX-100
    Koss KSC75 (Kramer modded)
    JVC HA-RX900 (TopPop modded)
    Ultrasone HFI-650 (modded, w/DT-250 velour pads)
    Soundmagic PL-50
    Sony MDR-D66 Eggos
    Head Direct RE0
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Keces DA-152 USB DAC/amp
    Fiio E10
    Hotaudio Bit Perfect USB DAC/amp
    Xtra X-1


    Leckerton Audio UHA-3 USB DAC/amplifier
    Octavart THE ONE
    Little Dot MK-II
    Opera Consonance Cyber-10
    Hotaudio HotUSB1
    Meier Corda 3Move USB DAC/amplifier
    Fiio E5
    RSA Tomahawk
    Source Inventory:

    Dedicated PC w/Winamp, ASIO (wav) --> Keces DA-152
    Fiio E10
    Portable: Sansa Fuze, 8GB + 16GB SDHC (256~320kbps VBR, Lame -V 0, Rockbox)


    Laptop w/Winamp, ASIO --> Leckerton Audio UHA-3
    Trends UD-10.1 --> Super Pro DAC707
    Trends UD-10.1 --> Entech 205.2
    Keces DA-151 --> Entech 205.2
    Laptop w/Winamp, ASIO --> HotUSB1
    Portable: Creative Labs Zen Micro 5 GB
    Cable Inventory:
    Headphone cable-
    Headphile BlackSilver V2 Sennheiser 1/4" cable
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    DAC/amp sits on Herbie dots, which sits on marble slate, which sits on more Herbie dots. Isolation, baby!

    Music server is controlled through Winamp using the Bemused client on an old Nokia 3650. Sweet.
    Music Preferences:
    Folk/acoustic rock, blues, jazz, general rock...

    In that order.
    Ph.D. candidate, French Linguistics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


    Home: Keces DA-152 > Sennheiser HD-600 (w/BlackSilver V2)
    Office: Fiio E10 > Westone UM3X / Sony MDR-V6
    Portable: Sansa Fuze (Rockboxed) > Westone UM3X

    I pity the foo' who doesn't give me feedback!
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