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Beyerdynamic Amiron Home (the new T90)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mtoc, Sep 28, 2016.
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  1. mtoc
    Well, that's the name, it's home.
  2. Ferrosa
    The new T90. Here we go again:
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  3. ProfFalkin
    Now with 300% more treble!
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  4. Ferrosa

    They're using fabric to control the treble. As the DT 1770/1990 PROs.
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  5. XERO1
    It looks like the Amiron Home is the non-studio (and balanced cable friendly) version of the DT 1990 PRO.
    I wonder if they are tuned any differently?
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  6. Ferrosa

    The sound signature must be very close to DT 1990.
  7. ProfFalkin
    I had the 1770's.  It was much better than the 990 premiums I had, but had to get rid of both.  Just too much treble for me.  Fatigue inside of 20 min is... it's just downright excessive.  
    Darn shame too, I like Beyer's build quality and comfort.   If any of these new Beyer models well and truly tamed the shrill highs, I'd buy in a heartbeat.
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  8. Ferrosa
    They say that DT 1990 is even brighter than DT 1770.
    The only beyer with smooth treble that I know is the DT 150.
  9. SpringBiscuit
    So it means T90 is discontinued? 
  10. XERO1

    I wouldn't be surprised if Beyerdynamic soon announces a closed-back replacement for the T 70 as well.
  11. 100VoltTube
    Sooo....  beyer has just released the DT1990: a $600 open backed, full size headphone. Now, after a bunch of people have bought the DT1990, they release the Amiron, a $600 open backed headphone. Interesting marketing strategy.
    They'll probably have a different tuning from the DT1990's though, to make it so that they don't have two products in direct competition with each other. What tuning they'll use on the Amiron, though, I have no idea. It would be ironic if they brought back the treble spike [​IMG]
    I am interested to see what the do about the T70. they can't replace it with a $600 pair of headphones because it's about $300. (I got mine new for $270) The T70 also has a... unique... tuning that I don't think many people like. I don't like mine without a 5db bass boost and a notch at 8khz. It makes me wonder about the tuning they'll go for on a replacement (if they do make a replacement)
    Looking forward to impressions in a month [​IMG] 
  12. thatonenoob
    Woo excited. Not a fan of t90...hopefully things get better here. But the design is very meh.
  13. Vigrith
    I actually quite like the new design, I disliked the stock T90s' look (mine are Jubilee edition) so to me this is definitely a step up.
    That said, I'm VERY intrigued to see how these turn out - the fact they have warm as a headline for these has me super pleased as aside the kill yourself treble on most their headphones I quite like their tuning. " All in all, this adds up to a warm, stress-free sound with fascinating spaciousness – as intoxicating as in a live concert." is very far from their previous iteration at least, hopefully they're not exaggerating!
  14. XERO1
    I'm not a fan of having any kind of cloth on the outside of a headphone, so I'm glad to see that go away.
    IMHO, the newer Beyer's (T1 2G, T5p 2G, DT 1770) are a little too mellow for my taste.  It looks like the Amiron Home will be probably be voiced similarly. [​IMG]
  15. HiFiGuy528
    I hope this sounds like the DT 1990 Pro because I love that hp. This looks to have dual entry removable cable so the optional XLR cable from beyer would work.
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