1. jakebake

    Need help! external headphone jack...

    Hey guys,    I just bought a pair of ad700's, which I think sound great, and I am trying to plug them into the tube amp I have.  Right now I have my computer sound card(xfi titanium) connected to my tube preamp which is connected to a tube poweramp and then connected to speakers. The...
  2. 2enty3

    How much of a difference do cables make?

    So i've read around about the differences between the 701 and the 702, and FWIR the only difference is the ability to detach the cable.   So do changing the cables really cause a significant change in the sound? if so, would it be better to get the 702 over the 701?
  3. wheels1107

    Audio Technica ATH-M50: Straight vs. Coiled

    I am probably going to pick up a pair of ATH-M50s this week. I was wondering if I should get the straight or coiled cable version. I'm probably going to use them mainly for car/plane rides, and listening/gaming at the computer. The straight cable looks like it might be way too long for portable...
  4. alm0nde

    Sennheiser HD 555 Problems

    Hey guys, im currently having a bit of trouble with my Sennheiser HD 555 headphones.  I used to own an Asus Pro50n Notebook computer, and the headphones worked fine on it, no troubles at all.  I recently bought an Asus n53jq series notebook computer, and whenever i plug the HD 555s in the...
  5. Poison Shroom

    Time to Recable

    Hey guys, I have a pair of Denon AH-D2000s that need to be recabled, the wire is bad near the jack.  I originally got them Grey-market, so I don't think it makes sense to ask Denon to repair them (I think they're about two years old anyway, so I doubt I have any semblance of a warranty now.) ...
  6. julioforo

    anyone knows about the xears td100 II?

    they have a great price... someone who has this in-ears? are good?
  7. melinyel

    Can I upgrade my Triple Fi 10pro to Triple Fi 10 vi by replacing cable?

    Hi,   I have a triple fi 10 pro, but whenever I use iPhone,   I realize that I need microphone.   Is there anybody who tried to change the cable to upgrade it?
  8. RunOfTheDill

    Replacement AKG K450 Cable?

    Does anywhere no where I can get a replacement cable for these.  My long one shorted out so now im using the short one with an extender.  In case you guys dont know, the 450's have this weird 2.5 jack that you have to spin to lock, its quite annoying.  Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Dabears2240

    Looking for portable headphone suggestions

    -Closed or open.  I'm open to either one -I listen to mostly hip-hop and rock, so bass is important. -I don't want the bass to drown out everything else, but I want a pretty good amount of it.  I have the Meelec M9's, and that's just about the right amount of bass -I would like for them to...
  10. janw

    any good cable for recabling? europe, digikey?

    Hi, I've a Phonak PFE, IE7 and SF5 Pro, all with original cables long gone... :-/   My Sennheiser IE7's "kevlar" cable began cracking after 4 months. Earlier two cables slipped out of the T-piece. On the SF5 i put cat5 ethernet twisted pair, durable, but too heavy duty and not flexible.  ...
  11. FearSC549

    Jaben ES8 Cable?

    Anyone tried these before? http://jaben.net/shopping/product_info.php?products_id=314
  12. wyager

    Is there such a thing as headphones/IEM that I can actually expect to last more than a few years?

    So, after dropping $90 on my HJE900s to get the most durable IEMs available (at least in this price range) only to have a disappointing experience with one of the drivers acting up a bit and a lack of proper warranty, I'm left wondering if IEMs that you could, say, pass on to your children...
  13. Aegir

    Beyerdynamic DT250 80 Ohm + Beyer K190 Straight Cable (unterminated) - Need iPod Friendly Phone Plug. Suggestions?

    Does the Beyerdynamic DT250 80 Ohm come with a coiled or straight cable?   Thanks.
  14. pkuro

    Recommended extension cable for my Shure SRH840?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a good quality 1.5m (3ft) extension cable that wont degrade the sound quality.. Any suggestions?     Thanks :)  
  15. Faxman

    I need some help regarding Sennheiser cable!

    I got this from a friend. Does any one know what kind of cable it is? I usally dont use Sennheiser, but im planning in buying a pair..   What is it?   And yes its a pic..dont worry..no spam or virus, just a pic.       PIC:   http://img413.imageshack.us/img413/7311/pb300016l.jpg
  16. matthewh133

    Problems with new headphones - assistance?

    Just received my Ultrasone Pro 900s today and I can't seem to screw in the cable. Yes I am using the right end, and yes I am turning it clockwise. There seems to be no resistance when twisting it and it just comes out real easily. Anyone had this issue? I've tried both cables so that's not the...
  17. periphery

    In-earphones with replaceable or VERY strong cable

    My budget depends on the quality but i gues I won't like spending more than 120 euro's, I'd rather spend less. I use a meizu m6, sold my ipod nano 5g for them because the meize sounds way more powerful. When i don't use a stereo at home I use a sennheiser hd595, which sounds good to me, even...
  18. jamestsao

    What places offer plug replacement/reterminating?

    Are there any stores that offer recabling or plug replace/reterminating. I thought of doing it myself but i don't want to risk screwing it all up.
  19. evanatch

    IEMs for ~$100

    Hello Head-Fi!   I recently decided I want something better than my standard Apple earbuds so I looked around for new headphones and eventually decided in-ear versions would be best because they are more practical and portable, and don't require a lot of power.   Basically, I want some...
  20. jj94

    Need new IEM's or some recabling advice

    My C710's gave out yesterday; the right IEM won't produce anymore sound. The cable for the right IEM is probably disconnected where the miniplug is because if I position the cable JUST right and apply some pressure, sound returns to the IEM. So I was wondering if it's possible to recable C710's...
  21. jamestsao

    Reinforcing Monster Turbine Cables (especially the 3.5mm plug)

    I am expecting some Monster Turbines in the mail next week and i read that their cables are subpar and the 3.5mm straight plug has no stress relief. I was wondering if i could reinforce the plug or add stress relief or recable the whole thing.   Thanks. I'm trying keep my expectations low as...
  22. _nomad

    Grado SR-60 recable - Any recommendations?

    So, my SR-60's have developed a nasty tear in the outer layer of the cable near the Y, and the jack connector has been getting kinda sketchy lately.  I've already sent them in for repair once, when the jack connector broke last time (I have a bad habit of falling asleep with them on). I also...
  23. Acade-lo

    Care and Preservation of Cables

    Hello guys, i want to spend a video and also ask about the care of  our dear cables headphones.       Just do not know if it goes for headphones. As my headphone has a long cable (3mts) and use the my pc, i wraps the cables without damaging, but do not know how the correct way.  ...
  24. ourfpshero

    Modding the Superlux hd681

    i was pointed to rock grotto, a euro based audio forum, and discovered that the superlux hd681 is a popular budget can there, much like the jvc harx700 is arounf here. also found a lengthy mod thread/ apparently, the hd681 has a substandard cable. while not a big believer in recabling (i have a...
  25. FearoftheNight

    Broke headphone plug need help with replacing it...

    Hey guys...someone caught the cord and broke the plug of my Audiotechnica ATH M50 headphones. I went to radioshack and bought the replacement plug with the screws. Can anyone help me or direct me to a guide as to how I can replace the plug? I'm a poor student and I'd like to replace these :(