1. generic user

    Get a modded SR80i or use Fiio E11 with modded SR60i? (plus bonus questions)

    I'm more of a casual listener but I've been an avid fan of the Grado sound. I have in my collection:   1. Unmodded SR60i 2. Unmodded SR225i 3. Modded SR60i (mesh cloth removed, punched 10 holes, felt mod)   I also have all the three pads - S, L and G. Of all combinations, I have come...
  2. TheEvilNarwhal

    Sennheiser 598s or Grados?

    I am new to the Head-Fi forums and want to start listening to music on high quality headphones. I have been searching for some high quality, balanced sounding headphones that would fit my budget of less than $250. I would use the headphones for mainly listening to music being mostly Alternative...
  3. willitblend

    Best headphones for Rock/Heavy metal?

    I want a headphones thats really good with rock. With $150 price range. I have the M50's now but i think they sound pretty awful with rock and the vocals are weak. So something with good seperation and quality guitars and nice vocals. I hear the Grado sr80i,but at $100 I don't really want to be...
  4. andrewbichik

    On ear headphones for iPod.

    Hi guys. I'm new here and have stupid and trivial question: I've got an iPod touch 4 and I need a headphones with real nice sound (for the price <$150) and iPod remote control. I'm not going to pay just for brand like Bose etc. I'm sure everybody here is more experienced than me so I'm waiting...
  5. Paul Graham

    Beyerdynamic Decisions.....

    Well Ive had my DT-531's for a little while now and I have to say, I wasnt expecting to use them more than I do my Grado SR60i's or HD25 1 II's. But I'm falling in love with the sound they present, Makes a nice change from my usual Sennheiser/Grado addiction I have And widens my listening...
  6. andrelealn

    pairing ATH-M50 for home and portable use.

    Hi there, my name is Andre and I'm fairly new to quality headphones. about 8 years ago I got a pair of technics RP-F350 headphones that served me well until last week, when they finaly died. since their demise I have decided to buy a new pair of headphones and wanted something good but without...
  7. binman13

    Budget quality headphones

    Hi, I know this is going to make people stew, but I am looking for a pair of quality sound headphones around the $80 mark. I dont care about the looks, (well, to the point it can be worn in public) and I am looking mainly for sound quality. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :D
  8. cgot2b

    Replacing M50s with more open headphones?

    First off, Engllish is my not my primary language, so I apologize for lack of right terminology. Furthermore I live in Europe so some of the regular recommendations might not be available or priced similary.    Due to an unlucky chain of events (broken office chair -> fell over -> broken...
  9. vanwazltoff

    best headphones for metal and video games $100

    ive been using $25 sony in ear head phones for 2 years and they have been good to me, but their just not good enough now that i have been getting more into music and i have been gaming a lot. i put most of my money into my high end gaming computer but now its time to put more money into my...
  10. Doc-holliday

    OVER-PERFORMING, OVER-ACHIEVING Headphones/IEMs for their price range. Top cost effective cans/IEMS

    NOTE: I have been keeping this updated periodically. I am hoping it is helpful to someone. IF SO please post something even if it is brief so I know people are using it. Thanks. Useful links: Tyll's wall of fame Joker'ss 260+ IEM Review. Joker's 100+ Portable Headphone reviews The reason I am...
  11. M

    Grado SR60 HELP with cables

    I found some grados in the trash, i thinks its the old ones because its not as thick as the new i series, but the thing is that its missing the plug and i dont know which cable is which:   Theres 2 Blue 1 Red 1 White   Which one is left, right and ground (i suspect that the two blue are...
  12. vanwazltoff

    cans for metal, movies and gaming $100

    I am not an audiophile but I am a massive technophile, so its finally time to get some new cans. I have never really experienced good cans before, for the past few years I have only had 2 pairs of Sony ear buds that cost around $30, they hold up a lot better than most ear buds I have used in the...
  13. rahuldagli

    Best budget headphone under $80?

    I am looking for best headphones SQ wise please choose from the options available. Or if you have any better suggestions please mention it below. Thankyou !!
  14. RamallahRambler

    Sony MDR-V6, 7506, or Grado SR60i

    I got a pair of V6s in May, but after two months, the left headphone stopped producing any sound. I'm pretty sure a cable got snagged. Anyhow, Amazon arranged a refund and now I've got £70 lying in my account and I'm thinking of getting a different pair. This isn't to say the V6s weren't good...
  15. Arvan

    I am getting some Grados.. Sr60i or sr80i?

    I want to get some grados, but im not sure of which one to get? Som prefer the 60i some 80i.   The 80i has a little bit more bass? and the 60i is more neutral?    Have i understood this correctly?
  16. Sniper1

    Kid safe headphones (suggestions for my 6 yr old daughter) ?

    Hi, My 6 year old daughter has discovered the fun of listening to my iPod touch / iPad 2 with a pair of headphones. I'm planning on giving her an iPod Nano 6th gen... in pink of course ;-)... for Xmas. But what headphones or earbuds should i buy ? At home, we have a pair of crappy Sony...
  17. viralcow

    AKG K142HD for $50 - who's heard these?

    So I found a pair of AKG K142HD's on craigslist selling for $50. They're open box, but used as a display model for two years. Interesting to note is that these are the older "made in austria" ones, unlike the newer ones made in China. Virtually untouched and looks brand new. They even come with...
  18. William007

    Closed Back Grado SR80i

    Hello i was wondering if anybody ever tried to make a grado closed? If so how does it sound?
  19. Nitrilic

    About the Grado SR60i

    Hello,   Lately, I've been looking at the Grado SR60i. In the past, I had the Audio-Technica ATH M50 but, the clamping force on my head was bearable but was a bit tight, and for some odd reason, the first week, my ears started to ache.   My first question is, what is the clamping force...
  20. Pianist718

    A True Test by Musician... ATH-M50 vs SR60i vs HD280 vs MDR-V6 vs SRH440, vs ???

    Hi guys .... so ... I've been using the in ear headphones that came with iPhone (i know, don't kill me). I've used them simply due to comfort of having small wires as I listen to music only on the train. I do not walk the streets with music on, or jog, or anything. Just on the train.   Now...
  21. melie

    Searching a 'better' Grado sr60i

    I'm a big fan of my SR60i. Really love the sound signature. Now.. If I would climb up the grado ladder, which one should I pick to get the same sound signature but have more refinement? I've heard that the RS2i is much closer to the sound sig of the SR60i then the SR225i & SR325is. Is this...
  22. whirlwind

    Question For All "GradoHolics"

    I have a couple of questions for the Grado Junkies.   Is there anyway that anybody has listened to every one of them , or at least like 5 different some comments here about what you liked and what seemed to be the best bang for the buck and so forth...interested in as much info...
  23. SashimiWu

    Grados SR80i's vs Grados SR225i's

    Hey there head-fiers.  I know this question has been asked to death as I've spent the past week just looking at many many comparisons between the two set of cans but I have some questions that I feel can be answered best by those who own the headphones already since I don't really have the means...
  24. Punnisher

    SOLD Grado SR60 drivers/elements/transducers for sale (one pair)

    For sale is a pair of Grado SR60 drivers. Both work. They are from a pair which I modded.   $20 for the pair.
  25. csf101

    Looking for < $200.00 headphones for Rock, Rap, an Heavy Metal.

    Hello everyone. I hate to honestly make a thread for this, but I do need a little help with this. I'm looking for a good pair of Headphones for less then $200 for Rock, Heavy Metal, and a little Rap maybe? I need a new pair because my Skullcandy Hesh just recently stopped working on me, and...