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deciding my first decent headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by gavfung, Sep 11, 2011.
  1. gavfung
    Hi, I want to buy a headphone around the 100-150 USD range. I used a lot of IEM and canal phones and so, my experience with headphone is limited to the Sennheiser HD202(Love the bass), and ATH FC700(they are nothing special). As for the IEMS, I have the UE triplefi 10vi(i dont use them often for comfort reason, but they isolate so nicely!), and Sony MDR-EX71(like the bass, but it is a bit much).  I listen to a lot of Electronic Dance Music, mostly Progressive house and vocal trance.  I am thinking about the Grados SR80 and Alessandro MS1. Which one should i get that best suits EDM, and if there are other suggestion around that price range, let me know!
  2. MegaMushroom
    I think you can find a pair of Ultrasone DJ1's for about 150... In fact any Ultrasone headphone should work with your kind of music. 
    EDIT:  I know you're looking at Grado, but I wouldn't recommend them for EDM. 
  3. BotByte
    Grados are nice for electronic music, as long as you aren't listening in a noisy area
    But they are a little weak on bass.
    Go for a SR60i (they have more bass then sr80i) and then look into Grado mods that are fun
  4. MegaMushroom
    Actually this does bring up an excellent point.  Will you be using em for home listening or portable? 

  5. gavfung
    wow, lots of suggestions!  I am leaning towards open cans because i never tried them before, but the closed back variety has not let me down so far. As for environment, I will be using the FC700 and the Sony MDR-EX71 for on the go options since both are lightweight.However, I will say that I do not like things that are unecessary heavy.
  6. BotByte


    Grado then
    SR60i are more bassy
    SR80i are what I like. A little bass, a little treble
    SR125i have more treble, less bass
    You can also use Grado as a portable, I do sometimes.
    If you buy a Grado SR60i, get some Brainwavz M1's as a portable. They have a very close sound like a Grado.
  7. MegaMushroom
    Hmmm... Disregarding my previous comment.  Grados are the only one that come to mind in terms of open back for me right now.  My SR-60's are pretty good if a bit light in bass. 
  8. Chris_Himself


    If you listen to EDM, these aren't great. They're accurate and all with great detail and the treble is pretty awesome for those synthesized parts that get up there, and female vocals from female trance (I spend a lot of time on that di.fm channel) they're really good. If you just want to buy a good headphone and just adjust to it and sleep knowing you have a headphone that will do other slightly more natural genres of music much better that's great...

    Completely disregard his opinion with SR-80's and amps, they just feel like they need more amps since the drivers are a little further away from your ear... otherwise they do fine even all the way up to the RS-1.
    I think the Audio Technica A700's would be great for you. They're really good gaming headphones and I feel that among the gaming crowd, they listen to a lot of EDM too so it fufills both roles. These are closed and easily driveable, they keep in that bass you like a lot but still sound very good when you're listening to other genres. Sweet warm mids too!
  9. gavfung

    I want to try open backs since i never tried them before, but if a particular headphone is better for my needs, I would go for that.  Seems like there are a few choice that i am leaning towards
    Grados SR60i
    Alessandro MS-1
    Audio Technica ATH A-700
    Ultrasone SJ1 Pro

    Which headphones are you refering to?
  10. Elysian
    If you can go up to $200, just get the Grado SR225i.  The 225i and 325i arguably occupy the optimal spot in the price-performance curve for Grado cans, and they sound great even without an amp or dedicated DAC.  You might as well spend a little more and get that last bit of performance.
    From the SR225i, the upgrade curve is pretty straightforward, such as orthos, Sennheiser HD650/HD800, etc.
  11. Chris_Himself


    He's right. I doubt the Sr-225 would be bad at EDM, it's got a fair bit of thump actually. You can find a pair of SR225 for like 150 used these days on the classifieds!
    Oh and to the OP, you'll notice that people just say "Grado" without specifying which model. They all have the same tone, they just get better as you go up thats why. An SR-60 more or less will sound like an SR-225 but with less clear highs, less warm mids, bass impact, etc.
  12. Elysian
    A new SR225i will look like a used one after a few months of use :)  The paint dulls awfully fast and, when you get the pizza box and see all the plastic, you'll be like, "I paid $200 for this?"  It's a great headphone purely based on performance for $200, though, and they'll sound remarkable to non-audiophiles.  The only caveat is that the sound went out of one ear of my 225i after a few months, so I had to ship it back to Grado in NY on my own dime.  They fixed it through warranty and the headphones have been working fine ever since.  Honestly, I think the build quality is rubbish.
    I listened to a lot of EDM on my 225i and had no complaints.  The brightness works well with electronica, and there's enough bass without obscuring details.
    Even with those caveats, I still endorse the 225i.  Everyone I've shared them with thinks they sound great.

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