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Full Head Headphones in 100-120$

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by omerbu1, Aug 19, 2011.
  1. omerbu1
    i've recently bought a Sennheiser HD205 and they are a Huge failure,there not bad,they just doesn't that clear "inside The Head" sound that i'm looking for.
    could you please have suggestions about a Full size Headphones In about 100$ budget
    BTW: I listen Only to Heavy Rock and Instrumental Rock,So I don't need Headphones For Rap or Jazz
    Edit:It can't be Open Headphones
  2. omerbu1
    Some Ideas please?
  3. bbophead
    Where do you live?  Maybe there's a Grado dealer nearby and you could decide after hearing the SR-60I and 80i.
  4. omerbu1
    I live in Isreal
    i can get grado sr60 in about 100$
    but open Headphones are probelm,I don't want that my Music can be heard by anyone in 25 Ft Radius
    i've been thinking about the Senhheiser HD428,are they an big improvment over the HD205?
    Other Ideas are welcome
  5. yd2zhang
    I have the HD428's, they aren't spectacular by any means, but provide a good sound for an entry level can. I haven't heard the 205's but the 4xx series seems a little better from what I've read, ofcourse YMMV
  6. tetracilin
    Try some beyer dynamic's product  dt770 for instance. Their sound signature  is quite good: punchy and full bass
  7. omerbu1
    The Beyer Cost 400$ in my country.so no
    I'm looking for a very Clear Sound for the Guitar and a nice bass
    my Budget now is about 140$
    Any Other Ideas?
  8. crinacle
    Grado SR225i, or the Alessandro MS1i
  9. omerbu1
    Thanks For the Ideas.
    they are excellent,but There open Headphones,
    I Travel A lot,iT have to be a Close Headphones.
    BTW:are the Sennheiser HD465 are a big improvment over the 205?
  10. omerbu1
  11. Tacoboy
    CALs (Creative Aurvana Live), they are over the ear headphones, but the cups are not that big, barely fit around my ears, but nice sound.
  12. zxcv314
    So ... will someone finally answer his question. Up to now only Tacoboy answered.

    btw omerbu1 I am looking for the same exact thing and I am hesitating between Sony MDR-ZX700 and CALs (after the tacoboy reply)
    P.P. Are the Sennheiser HD465 a big improvment over the 205?
  13. omerbu1
    I'm not finding the CAL's on my country.
    can someone please answer Me:
    Are the Sennheiser 428/438/448 are any good?(or Better than the 205?)
  14. mooshimuushi
    The best suit headphones for you are the Grado's and the Alessandro's. They are best fit for rock at that price.
    About your question on Sennheiser HD465, this is the first time I've heard of it. Also, the only Sennheiser's I've heard properly are the HD-202, and I can happily recommend you them! They are cheap and fairly good! Here is a review about them, also, they are closed! So it will suit your needs for portability! 
    Also, around your budget, I'm not too sure, but you might be able to find a pair of M50s, at that price.
    Goodluck :)
    Also, check out the Shure SRH-440
  15. omerbu1
    I Know That the best Headphones that i can for this budget are the Grado Sr60i which i can buy for 50$ 
    i travel A lot......i visit An Airport every Month so i can't use open headphones or otherwise i will piss every man on the planes.
    I also Heard that the AKG k518 are good,are they?

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