1. cardern

    Grado SR60i problem- How to fix?

    Hi, I've had a pair of SR60i's for about two years and love them. Recently, though, the tip came off the jack. I tried glueing it back on with a small dab of superglue, but the left earpiece seems to cut in and out based on the rotation of the jack now. I don't think soldering would be an option...
  2. Jlava

    The Perfect Headphones (Opinions Needed)

    Kinda need some opinions on headphones. I listen to mainly electronic music( House, Dubstep, Trance) which is somewhat bass heavy and was wondering what a good pair around the $150 dollar price range would be. Been hearing the Sennheiser HD 518 might be the ones im looking for after alot of...
  3. santtosz

    Recommen a pair of open cans please !

    Hey ! im thinking about buying a pair of open headphones to my room use only, i just came to the "Quality world" buying the sennheiser momentum, wich i love but i heard that open headphones are VERY better, and i would like to try a pair but i know nothing about them.   my source: iphone and...
  4. sirthinh

    Looking for Entry Level Open Headphones Recommendations

    Hello, looking to buy a set of open headphones for sub $130 that is good for the most varieties of music.   Prefer full-sized ones similar to Sennheiser HD518, but I don't mind trying on-ears like Grado 60/80i.   My budget was under $100, but I hear good things about the HD518 and the...
  5. mrs1986

    Few question for people in this world for a while

    Hi everyone!   I'm starting a new research, i have done one a couple of years ago and i received impressive help from this forums.   Today, i have some question in general and about some new IEM's that i would like to get.   Like two years ago, i started to look at some decent, but cheap...
  6. li9680

    Have m50 and gr04, should I get another pair?

    I have owned m50 and vsonic gr04 for a month. They are good. Gr04 actually sounds clearer and a bit louder than m50, but with m50 I feel the vibration more. But I wonder how other headphones sound like. Will I find grado 60i, superlux hd668b, or panasonic RP-HTF600 interesting at all? Will I...
  7. Whippo

    Comfortable headphones in the 100-200$ range

    Hello everyone, I am currently sitting on a pair of pretty crappy urban ears headphones. My biggest problem with them is the fact that they get super uncomfortable after 2-3 hours. Do you have any suggestions on an upgrade for me? I use them mostly for MP3s, not flac, no home theatre etc, so I...
  8. CirrusPilot

    Help me like Grado again!

    I just recently returned a pair of iGi's a couple days after I bought them because I was really, really taken aback by the low quality. I am not one to care about what a headphone looks like, but the iGis are positively dreadful for an IEM that costs almost $100. I think the company really...
  9. supernaut42

    Need Headphone Recommendations!!... and amps.....and audio formats

    As everyone can imagine, looking for headphones to get has driven me crazy so I've decided to start a new thread.. here we go...   Keep in mind my price range is 100-200 dollars!!   What I've looked at mostly: Okay, I've been looking around a lot (mostly on this website and checking...
  10. baddoctor

    Considering the Harman Kardon CL as my first pair of on-ear headphones. Good choice or no? I listen to most genres

    These would be my first set of premium-quality headphones. the only decent ones i've owned so far have been the Klipsch Image S4s.    I had originally been considering the ATH-M50s and the Grado S60i's, due to them being recommended almost everywhere. However, the Harman Kardon CLs have a...
  11. framos917

    Sennheiser, Grado, Now Which one

    Back in the 80's I bought the Sennheiser HD400 to user with my stereo system. Still have them, still use them, yellow pads getting harder to fine. In the 90's I bought the Grado SR60i to use with my portable stereo. Again, still have them, still use them. I think I was lucky that I got such...
  12. kumace

    Best headphones for Uplifting trance music up to 180 $ low impedance

    Hello, Please can you advice me which headphones are recommended for uplifing trance genre? It's trance combined and changing with soundtrack passages. Nicce emotional, epic trance music. Piano, viola, etc... here is example ;) I have some...
  13. rmouser

    Quick, Economical Headband Upgrade For Grado Prestige Series

    Greetings Head-Fiers,     While searching eBay for some replacement ear cushions I discovered these gems. They are made by a company called Audio Equip. They are 8 X 3.75 inches with the center pad 1.5 inches wide.   Install and removal is a snap (literally). They fit SR60i -...
  14. UpWaiting

    Grado sr60i or sr80i for customizing

    Hey head fi, Which headphone would be better for customizing. Stuff such as changing the cups, pads, headband, cable or possibly the driver. Thanks
  15. floyds

    sennheiser Px 200-II or...?

    Hello guys. As you may notice i'm new around here, and i'm also new to the audiophile world. Now i just love music, can't live without her mainly Rock, Psy Rock, Progressive, Blues, but i'm open to mostly everything out there except maybe hip hop, so the extra bass issue just don't touches me...
  16. Rapalino

    Some advice about Grado headphones

    Hello, forum. I'm pretty new around here and I don't have any experience in this forum, so, if this thread is misplaced, feel free to put it where it is supposed to be. Well, here's the thing: I'm thinking to buy some headphones, a good-quality ones actually, and I'm not very familiarized...
  17. Harkness6

    been on head-fi for days and cant make a clear choice for a set of cans

    first post. yaaa, anyway ive been on this site many of day and night and said hey i mine as well get an account, anyway long sotry short i want cans i have bose over ear the best ones anyway, i thought grado labs sr60i as they are cheap mod friendly, but then sure enough my opinion changed to...
  18. TeeWeeHerman

    SR60i questions

    I'm looking for my first semi-serious pair of headphones, to use primarily directly on the headphone-output of my computer. I'll be listening to games and music (alt / rock / pop, a little bit of classical music).   My desk is situated next to our living room with doors usually open. This...
  19. starbux48

    Differences between Grado models

    I need some help in choosing which Grado (or Alessandro) phones to buy.  I don't have unlimited budget and yet would like to go as high as I can in quality.  60i's would definitely get my foot into the door, but what about 80, 125, or 225 models?  What do they add as the price goes up?  Will be...
  20. Biscuitz

    SR60i - What's going on here!?

    I recently ordered the SR60i for testing purposes, to see if I could recommend it to friends with confidence. To my surprise, they sound really great compared to the SR225i and SR325i I have. In fact, I think I even may prefer the SR60i to the SR225i and SR325i. What's going on here!? Has...
  21. UpWaiting

    Grado sr60i and sr225i identical in dimension?

    Hey Headfi, I just have a quick question. Do the Grado sr60i and sr225i share identical dimensions?  Thanks :D
  22. NewbieKiddo

    Headset for a Budget ~US$70?

    Hi,       I am looking for a headset that is around US$70. I used to get gaming headsets but, I just feel that it isn't just as nice for music.     My uses:    -Music of course!(classical,lil rock n pop)  -Movies  -Games    What should I choose for headset that has clarity? I...
  23. wje

    WTB: Grado SR-60 or SR-80 - Preferably, Not the "i" Series, but Let me Know What you Have Anyway

    I'm looking for a pair of Grado SR-60 or SR-80 headphones.  I'd prefer to get the non-"i" model, but will still provide consideration as to what you have available.   These headphones don't necessarily have to be or have:   Beautiful - Acutally, the uglier the better! In Perfect Shape - I...
  24. freakfingers12

    Grado SR60i + V-MODA M-80/M-100 vs. Beyer DT1350 + SRH 750 DJ

    Hey all,   I've been meaning to get myself my first pair of headphones, but since no headphones are perfect, I am thinking of getting two. Jaben in my country is having a sale, buy one Beyerdynamics DT1350 and get a free Shure SRH 750DJ. That really caught my attention. I like the DT1350...
  25. AHumblePerson

    Solving my Puzzle

    Hello All;   Long time forum surfer here.  I tried, I honestly tried not making a thread, but I cant stay away.  I'm chasing a pair of headphones and it's just driving me nuts.  I wrote this whole post before hand last night while listening to my music collection (all 320 mp3) pointing out...