Grado Sr80i vs. AudioTechnica M50 vs. Shure 440/840
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Aug 19, 2011
Im new to the head fi forums, so hello to all of you :) But anyways, i joined to ask for help with my next headphone purchase. I have a budget of about 70-100$ and i was wondering if anyone who had tried any of these (shure 440/840, Grado sr80i, or the M50's) could tell me which one they prefer, and how each one sounds, such as if theyre good for bass, mids, etc. Right now im leaning towards the M50's but i want to hear all of your opinions before I make my final decision, so which do you prefer?

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How will you be using these? Would you want noise isolation? Do you have a roommate/significant other who's not keen on hearing your music? What sort of music do you listen to?
I've only heard the SR60i (which is close enough to SR80i) so I won't comment on the sound. You can track down some graphs at Inner Fidelity to look at the frequency responses, but don't put too much faith in your reading of them because they're more complicated than they look. Some other headphones around this price range that are widely recommended are the Fostex T50RP and the Creative Aurvana Live!, which is currently on sale for $60.
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Im not to worried about noise isolation, as these will be mostly for home use, but ill bring them around sometimes i suppose. Music i listen to ranges from rock to electronic. And nope i don't have a room mate or significant other who doesnt want to hear my music hahahah :)

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