1. Waiteyus

    Full size vs iem vs custom

    Hi guys, I was hoping somebody which a bit of insight could give a basic list of pros and cons to the differences between the above. I have recently started getting into higher end headphones, I have purchased used and sold a few pairs of full size headphones including beats studios (I know...
  2. whitedragon551

    Gorilla Ears CIEM's

    I havent found much info here at Head-Fi on Gorilla Ears CIEM's. Anyone ever heard of them? Anyone try them out?   There promotional video on their website and YouTube is pretty comical.  
  3. Loquah

    Custom IEM advice

    I know there are a number of threads around about this topic, but I have a specific question.   I'm very close to pulling the trigger on my first custom IEM purchase and I've narrowed the selection down to the following options I think:   UM Miracle JH13 JH16 Heir 8.A   I love...
  4. SennHI808

    Looking for first custom IEM, Heir Audio 4A or....?

    I am really looking into getting a pair of custom IEM's and seeing how I like them. I have come across countless reviews and impressions and have found myself at wanting the Heir Audio 4A's. I enjoy all kinds of music and am really looking for accuracy, clarity, and clean/tight bass. I have also...
  5. jadawgis732

    Custom Molds Question

    Hey, I was wondering how much people's ear canals differ? I find it hard to believe that two random people could not trade their custom molded IEMs and not have a good seal. Or am I wrong? Excuse my naivete. I'm new at this.  
  6. JayMitch

    Winnipeg Hearing Centres: Experience with custom molds (or alternative recommendations)?

    I'm considering taking the plunge into the world of CIEM's with the Heir Audio 4.A firmly in my sights (at least for now).  Winnipeg Hearing Centres ( are listed among partners for Etymotic and ACS and a recent chat with them suggests they know what they're doing.  They...
  7. Kunlun

    [Review]: Heir Audio 6.A Limited Edition: 6-Armature Custom Fit In-Ear Monitor

    Synopsis: The Heir Audio 6.A is a top-tier custom in-ear monitor tuned for a musical take on a neutral sound by Dr. John Moulton. Combining clarity and a clean, accurate sound with smoothness and a bass that complements the midrange and treble, the 6.A gives a nice balance between detailed...
  8. average_joe

    Custom IEM Review: Hidition NT-6 Pro – Clear & Precise Fun

    Custom IEM Review: Hidition NT-6 Pro – Clear & Precise Fun     Hidition, located in Korea, re-launched their business and product line near the end of 2011 and I was privileged to be able to review the NT-6, which is one of their two flagship products.  The NT-6 was designed with a...
  9. king8888

    Which one should I purchase : Heir audio 8A or UM merlin or UM miracle?

    Hi everyone   I already owned a JH16 and s shure 530x6. But,Recently, I was impressed by the reviews of the A8, merlin and miracle, so I'm currently saving money to buy 1 of these 3 in this december.   I prefer a warm sound signature with bass enhanced, a neutral mid like JH16 because I...
  10. project86

    Cosmic Ears - new CIEM company with great prices (including Hybrid designs!)

    UPDATE:   Things are constantly evolving with Cosmic Ears. A new website, new models, new options.... there's no way I can hope to keep up with all the developments - at least not in this opening post. Apologies, but you'll need to visit their website and maybe skim the later pages of this...
  11. PChoon

    Custom IEM for Bassheads

    As the topic says,   i have been hunting around for a Custom for quite sometime to replace my Superfi EBs...   but i'm having a hard time in finding the correct replacement(upgrade)...   Could anyone point me in the right direction?   As i really love my EBs, the sub bass rumble...
  12. barihunk

    1964ears vinyl tips cracked - any ideas?

    Hi all,    So I've been super happy with my 1964ears triples for the close to a year now, but I discovered last week that somehow the vinyl tip for the right earpiece had cracked, most likely from insertion and removal in my ear (they are at my desk at work don't get transported all that...
  13. leebSaMmY

    CIEM Recommendations?

    I'm considering making the leap towards CIEMS. My earphone owning experience hasn’t been very extensive. I’ve owned Shure se215s, Triple.fis, and Q-Jays. Thus far, the 215s were what I’ve enjoyed listening to the most. I’m a huge hip-hop head, so bass matters to me. But in the past two years...
  14. insertnameHERE

    gorilla ears?

    I passed by this website looking for some iems to wear straight down...and i passed by gorilla ears...custom in ear monitors.Well they have a AT model that allows the user to wear the CUSTOM iem with the cable down..........Now my first thoughts are"Amazing" "finally a custom iem to my taste"...
  15. project86

    Lear LCM-5 - new entry into the "reference" class custom IEM segment (FINAL REVIEW ADDED 10-3-12)

            This thread is now updated to a full review. Some of the posts that follow were done prior to the full review being posted, so if things seem a little confusing, it's because the review was added later.    Starting from the beginning: Lear is a custom IEM company out of Hong...
  16. wullymc

    Custom-fit mold for Etymotic IEMs - would you do it again?

    Hello everyone,   I am looking at either getting the HF5 or ER4S and would like to get the custom-fit molds however would like to hear from people who went through the experience and get their take on comfort and whether they would get the custom molds done again.   In the end I believe...
  17. hochingw

    Translucent Grey and White color of UE CM

    I am planning to make an expensive UE 18pro....since it's my first time (and perhaps last time for the near future), I really want to make sure I got the right color I want.   I am making a decision between 2 colors which are Translucent Grey or Translucent White.   I can only find one...
  18. mayanez

    Custom IEM or Closed On Ear

    Hi everyone,   As of late my home rig, a LD MKIII with Sennheiser HD650's has been getting little use as I find myself doing work at the office and the library. I've been putting a lot of use into my IE7's. They are great but I've had them for the last 3 years and I think it's now time for...
  19. monoxyde1234

    which universal to get before going the CIEM route.

    i use my d2000 for home listening and planning to get CIEM as soon as its financially viable, the thing is im currently caught in the middle and would like your opinions on what would be the definitive universal to get before going the CIEM route. the use of the universal im aiming for is...
  20. average_joe

    Custom IEM Review: Ambient Acoustics AM4 Pro - Great for Reference or Stage

    Custom IEM Review: Ambient Acoustics AM4 Pro           I first found Ambient Acoustics in my search for custom IEM manufacturers in 2011.  At that time flagship product was the AM2.  I contacted them in English to get more info but never received a response and let it go.  Once I...
  21. pga

    Custom IEM review: Microsonic Epic 3D

    I started a long way before I decided to go with a custom in-ear monitor. I have upgraded my home stereo and then I started to feel that my Westone 4 has an entirely different sound signature. I can't say I don't like it, but sometimes it was a bit too much. I had a great fight with universal...
  22. bashbro1216

    Best custom IEM for me

    I would like to keep my there price under $500 but will go a little over to get what I need.  I recently decided i need secure in-ear's for exercising and everyday use.  I am a bass head, so I need something with good bass but the mid and highs cant crap out either.  I have been looking at the...
  23. arvbuddy

    JH 10X3 vs UM Merlin

    The name says it all! For the same price, which do you prefer? I couldn't find a thread like this, so I decided to make my own :)
  24. ucrags84

    Help finding IEMs or headphones under $800. Big soundstage, rich vocals, slightly sparkling highs

    I'm looking for either a custom IEM or a pair of headphones that has a terrific spacious soundstage with rich vocals, and a relatively lively presentation overall without being overbearing in any one aspect. I don't want a clinical sound, would like slightly sparkling shimmering high with...
  25. worminater

    Custom molds + Waxy ears: Better than foamies?

    After having 2 blockages in 6 months (Fairly horrible as I'm sure a few of you know) I stopped using my e4c (Gave to my wife; who doesn't like them.. :( )   I've been thinking about getting a pair of custom molds for years now (comfort being the key factor), and was curious if anyone with...