1. inanimate

    Amp/dac recommended for Bose IE2

    I know everyone hates bose.. But I got the ie2s from a family member for free, and I'm impressed with the sound, but was wondering what would be a good portable or non portable amp and a dac for these headphones? Thanks
  2. simonkingo

    Bose ie2 vs sennheiser cx300 ii

    Hey guys. Im looking for in ear headset for gaming and music, and these are the two I found, but I'm open to new options Pls help me!!!
  3. Ch1Kn

    Headphones under 200$

    Overview----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Iv'e done my research but am still...
  4. jfloo972

    Best Running In-Ear Headphones under $100

    So I've been doing my research and I can't seem to find a pair of in-ear phones that do everything I'm looking for. I want a pair that has good in ear stability and wont get yanked out by accident (wrap over the ear, special tips, etc.), in line 3 button control, decent length cord, and good...
  5. Amrutayan

    Compairing IE 80 iem with bose IE2

    Today i get a chance to compare my IE 80 iem with bose IE2.   AS per the standard i should not compare the above two(Coz IE 80 comes in more luxury level iem then Bose ie2)......but what i found is really pissing me off.....   i did the  compairison with source macbook-pro.   i...
  6. I

    Bowers & Wilkins C5

    Hey there..! I recently bought Bowers & Wilkins C5. They sound brilliant. They have open, clear & rich sound. However, I am not totally satisfied with the kind of fit it provides. My ears start to ache within 40 minutes of listening to music. Earlier I had Bose IE 2 & their snuggle fit was...
  7. Smogg

    HELP Head-Fiers!! Please!

    It was about two years ago when I first listened to the Klipsch S4 Image headphones.  Before that, I had only ever listened to the crappy Apple iPod white earbuds.  Listening to the Klipsch S4's completely blew my mind, I had no idea what I was missing.   Fast forward two years later I have...
  8. richard

    Sturdy, comfortable, low isolation buds or IEMs for walking around?

    I'm looking for earbuds or IEMs to use with my phone to listen to music while I'm walking around outside.   Low isolation so I don't bump into people or fail to hear a car.  Sturdy so they won't get destroyed in my pocket when I'm not listening.  Comfortable for obvious reasons.  They...
  9. alirah84

    which one ? ( Soundmagic E10 ,Bose IE2 , Klipsch Image s4)

    Hi, I want to buy a earphone between these three ( Soundmagic E10 ,Bose IE2 , Klipsch Image s4) .I want to know which one has the best and amazing quality?.which one do you offer to me ? Tanx
  10. leeberry

    Need help deciding on IEM's

    Hi everyone,   First off, I am new to the forums so excuse my noobiness.  My research into purchasing some decent IEM's has inevitable lead me to these forums.  I know that there is an incredible amount of information on IEM's and I have been sifting through the countless threads but I...
  11. mj88

    Durable Headphones

    Hello, I'm currently working in Afghanistan, and I travel around a lot when I'm out here.  I'm currently looking for a set of headphones that have good sound quality and are very durable.  I am somewhat of a klutz, and my stuff gets beat up from traveling.  I was at an airport before I came...
  12. nirav rajani

    bose ie2 or sennheiser cx 300 ii precision or beats by dr dre tour ????????????which is better ?

    Hello ..I hv senn three best eatphones by reviews .. 1 --sennheiser cx 300 ii precision 2 bose ie2 3 beats by dr dre toyr Plz zzz suggest me better one for my blackberry 9780 !!!! Thanx xxx..hv a gud day !!
  13. maxpirsky

    Sennheiser CX300 ii vs Bose IE 2 vs JVC FX3 vs Jays a-jays

    Hi Everyone! I've been reading this forum for a while and found a lot of useful information about earphones around here, so I decided to register and approach you guys personally with a dilemma I'm having about buying a set of in-ear headphones.   Up until now, I've had numerous headphones...

    Question about BOSE AE2 and OE2.

    Whats going on guys.       Just signed up to the forums after reading a little bit and trying to get my headphone game right lol. I have a pair of m50s and a pair of the original BOSE OE. The m50s are incredible to my ears but they are not the kind of headphones you take around with you on...
  15. tight_budget

    Over-ear headphones for running

    I'm currently using IEMs when I run, but the seal isn't great and I have to keep adjusting them to get decent bass. I'm thinking maybe over-ear headphones would be better? Any recommendations, with remote for apple devices? By the way, I'm using MEElectronic M6P currently.
  16. mortalcombat

    Looking for decent in-ear earphones between $20-60

    I have been reading around the forum and have found some interesting products, however I thought I would describe what I'm looking for in detail for a better response.   I am looking for    1. In-Ear. (Nothing fancy, the normal (round) ones. I tried the Bose IE2 and I hated them) 2...
  17. Towwers

    Most Comfortable Headphone you own!!!!

    I´m looking for the most comfortable headphone. A headphone that you can practically use all day long!! A headphone that when you put it in your head you only feel PLEASURE .    Post the headphone you think would win the title of the MOST COMFORTABLE. 
  18. Dolan Duck

    Any reccomendations for me??

    Hi all, I am looking at purchasing either one of the following:  Kilpsch Image S4i/Reference S4i  Shure SE215 Jays t-jays three Phonak Audéo Perfect Bass 012 Bose IE2 Audio-Technica ATH-CKM77 Velodyne vPulse Fischer Audio Consonance V-Sonic GR06 thinksound ms01 Creative...
  19. jtonzi

    Looking for IEMs for iPhone recommendations

    I've been sifting through the forums for a couple days now (well done, everyone, the site is incredible!), and I've been overwhelmed with all the information. So, I'm asking for some help (before my head explodes). - I'm looking for IEMs with iPhone control.  I'd prefer them to have the...
  20. GhostKage

    Good budget In-Ear Monitors?

    Hey everyone! I'm not a big poster but I'm always looking on these forums when looking for reviews and just seeing what the latest stuff is. Being a college kid I don't have too much money so I can't go off and buy some of the top-notch stuff, as much as I would like too. Right now I've got a...
  21. Yadash

    Help choosing Earphones for under 80 dollars

    Hello everyone,   Well, I just broke my Bose IE2's for the second time this year and have had enough with their crappy build quality, so instead of buying another out of warranty pair, I want to go for an alternative for around £50 or 80 USD. Does anyone have any reccomendations?   I listen...
  22. Aydindurantas

    Ultimate Ears Triplefi 10 Durability

    I was thinking of purchasing the UE TripleFi 10's and I was just concerned if they are a durable pair of IEMs. Is the cable really as bad as I hear they are? How durable are the comply buds? They would be my first good pair of IEMs. My current ones are the Bose IE2. How do these compare to...
  23. originell

    New IEMs after S4i Breakage

    Hey guys, first of all: thanks for reading and this forum is awesome. Learned a lot about different types/companies by just browsing along for an hour or two. Well, back to topic.   Last week my Klipsch S4i broke (after 1 1/2 years :<). First the right one stopped working and some days...
  24. Aydindurantas

    IEMs under 250 Explanation In Descript.

    I've been using the bose ie2 headphones for a little over a year. I heard that they aren't anything to write home about and I'm desiring a little more from my listening experience. I listen to rock, metal, country, classic rock and things of that sort. My price limit is about 200-250 dollars...
  25. Aydindurantas

    Compare Westone um2 and Bose ie2

    I want to buy the westone um2s and I currently have the Bose ie2. How significant of an upgrade would this be? Thanks for your answers!!