Question about BOSE AE2 and OE2.
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Sep 21, 2012
Whats going on guys. 
   Just signed up to the forums after reading a little bit and trying to get my headphone game right lol. I have a pair of m50s and a pair of the original BOSE OE. The m50s are incredible to my ears but they are not the kind of headphones you take around with you on the go. I usually only use those for some production work at home . For my phone, Ipod and laptop I use the Bose. Basically my OE broke. The warranty has been gone for about 2 years and I called Bose. They told me that they will replace the cans with a brand new pair and year warranty of either the AE2 or the OE2 for 60 dollars. That to me is a great deal for these so of course I am going to do it. I like Bose because the sound quality is pretty good and their customer service has been great with me. 
I am asking for some advice from the owners of either of those 2 sets. I have listened to them at the local best buy and Bose store, but of course you can never really get an idea of how they sound unless you use your own source, which none would allow me to do. 
I like an all around good sound to my cans. I had no problem with the OE1. I even owned a pair or the AE1 Triports years ago, which I actually enjoyed the bass bloat. Of course I dont want something that extreme now, but it was fun. 
So in your opinions, owners of either of these. Is there a difference in sound between the two? From what I have seen and read about, the AE2 do NOT have a real good bass sound at all, yet the OE2 has good bass that you can really feel. Is this true? I do not want to have a portable set of cans that have no bass response. Also, are you happy with the pair that you have? If you had to choose between the OE2 model or the AE2 model, which would you chose? I personally originally wanted the AE2 but if its true that when listening to hiphop or house music that the bass just is not there, I would not want them. 
I mostly listen to all kinds of music. I do not listen to just one genre. I listen to alot of rap and house music, mixed in with some classic rock, metal and RNB. 
Thanks =]
I also know their are probably better cans to buy, but for 60 bucks, not gunna complain. 
Also, I do not know if I posted this in the right spot. Please move to portable if need be. 
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From what I've tried of the AE2 (only at in-store displays at both Target and Best Buy), I found the AE2 to have tight/punchy bass, but not bloated, but it's a little light on the bass, especially compared to the AE1. My issue with the AE2 was that it sounded moderately sibilant. I don't know if it is their source material or part of the sound signature, but certain cymbal hits and vocals had a slightly-piercing touch to them which made them very undesirable/fatiguing for me, and that is at a very normal volume level. I think the AE1 and OE1 were both significantly superior to the AE2.
I'm getting out of my Bose phase now anyway... about to sell my IE2 and AE1. I'd grab the OE2 if they were at a reasonable price, because Bose headphones have always been the most comfortable for my big head, but for what you get they are extremely over-priced (though from what I've heard they make it up in great customer service). Since you're getting a warranty deal for them, OE2 for 60 bucks might be worth a shot. I think the AE2 might be disappointing to you (but this is all based on anecdotal listening experience in a non-preferable listening environment). You may want to check and see if you can find a display at Target/Best Buy/etc, as that would at least give you a chance to check out the AE2 and OE2 before deciding.
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I just wish they would allow you to hook your own source into the headphones. Examples being my phone or Ipod, that way I can really see how they sound, instead of using their source
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Hi, I am also caught in limbo between OE2 and AE2 versions.
I tried the OE2 against The Beats monster in Tesco Home Italiannyc - there is the option to hook up your ipod/pad/phone etc
the sounds are very different in the aforementioned product but the Bose win for quality and comfort

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