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Please reply..! Bose ie2 or klipsch s4 or sony XBA 3 as a gift.

  1. nkatkamwar
    I have to pick between  Bose ie2, klipsch s4 & sony XBA 3 as my gift..
    Which is better and why...
    I particularly like soundstage, true vocals, Nice treble, tight bass and most importantly instrument separation..
    Plz respond
    I am from india, so i only have only these IE's availbale around me...

  2. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I think you'll find a majority of people will say XBA 3.


    Bose is overpriced and both are inferior to the Sony's. The S4 are good IEM's don't get me wrong although ageing now they still were good in their time, I highly doubt they would keep up with a triple balanced armature. And the bose well.....it's bose, over priced with average sound which you can do a lot better with your money. = Sony XBA 3.
  3. nkatkamwar

    Thanks a lot....!
    I ll go wid XBA..
    but have you heard it? *****
    Guyz say sometimes even dynamic are better than fixed armatures...
    Would u agree?
    and yes...
    I did post this in advice thread..
    nobody responded..so i made a new thread..
    i waited for a whole month..
  4. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I'm sorry to hear no-one responded to your post in the advice thread. That is indeed terrible. :xf_eek:

    No, I haven't heard XBA3 or S4. But I've done enough reading to know the S4 are becoming quite dated and XBA3 is superior. Also describing what you want such as soundstage, good separation, clean vocals XBA3 balanced armatures is the better earphone for your preferences. A single dynamic driver like S4 is not going to be on the same level as XBA3. I know that much for sure. I'm sure others would agree with me.

    In this thread here under Tier 2C, you can see how the S4 got rated by ljokerl many many months ago.

  5. nkatkamwar
    I get your point...
    on the other hand.. dint find xba 3 in that list of comaparison... If you could find criticism of Xba 3.. please post the link..
    Thanks.. again...

  6. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Sony XBA3 hasn't been reviewed by ljokerl yet because it's relatively new (which shows S4's age)

    Have a look here.


    And here...

  7. nkatkamwar

    I already read those..
    but thanks anyway..
    Now i can seldomly get one..
  8. H20Fidelity Contributor
    No worries.

    If you post your question in this thread. ljokerl will give you his advise too, I'm pretty sure I know what he's going to say though.


  9. AstroTurf
    I saw your last post in the other thread... And answered.

    Sony XBA-3 would be my choice.

  10. nkatkamwar

    Yes..i saw your reply..n i have replied ther as well..
    system in India is..once u buy anythn it cant be returned..
    neither exchanged..so.we have to be absolutely sure...
    Its here for like 145 $ (costly for me)..
    and on top of that I cant even listen to them before buying...
    So when you have to play blind...
    you need to be sure..
    so this enquiry...
    Thanx ..
    Any comments of XBA 3 owner is wahat i am waiting for..
  11. nkatkamwar

    I ll post it ther also..
  12. nkatkamwar
    I was browsing some website:
    Xba 3 was rated 8.9
    Bose Ie2    - 9.5
    E10         - 9.6   (its nearly 1/4 th price of Xba and half  of Bose )
    Can u compare it and reason it..?
    It feels bad..
    in my currency.. xba costs 8000
    n E10 cost only 2200
    so . i am rethinking..
    resolve my confusion
    and firmly suggest one last time..
  13. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I really can't help you sorry without hearing the IEMs. I'd still have my money on the XBA3 for your choice.

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