1. sophiesophie

    Headphones I've owned - A reminiscence

    Koss Pro 4AAA   A hand-me-down.  Excellent sound - and I mean excellent.  Kept breaking down, even though I was always very careful with them - but they were about 20 years old when I got them.  Regardless, I loved these headphones and had them for about ten years - from early teen to...
  2. F430

    Love my Bose IE2's but they're starting to fail.. Recommendations for a reliable IEM?

    I'm looking for a pair of IEM's that have good sound quality AND build. I own a pair of Ultrasone 780's (over the ear) which I like the sound of but they hurt my ears after extended periods of use.   I also own a pair of Nuforce Ne-7's. They sounded great (slightly heavy on bass) but stopped...
  3. Pattonromell

    Classical EARPHONES

    I need some classical music earphones under $100. I have the Bose IE2. But, I need somethings with 3/4 ammount of bass, 4/4 treble, and I don't really know mids. That's the best I can describe it.
  4. dreamLRG

    Best I.E.Ms for working out?

    Hey guys what is the best IEM for working out that are also comfortable. My price range is about 100
  5. Sonicjet

    I'm forced to get my next pair of headphones From Best Buy ( BB Credit + $25 gift card), Whats the best For ~$100?

    So, I love music and love headphones, mostly IEMs for a number of reasons. I was gotten a pair of Monster Jamz as a gift however, I feel they are a little; well, funny sounding after break in. Tons of low but lacking in the mids and just ok up high. Kinda muddy. I love the build quality, but am...
  6. joe24

    Shure SE 215 vs Etymotic Research HF3/ HF 5 vs Boss IE2

    Hi,    I bought eterna 4 months ago.. but they somehow stopped working since last 2 weeks and nobody from bugden audio has replied for warranty problem. So, I am left with no choice to buy a new one. First, does anybody have similar kind of problem ??... Please let me know , so i do not b uy...
  7. sherrybearlove

    Should I buy the ATH M50 or M50s for running/working out?

    I was originally going to buy the coiled version since I /really/ don't want to hold 11 feet of wire in my hand while running several miles but I heard that the coil REALLY weighs you down significantly. Which one should I buy?
  8. jepitoabuan

    BOSE IE2 In Ear Headphones

    Hey guys have any feedbacks on BOSE IE2 IN EAR HEADPHONES? I really want to know if it sounds good and if it pops a pretty good bass with it? They're still not available here so any comments will be well appreciated.. thanks guys..
  9. Comment

    I'm looking for classic rock IEMS for under $150.

    I don't need anything absolutely, mind blowingly amazing. I just want something better than ibuds that can actually make my FLAC worthwhile.   I work around cars a lot, so I'd rather them not be sounds isolating. Thanks. Best I've found so far are the Shure SE530's but I really dont want to...
  10. dweaver

    I am putting myself on notice!

    I currently own 4 $80-100 IEM's, Denon AH-C560R (yes I have already reviewed this pair but will at least to A/B/C analysis along with the rest of the IEM's), Sonocore COA-805, Shure SE215, Bose IE2 (yes actual Bose! but HEY they fit a specific environmental issue I occasionally have), with a 5th...
  11. Absolut10

    Bose headphones?

    Hey guys im a little bit of a noob but i was wondering if anyone knows if these are real? The price seems to good to be true, thanks.
  12. masuuuuud

    Bose/Monster Earphones?

    Hi guys i'm new here.   I have around £200 to spend on a pair of earphones. However, I don't know whether to buy the Monster Turbines (The standard edition) or the Bose IE2's. I listen to alot of rap/hiphop if that helps. Im generally looking to see which has better sound/durability and...
  13. McQueen

    Good open earbuds for running?

    I need help finding a good solution for running.  I've tried my PMX-100s, but they require too much fiddling and adjustment during the run.  My trusty JVC Marshmallows have too much isolation to be safe around cars.  My iPod headphones would be a great solution, but they hurt my ears after about...
  14. Tomusic

    Best headphones\ ear buds\...for a gym workout

    I am looking to buy the best earphones on the earth for a gym workout any suggestions?    
  15. Kevbo

    Shure SE 215, etymotic hf3, or bose ie2?

    trying to decide which have the best sound clarity for the best price, right now im leaning to the shure's but im also interested in the bose.   id use these headphones for intense workouts and leisure listening    thanks
  16. dtao819

    Bose IE2 vs. Etymotic Research HF5

    Hey everybody, I have been reading threads from head-fi for a few weeks now. This is my first post and I would love to hear some opinions, experiences, recommendations. I am debating between the Bose IE2 and the Etymotic Research HF5. I was told that the Bose IE2 has better bass and the HF5 is...
  17. WindCatcher

    Earphones around 100$ to match with FiiO E5 and mobile phone

    Hello to all, I would like to start listen to music from a -new level of detail- point of view, so I plan to purchase the FiiO E5 headphone amplifier to match with my mobile phone and now I'm looking for a pair of earphones that would match this stuff. This is the first step, so the bugdet...
  18. bbqc123

    BOse IE2 vs Brainwavz M2 ??? (Help the newbies...please..)

    Brainwavz M2 cost $60 (including shipping) Bose IE2 cost $70~90 (70 when you buy it in ebay).   People say Brainwavz M2 sounds good. But many people also say IE2 also sounds good.   Seems like isolation is better in M2.   Comfort is better in IE2. (I mean, it's bose. How can it...
  19. FourForty

    Very New, Need Help.

    Hello Forum,   I need help.   I've been looking for new headphones, but i don't know what's around.     So, I like earbud style headphones.   I've never had any really good headphones before, But i do have some preferences/limitations.   I can't use the type that you jam in...
  20. GottaLoveMusic

    New too Headphones

    Whats up head-fi, im new to buying headphones an i really dont know what to go for. My budget is between 100-150$. I mainly listen to my iTouch when at school an what not, but im also looking for headphones that would be great for recording on my computer. I've only really looked at BOSE an...
  21. Zuc1

    I Am Out Of Control

      I am a noob at quality earphones.   I was given a Bose IE2 in early December.  It sounded better than anything I previously had.  Reading this forum, I got Gary's PA2V2, which made the Bose IE2 sound much better.   Two weeks ago, I got a Klipsch S4.  I like it even more, although I...
  22. surfbug

    Hard rock Bass Player here..JUST GOT BOSE-- IE2 few questions please..../burn in/alternate choices/

    Hi   I am a bass player in a heavy metal hard rock classic rock band   think hair metal too......   these bose IE2's are okaaaaaay... but ...   A-- will they get smoother and have more bass with a burn in?  how do I do the burn them 24 x 7 at different volumes for 100...
  23. Bunchies

    Best In-Ear headphones for under $120

    So I recently bought a pair of HD 280s only to realize that they were really uncomfortable to wear despite the amazing sound they dished out. I was reluctant at first to return them but, I really do need something more comfortable and possibly more discrete. At first I wanted to stay away from...
  24. Skoj

    Comparison review: Sunrise Xcape, Panasonic HJE900 and Bose IE2

    This is my attempt to give an impression of three different IEM's through the ears of someone who frequently listens to music while walking, running and going to the gym. Three IEM's and their prices Sunrise SW-Xcape (product link) - $ 90 on eBay Panasonic RP HJE-900 (product link) - $...
  25. Fiyahhh

    Perfect Xmas Gift :D

    Hi there guys ! Im lookin into gettin my bro a perfect xmas gift lol. He takes the bus/train and gym alot so i was lookin to gettin him a good pair of headphones to match his iphone. He has the skull candy titan and loves them but 1 of the ear piece broke at the gym within a month lmao. I was on...