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V-Moda M-80, Shure SE215, Bose IE2 or V-Moda Vibrato.

  1. allanes5
    I would really like to get your opinion to help me select one of the four headphones mentioned.
    Been reading alot about them and they all mentioned great things but relatively all execpt for the M-80s tend to have negative comments too.
    Not saying the M-80s are perfect but these are pretty much the headphones that seem to have more consensus over all with the fewer negatives I've read.

    I will mainly use them for air travel, exercise (weights and running on treadmill) and some light use on weekends lying on a chaise lounger.
    Now, having said that, this compromises my commitment for the M-80s because the M-80s seem to be too big for air travel. If you want lean your head against the window or tilt your head to one side to try to fall asleep I think the M-80s are going to get in the way and make you feel unconfortable.
    Wearing these at the gym don't make sense either, but if these are the best I can get I'd sacrifice the gym.
    Really wanted to get the M-80s but for my use the other three tend to make more sense.

    Isolation is not THAT important since I do kinda like to be able to hear some of my surroundings.
    If flight attendant is talking I'd like to be able to hear them by pausing the music without taking a headphone off.
    This is not a must I can go either way but if I had to choose between two and all else being equal I'd lean for less isolation.

    I do like bassy sound but not to the point were it kills everything else, but do have a preference for very warm bass you can feel.
    I also do like the mids and highs not to fall behind and overall clear sound.

    I am going to use these from my iPhone and iPod and need the remote and mic.

    I was basically into Classic Rock through out my life but have been finding alot of interest in Electronic, Chill Out and Dance music now. Like the Black Eyed Peas too.

    I don't live in the US but am going next month and would like to have my mind made up to buy one of these.

    I know that these are not all in the same class but this is pretty much what I have on them...

    1- M-80s: are on ear and don't offer much isolation. Excellent overall sound with good bass.

    2- Shure SE215: give great isolation but the bass is not as heavy as the others. Also read trying to get them on is a bit more time consuming and tedious than the others.

    3- Bose IE2: I tend to try to stay away from Bose cause they're marketing hyped but have read good things about these. They are more bass heavy than the Shure SE215 from what I've read but don't undestand how they achieve this being that they are not inserted into the ear canal and don't offer isolation like the Shure SE215s do to get the bass.

    4- V-Moda Vibrato: the bass is very good on these. Mids are good and lacks a little in the high departement. They say isolation is good. Some have commented that the remote and mic tend to break down relatively easy and that the remote is on the small side. Others say they had problems losing sound out of one of the sides withing a couple to 9 months.

    OK that's pretty much it. I'd really appreciate any help I can get withing these four unless there is one that I have overlooked that I should seriously consider but if not I'd rather make my decison within these.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. allanes5
    Little help please???
  3. nonsupremous
    You have very different choices here.  On ear and in ear.  Such different animals.   But firstly I would throw out the Bose.  They are less bass heavy than previous bose, but they suffer greatly in the mids.  They are VERY VERY comfortable though.   But they are also bigger than the M80.  The M80 is a very small on ear headphone.  Solid bass good soundstage.  Rolled off highs.  You're going to find this with all VModa headphones though.  It's done on purpose to prevent hearing loss. 
    I have not listened to the other two, so  I can't comment there. 
  4. Chulta
    I got a pair of m-80s and I do love them. The sound is great, the isolation is  ok but I had also the problem with the leaning part. They are going to be in the way if you want to have the side of your head towards something.
    A friend of mine uses an adapter and a pair of sennheiser IE80. The IE80 should fill all your requirements pretty good and the price is similar to the m-80(depends where you live), but the only downside is that you going to have to pay some for the adapter.
  5. allanes5
    Actually the Bose IE2 are smaller than the M-80s.
    The M-80s are on ear heaphones while the Bose IE2 are buds similar to the ones that come with the Apple iPhone.
    I also read the Bose IE2 are more bass heavy than the Shure SE215 which I really don´t understand how since the Shures go in your ear canal while the Bose don´t.
    Perhaps you ment the Bose IE2s are bigger than the M-Voda Vibrato??
    Thanks for replying!
  6. AstroTurf
    It looks to me like all of your choices are American Brands...

    Also with your mention of making the purchase when you get here, they will be sort of a souvenir?

    If so, may I suggest an IEM from the Company that started it all?

    Etymotic. The maker of the first IEMs on the planet.

    Enjoy your trip and visit, Jim
  7. nonsupremous

    Doh!!  LOL.  Actually I read over that too fast.  I was referring to the AE2.  So everything I had said was about the AE2 not the IE2.  I actually have the IE2 also, and I do like those.  I listen to them almost everyday.  Since they aren't meant to get a seal with these, you would not like them in noisy environments.  They require an extra few notches on the volume when I listen to them outside.  They are also a little lacking in mids, but the are pretty decent and they are REALLY comfortable also.  Sorry for that confusion. 
  8. allanes5
    I believe you have the M-80s and the Bose IE2s.
    How do these compare against each other?
    Which one has more bass?
    I understand that these two are completely different but would like to know how they stand against one other.
  9. allanes5
    I believe you have the M-80s and the Bose IE2s.
    How do these compare against each other?
    Which one has more bass?
    I understand that these two are completely different but would like to know how they stand against one other.
  10. mnlala
    i have the ie2 and they are cool :wink: you can do a mod. to have extreme bass by just adding a normal silicone eartip to the stock ie2 tips, just put one above the stock tip and you will have a iem isolation witch will increase the bass, the cons are that the bass will overpower the mids and highs by much i say and the mids will mix with the high bass freq. you need to eq. a lot to get a decent sound but its so funny feel all that bass in your ears lol
  11. rikardoliepa
    Simply just get audio technica ckm500 for $58 from ebay, they should be as good as m-80.
    SE215 has quality issues- right bud stops working after some time.
  12. allanes5
    Yes, I read that quite a number of people were saying they were losing sound out of one of the buds from the Shure SE215 within 2 to 9 months of use.
    Others say the M-Voda Vibrato has issues with the cable.
    I kinda did like the Shures SE215s. 
  13. Tangster
    My Shure SE215's are still going strong and I got them about a year ago, not long after release. No problems.
  14. hman321
    I have the SE 215 and I was able to compare it against the Bose IE2. I found that the Bose IE2 very bass heavy compared to the SE 215. To me the mids and highs of the Bose IE2 were recessed behind the lows.
  15. allanes5
    Which one did you like better?

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