1. sinefine

    Most comfortable Supra Aural or IEM ?

    I recently tried Beyer DT990 Premium but I find them very uncomfortable due to the pressure on the jaw joint. I suffer from TMJ and the headphone is making it worse.   My budget is up to 400 dollars. Which Supra Aural or IEMs are the most comfortable, provide great soundstage and good for...
  2. redzilla500

    Best headphone under 300$? (my first thread :) )

    Hey guys! Long time lurker here, and I finally decided to join head fi!    I recently received a best buy gift card with 160$ (so unfortunately im kind of tethered to buying from best buy :/), but i also have some cash to throw down on top of it. And I thought what better way to spend it...
  3. Justinijo

    Looking for open headphones for home using.

    Hello, I am looking for new headphones. I use headphones at home, priority Open headphones. Price for headphones under 500$.
  4. JensL

    Another Beyer Manufaktur arrives! (Pics)

    So...I finally got my customized Beyerdynamic from their fine Manufaktur website. It took over a month, apparantly they had some problems making enough leather pads. My custom Beyer is a DT990 32 ohm, with blue rings and forks, and leather headband and pads (not in pictures). The real...
  5. Trancefreak

    [Question] Sony MDR1RBT versus Beterdynamic DT990 32 ?

    Hi there!   I was wondering how they compared since I have not found any comparison as such. The DT990 32Ohm, DT770 32Ohm and AIAIAI TMA-1 are the only headphones I can compare to.   Wired is not a priority but would be welcome. I'm really just trying to justify going wireless and shelling...
  6. jazzman161

    Recommendation for High-End Movie Headphones

    Hi all! I am looking to purchase a pair of mid/high-end headphones purely for late movie watching.   I have a couple questions and was hoping I could get some answers and recommendations.   1. I have a Denon 2310 A/V receiver that receives audio & video via HDMI from an HTPC. Do I need...
  7. scottder

    Looking for cans like Beyer 990 sub $1k

    I have had and loved my Beyerdynamic 990 250 ohm cans for some time now and have enjoyed them quite a bit. I am looking for the 'next level' with a similar sonic signature. Open is fine in this application and I have a dedicated amp as well (details in my signature). Where should I be looking...
  8. ethan3686

    Best Open ear cans under $200?

    Guys looking at open ear cans with nice soundstage and good bass. I have the XB700 so dont need bass too much..Need clean sound and like some say "Feel of being there in a recording studio or concert" :)   Looking at Senn HD518 , Senn 598, Beyer 990pro
  9. DarkLiquidus

    Beyerdynamic DT990 32 ohm - questions

    Hi,   I know the thread title is pretty generic, but I would like to know some things about these headphones. Firstly, is there a big difference between this 32 Ohm version and the 250Ohm/600Ohm one or the Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro (250Ohm)? What is the sound of these headphones compared to the...
  10. jordannn15

    Best bang for the buck headphone?

    I would like the best headphone for the money that can fullfill some requirements: - Closed-back - Great for hip-hop/rap - Low impedence so I can drive them with my iphone - As I said before the most bang for my buck - Velour pads or replacement velour pads available - Good bass that doesn't...
  11. YoshiokaKiyoe

    Can you guys help me choose between these headphones?

    Hi.   Well i´m from Peru, and i do not really have a music store where i can try some headphones, so i was reading a lot and i´m still very confused.   The other problem is that the headphones on my country are so damn expensive (like 150-200$ more than us stores), so i can only choose from...
  12. tcmike

    Replace Beyer DT990 Pro or Sound Blaster Z?

    Let me make 4 things clear (ranked by importance): 1) Gaming is my passion above all else. (70% of my time on RPGs, 30% on FPS's). 2) I watch almost ALL movies and TV shows through my computer. 3)I love rock, screamo-less metal, and oldie country. (mostly the first two). 4) My budget is...
  13. sawyer

    Headphones for guitar practice

    Hey folks, I need a good pair of headphones to practice and record with my digital amp. Here are a few requirements: - Full size, comfortable for long practice/record session (no Grado!) - Low impedance: ideally less than 33ohm since the headphone output of my amp is 33ohm. - Neutral, flat...
  14. blinkstar

    ATH-A900x VS Beyer DT990 -- Thoughts?

    If you've heard these two cans, which do you think is best? (The Beyers are 32 ohm).   I will be using them strictly for gaming, and am looking for decent bass and sound stage. I have heard that the 990s have sibilant highs, but this is hopefully toned down with the use of Dolby Headphone.  ...
  15. PTom

    HD600 + Extended Bass + Larger Soundstage = ?

    I think the above equation "sums" up my question.   Regarding budget, I'm assuming improvements on the HD600 will require entering Summit Fi territory. The LCD3/HD800 are the most expensive headphones I'd consider buying.   Depending on which headphone comes closest to the sound signature I...
  16. bigbeard

    Some advice needed

    I recently bought Beyerdynamic DT 990 premium 32Ohm headphones. So far, I love them. I was wondering how I could make my listening experience better. I do a lot of gaming and listening to music on my pc (high quality mp3 and lossless audio sources).   I am looking for an amp and DAC. How much...
  17. lukweihong

    DT990 Premium 32 ohm vocals problem

    I've just bought a Bayerdynamics DT990 Premium 32ohm before Christmas in Amazon. When it comes, I realized that the left driver is OK, but the right driver seems like doesn't have any vocals and only produce background music. I bought a used model in Amazon. Can someone help and give some...
  18. Shaqmunak

    AKG Q701 vs Beyer DT990 (32ohm) vs A900x

    Hi all headphile,   im new here,firstly i want to apologize if my english is bad, because its not my first language..   i want to ask some advice from Veteran/Advance headphone user about my question, between AKG Q701 and Dt990 (32ohm), i believe both is semi open headphone. Which is...
  19. mcarther101

    Dual Purpose Headphones

    Currently, I have garbage Turtle Beach X12 headphone that just sounds muffled and uninspiring.  I'm looking for a full-size stereo headphone that I can play off of two different sources: my computer (with on-board sound, but decent gaming motherboard) and my home theater AV receiver.  I want...
  20. Maker

    DT 990 pro 250 ohm + fiio e10 vs DT 990 premium 32 ohm + onboard soundcard

    hey, so i currently have dt 990 pro 250ohm and fiio e10 and i love the sound, but unfortunately the headband on dt 990 pro is uncomfortable for me and it pushes into my skull, and it looks like that dt 990 premium have better headband right ? So if you compare dt 990 pro 250ohm + fiio e10 vs dt...
  21. sinefine

    DT990 Premium headphone - does the clamp get less tight after use?

    Hello. I've been using AD700 headphones but I didn't like the comfort level. So after researching online, I was told that the Beyer DT990 Premium is very comfortable. I just got the headphone but unfortunately, it is still slightly too tight for me and is pressing the part under the ears/jaw...
  22. coaxial

    Sound Blaster ZxR w/ Beyer Dynamic DT 990

    Hey guys. Just picked up a Sound Blaster ZxR. Looking at replacing my current headphones. After some research on the forums I have narrowed my selection down to the DT 990's. Now I have seen some conversation go back and forth between getting the 250 vs the 600ohm. I am leaning towards the...
  23. DaveMustaine

    Will the DT 990 pro 32/250 ohms be good for listening to metal?

    Been searching for an upgrade from $25 headphones to $200-$300 range headphones and I am liking the reviews on this headphone (also searched at DT-770, ATH-a900x, sr-80, etc.). I am not an audiophile but I know higher quality headphones can make badly mixed/compressed metal sound bad. I wear...
  24. HeadphonesCom

    DT990 32 Ohm Review

    Hey all,   DavidMahler here.  From the very generous headphone selection which Beyerdynamic have allowed us at to audition and review, I have decided to review the DT990 next.  I have reviewed the T5P here.  I figured while the T5P was fresh in my mind, I'd review the DT990 32...
  25. Subservient

    Review: Beyerdynamic DT990 Premium 32 Ohm and FiiO E11 and E7

    Alright boys and girls. As promised, I'm reviewing my first haul of truly nice audio gear. As a comparison, I'm upgrading from the Beats Tour in-ear headphones.   Beyerdynamic DT990 Premium 32 Ohm Upon receiving the box of joy from Amazon, the headphones come out. The first thing that...