Will the DT 990 pro 32/250 ohms be good for listening to metal?
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Mar 14, 2013
Been searching for an upgrade from $25 headphones to $200-$300 range headphones and I am liking the reviews on this headphone (also searched at DT-770, ATH-a900x, sr-80, etc.). I am not an audiophile but I know higher quality headphones can make badly mixed/compressed metal sound bad. I wear glasses and hear these are extremely comfortable. I am thinking the 250 ohm version and will probably buy an amp but will be using these with an ipod classic 160GB/laptop. I listen to a broad spectrum of genres but metal is my concern. The only thing I am disliking is the lack of removable cables for this price range. Will I have problems with this headphone?
Any amp suggestions for this headphone? I am getting ready to buy it and have never bought an amp before (non-mobile listening and use with a bad laptop soundcard)

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