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  1. Mr Do

    Radsone EarStudio ES100

    Any recommendation for a balanced cable to pair my HD25's with theES100. Looking in the $100 price range or less.
  2. Mr Do

    ios7, iPhone and Apple CCK

    It should work with a hub. At least my iPhone 5 works with my home usb dac with a  hub.
  3. Mr Do

    [NEW PRODUCT] ADL Furutech X1 - The iDevice DACs Coming Thick and Fast

    According to Stereophile the list price is around $550 and do out in March.
  4. Mr Do

    need a portable amp for sennheiser hd25

    cMOY with bass boost by JDS labs and cheap line out cable.   For about the same price you might as well get the V-MODA Crossfade 100
  5. Mr Do


    Why not get a sleeve for your laptop and just throw your books in the large compartment.. Use the outside pockets for smaller items. No lining nesecary.
  6. Mr Do


    I use a Velo Transit edge 30 bike messenger backpack handmade in Seatle Washington. I bike through Philly alot and wanted something practically waterproof and bomb proof.
  7. Mr Do

    Portable Rig for iPhone 4S

    Is there any interference when using the Go-Dap with 3G enabled on the iPhone?
  8. Mr Do

    Portable Rig for iPhone 4S

    I emailed VenturedCraft about getting the White Go-Dap 4.0 with all the upgrades. Still waiting for reply. I'm located in the U.S.
  9. Mr Do

    Portable Rig for iPhone 4S

    VentreCraft's webpage is offering the GoDap-4.0 in base form with both Burr-Brown and Muse options shipped world wide for $425. Customs fees may apply. I totally want to pick one of these up with Package Upgrade #3. I hope AmazonUS will start to carry these soon.  ...
  10. Mr Do

    New HD25 with shinny shell and silly name

    A straight jack is better suited for i-Devices wearing a case in most cases. 
  11. Mr Do

    Pictures Of Your Portable Rig (part XV)

    Where are you able to purchase a Go-Dap 4.0 and is there a customs fee if shipped to the U.S.?    Thanks. Do!
  12. Mr Do

    Apple iPhone/iPod/Ipad (ios) appreciation thread

    Does anyone know of a good app for reading headfi on a iOS device?  I wish I could hit the reader function in safari but unfortunately it doesn't work with head-fi.  
  13. Mr Do

    Is anyone here a teenager that once believed that Beats and Bose were the best headphones on earth?

    Funny how just two days ago a younger co-worker of mine, who just turned 21, was bragging about his beats headphones being the best.  I just laughed and told him he was wrong. He didn't understand how I could disagree. Oh well, he's happy.
  14. Mr Do

    Looking for Tablet with Digital Out

    You stated tablet. Iriver is not a tablet. You can use an iTouch with the i20 doc for something smaller.
  15. Mr Do

    Looking for Tablet with Digital Out

    iPad with the Pure i20 Doc will give you digital out. $399 for iPad and $99 for the doc. 
  16. Mr Do

    Apple magsafe connectors for iOS to ruin audio?

    Of course it will offer us sound. Who cares about Fostex when major auto manufactures use the line out doc as well as plenty of consumer based docs and radios. If anything, I expect to see an improvement over the outdated design of the 30 pin connector. I believe it will be a step in the right...
  17. Mr Do

    Review and discussions - Audioengine D1 24/96 USB and Optical DAC/amp for laptops and computers

    A usb power pack is what I should have asked such as TekCharge Mp1860A. Here's an article about using the the iPad as a High Rez Digital transport with the CCK, above power pac and various usb headphone amp /dac combo's  
  18. Mr Do

    Review and discussions - Audioengine D1 24/96 USB and Optical DAC/amp for laptops and computers

    Does anyone know if the D1 will work with the iPad Camera Connection Kit and powered hub?
  19. Mr Do

    NuForce Air DAC

    Apple TV2 does the same thing and more for $99.
  20. Mr Do

    TMA-1 vs HD25-1 II vs V-Moda M-80's?

    The hd25 takes 5 seconds to switch the cable. What's the big deal? It can also be converted to detachable with the right adapter. Plus it plugs in each earpiece separately as apposed to one ear piece ala tma-1. We're splitting hairs here giving one headphone advantage over the other based on...
  21. Mr Do

    Pure i-20 iPod/iPhone Dock as a DAC

    Here is a link for anyone looking for 7.5v regulated power supplies.     Scroll down for 7.5v.   I have not tested these but they should work with the right tip.   Enjoy. Do!    
  22. Mr Do

    headphone carrying case?

    Here's a few another suggestions.    
  23. Mr Do

    headphone carrying case?

    It will fit full size cans fine. It's a soft nylon bag and does the job better than anything else I've used. I need to get a second one cuz I actually use the Bar Kit for work.   .        
  24. Mr Do

    Waht's in the bag?

  25. Mr Do

    For those seeking a cheap headphone carrying bag

    Will do as soon as I get back from the big apple.