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  1. kunwar

    Ok, here we go again: Beyer T1 impressions and pictures list.

    This is totally awesome, can't wait to listen to these, and MUCHLY thanks for putting so many useful links in one sweet spot.. you are awesome
  2. kunwar

    k1000 owners club

    a few years late to the party, but thought i would list them posterity's sake. s/n #10828
  3. kunwar

    Ok, here we go again: Beyer T1 impressions and pictures list.

    This is totally awesome, can't wait to listen to these, and MUCHLY thanks for putting so many useful links in one sweet spot.. you are awesome
  4. kunwar

    Is it a waste to buy an Edition 8 for ipod listening?

    edition 8's sound fantastic, whether an ipod could do it justice is questionable. I have yet to be impressed by this combo... an amp would help most definitely. thta sad, the hd800 out of an ipod would be a big mistake and i have absolutely no doubt about that. The ed 8 sound great but from a...
  5. kunwar

    MiniWatt Tube Amp (ALO dealer)

    Quote: Originally Posted by KB Kunwar I have a K1000 with the notch filters removed and will give a try later this this evening and report back. Ken if i may ask, by notch filters are you referring to the little boards inside the K1000 earspeaker enclosure.? Just...
  6. kunwar

    MiniWatt Tube Amp (ALO dealer)

    I am hoping someone has tried the miniwatt with a K1000 and has some impressions to provide.. please advise if you have and any hearing impressions. or even a link to any posts and threads here. I have failed to turn these up in my searches
  7. kunwar

    Edition 8's Just Arrived!

    Quote: Originally Posted by oqvist Have you two auditioned the HD 800 before gotten this? ED 8 have severely damped any lust to try new gear. Though I suppose you can never totally extinguish it but it certainly showned a path away from it. Not that I don´t believe there is headphones...
  8. kunwar

    Edition 8's Just Arrived!

  9. kunwar

    Can someone do a Sennheiser HD800 vs AKG K1000 review?

    Quote: Originally Posted by moonboy403 So your listening sessions with the K1000 were done with the Stingray or the DAC1 balanced out? dac1, the stingray wasn't an option for the hd800, it did run through the sr71 and the lehmann amps though, if that helps
  10. kunwar

    Can someone do a Sennheiser HD800 vs AKG K1000 review?

    after 3 sessions (couple of hours each) now comparing the 2, the k1000 is a headphone that to me is in a class of its own. The HD800 is a great headphone, a flagship product at that, the senn engineers have done a fantastic job of getting rid of that crappy hd650 veil, its gone!!!!!! (i removed...
  11. kunwar

    Beyer DT-250 (80 ohm) - Thoughts and Impressions post first listening session.

    These arrived today morning and like an eager child, i got into using them straight away. Initial impressions - the bass is perfect (to my ears better than the HD650's by a fair reckoning), treble and midrange is all there, nothing intrudes nothing stands out, everything is beautifully...
  12. kunwar

    Which one of these are the best?

    Quote: Originally Posted by ph0rk portability? open phones are a no-no. look at the sennheiser hd-25, beyerdynamic dt-770 pro 80 ohm, dt-250-80. All closed, great sound, and good isolation, and all three are quite rugged. i have heard 2 of these and the 3rd one is on the way...
  13. kunwar

    Ety's causing infections?

    Audiclean, it is essentially some form of sea water bottled off the coast of France, as for q-tips etc, might I suggest a simpler and far more efficient regimen.. Whe showering use some soap; and clean the inside of your ears, for all the smartypants around, No you do not shove soap down your...
  14. kunwar

    average listening periods...

    Quote: Originally Posted by PTheD How did the MS Pro damage the cartilage in your ears? Do they clamp that hard against your head that they break your ears? cartilage on the ears not in the ears ..:-) the MSpros used to press down on a particular part of the ear when I used...
  15. kunwar

    2 Second Foobar DSP LATENCY !!

    How are you using the winamp plugin with foobar, would be interesting to give it a shot and see what happens..
  16. kunwar

    Full rigs for Trance music with AKG K501 or K1000 headphones

    Quote: Originally Posted by philodox I get the same effect with the K340 quite often. Ya, but you still have the earpads touching the head, the k1000 just floats away.. ooh I love all the AKG love floating around nowadays...... am just waiting to see what AKG brings out in...
  17. kunwar

    Asio4all - we should all download it free !

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jon L I guess that depends on what you mean by "large." If I had to estimate, I would say the difference between 44.1kHz and 176.4kHz is around 10-15% in sound character. When one is very familiar with his songs/system in a high-resolution system, you bet...
  18. kunwar

    Sony MDR-SA5000 : The Rescue Mission

    Might I recommend putting out a WTB on a headband from a CD3000 znd see if that works. It just might. If it is too small, I am sure someone else would love to snag it. Larry at Headphile must have some lying around.
  19. kunwar

    Luther Vandross passed away at 54

    this is very sad news, I had just discovered him via the "Killing Me softly" single which I had never heard before. It was recommended by a good friend and I have grown to like it. I sure hope to discover more of his legacy soon
  20. kunwar

    Can iPod's 'Sleep' Mode be Disabled?

    Deep sleep hack is your answer, in my case on the photo ipod, it works very well, plus I have noticed that even if I haven't used the player for a while (5-6 days), the battery doesn't drain. just perfect, Must add that ipod functions solely as a player and nothing else. no...
  21. kunwar

    AKG 271 ot AKG 501

    AKG rules as far as mids and treble is concerned, for bass lovers, not recommnded, as far as comfort goes imo, the akg formula of self adjusting headbands is simply the best, having tried the AKG version, I much prefer it. No fooling around with clips and nothces, just plonk them on and of you go.
  22. kunwar

    average listening periods...

    after i damaged some of the cartilage on my ears with 10-12 hour sessions on the ms pro, i have cut down to max 2-3 hours now.
  23. kunwar

    no one liking Chris Isaak here ?

    Always Got Tonight sweet album, gr8 voice nice guitar player
  24. kunwar

    iPod Sound Problem

    How can anyone forget the Koss range of portable cans. I will recommend the following Koss KSC-35 Koss KSC-55 Koss KSC-75 Whatever might be the rep on Koss fullsize cans, their portables rock.