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  1. blackcoffee

    Need to replace cable on DT-990 Pro - other mods

    Update: These are the regular DT990:s, not the Pro. :)
  2. blackcoffee

    Need to replace cable on DT-990 Pro - other mods

    As my cable just started giving up on my DT-990 (not pros), I'll try to do a DIY cable replacement. Started looking at tutorials - further pointers are much appreciated. Are there any other mods that people commonly do on these headphones? I find them very comfortable to wear, but the sound...
  3. blackcoffee

    What makes a "true" tube amp? (Aune T1 MK2 question)

      It's now a couple of decades since I studied electronics in depth, but to my engineering knowledge the statements by Domer seems relevant - if there is not enough voltage for the specified anode voltage it would be very hard to use the tube in any meaningful way.  However, I'm willing to...
  4. blackcoffee

    What makes a "true" tube amp? (Aune T1 MK2 question)

    What purpose does the tube serve?  
  5. blackcoffee

    This forum is addictive...

    And now I got stuck in Jazz... come on!  Its after 11 pm on a Sunday night - I have to go to work tomorrow!
  6. blackcoffee

    This forum is addictive...

    I went here to check out equipment reviews.. but I ended up listening to all my old music instead.. and even though I'm a metalhead the hifi talk made me go through song after song... until I hit jackpot:    Beethovens 9th symfony.  This must be my all time favourite composition.  Beats ZZ Top...
  7. blackcoffee

    Live music in New York, July 8 - 18

    Hi! I'm visiting NYC in july, arriving on the 8th and leaving on the 19th. Any hints for live music I shouldn't miss? Jazz, hard rock, classical.. anything goes, as long as it's good.
  8. blackcoffee

    What book are you reading right now?

    Three books at the moment: - "The age of turbulence" by Alan Greenspan. Sort of memoirs combined with political statments propagating for a more libertarian world. Interesting. - "Rapid development" by Steve McConnel - an old (1996) but still valuable book about software development...
  9. blackcoffee

    What book are you reading right now?

    Job: a comedy of Justice by Robert Heinlein. Not the first time I read it tho.
  10. blackcoffee

    considering NYC vacation

    Last summer I spent parts of my vacation touring New England by car, and the other part of my trip just bumming around New York - mostly the touristy areas of Manhattan. Now I'm thinking of a second visit, with focus on seeing more of The Big Apple - any hints on what I should see and do? And...
  11. blackcoffee

    Guitar-fi anyone?

    Lots of nice talk in this thread. Myself, I started playing many years ago, back when I was a teenager. Quit playing and sold all equipment. Eight years ago (at age 28) I picked up the hobby again. Now I've got seven guitars, all good, but plays almost nothing due to the work load at the office...
  12. blackcoffee

    archive cd collection

    I'm converting my 500 CDs to flac as we speak. As Punnisher said - excellent support on all platforms, free format, easily convertable to lossy format of your choice. Half size compared to WAV too.
  13. blackcoffee

    Landmark music piracy case

    Quote: Originally Posted by Snake YOU SHOULD. Precedence has a LOOOOONG coattail. Not only a swedish court, but the lowest level of swedish courts. This case would have been appealed regardless of the outcome and moved from the "amateur" court to the next level where only...
  14. blackcoffee

    Let me put it another way. (re:Is AKG K271MKII good for punk/grunge?)

    I haven't really listen to all phones mentioned here, but my Beyerdynamics DT250 (250 ohm version) sounds like it might be match for you. Powerful bass, decent mids, a bit rolled of high-end. In my ears, they sound good for rock music.
  15. blackcoffee

    A very nice 2nd day of easter

    For those of you living in other countries, this might have been a regular monday. For me, it's just past midnight and in Sweden we have had what is known as "Annandag påsk", basically "2nd day of yeaster". These "annandags" are found on some holidays, just like Boxing Day at X-mas in some...
  16. blackcoffee

    Xonar Essence STX+ AKG K701

    Well.. to be a bit non-kosher, if your source is a soundcard, you could always ad a little software EQ to any phone you end up with to make it sound like you want. I'm by no means the most experienced here, but in general I'm very happy with my K-701:s. As they burn in, they seem to be more...
  17. blackcoffee

    I'll buy Sansa Fuze when ......

    Any hints of status for Sansa Clip?
  18. blackcoffee

    Headphones Changed my Music Taste

    For me, the change in music taste is not really connected to the HPs as such, but the degradation of my hearing. I still love metal music, but since I prefer it at ear-splitting levels (and I already have slight permanent tinnitus and some hearing loss) I now prefer less loud music. My favourite...
  19. blackcoffee

    Good headphones for mixing

    Quote: Originally Posted by avan any of the headphones you are talking about will not sound good at all without being amped they are all quite high impedence phones, if you want to do some good mixing my first suggestion would be some k701s, just because you will be able to discern...
  20. blackcoffee

    So I saw someone wearing the Beats the other day in school.

    Quote: Originally Posted by iriverdude What the? They want want to force the competition to shut? The US goverment should step in and dissolve Monster Cable! Read this, it's fun: Blue Jeans Cable Strikes Back - Response to Monster Cable — Reviews and News from Audioholics
  21. blackcoffee

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Brahms symphony no 1. A sucky recording of it at that.
  22. blackcoffee

    Sennheiser next for me?

    For now, the K-701:s are growing on me, and I've decided to let the credit card rest for a while. Damn, the AKGs should have approx 100 hours of burn-in on them now and I like the full sound better and better. Bass is growing.
  23. blackcoffee

    What Headphones Are You Using Right Now?

    Breakin in my new (used) Koss Pro 4AA titanium.
  24. blackcoffee

    Sennheiser next for me?

    Well, so far I've only jumped on a pair of KOSS PRO 4AA Titaniums that I found on a cheap used gear site - the HD580:s an other thoughts are more of a long term plan...
  25. blackcoffee

    Can you read and listen to music at the same time

    Quote: Originally Posted by Drag0n So if 36 is half your current age, that would make you 72. Please note that I'm not a native english speaker. On the other hand, yesterdays experience was really nice - it's too seldom I dissapear into music like that these days.