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  1. Professor Thump

    Klipsch Ear Tip Patent Award

    The Klipsch eartips fit all of our IEM models...
  2. Professor Thump

    Klipsch Ear Tip Patent Award

    Klipsch has been issued a Design Patent for their award winning eartip designs. Please view the patent here: Design Patent Award For Oval Ear Tip - Professor Thump
  3. Professor Thump

    Klipsch Image x10 x5 compared to Image S4 / S4i

    All Klipsch eartips are interchangable.
  4. Professor Thump

    Help! Which IEM has more detail & clarity w/ good bass and comfortable

    Open this link This should answer your question about balanced armatures VS dynamic moving coil drivers.
  5. Professor Thump

    Klipsch full size cans?

    Good feedback guys... Keep em coming! More questions for you: What percentage of Head-fi users require a balanced cable on the cans? What is your current favorite cable?
  6. Professor Thump

    X5 for US $159.99 at eBay!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Inks Too bad there are durability issues with these. What durability issue are you referring to? Klipsch had one initially on X10 for the tails splitting. It turns out to be an issue for certain people and the chemicals of their bio. This was a...
  7. Professor Thump

    Klipsch full size cans?

    Any other features that you are interested in? Open Closed Active Passive Portability Sport Hi-Fi Requirements Keep in mind that there could be more than one model... Eventually ... Perfection takes time. []
  8. Professor Thump

    Woofers that Hammer

    More technical blogs from Klipsch. Venting your box for optimum THUMP!
  9. Professor Thump

    Armature Animation

    Sorry for the confusion on the link... Isn't the animation cool? Our engineers did a great job creating this. IMHO...
  10. Professor Thump

    Armature Animation

    Please review my latest blog for Klipsch which includes animation for both a moving coil and a balanced armature. You can see the blog here. Updated with the correct link address...
  11. Professor Thump

    PC Mag Editor's Choice Award

    Klipsch just won another award for PC Mag Editors Choice! Congratulations to the Klipsch S4i Team.
  12. Professor Thump

    New Klipsch S4i

    Klipsch just won another award for PC Mag Editors Choice! Congratulations to the Klipsch Headphone Team.
  13. Professor Thump

    Professor Thump talks about S4i

    Professor Thump Here are the latest blogs from Professor Thump on S4i Functionality and Ovaloids.
  14. Professor Thump

    New Klipsch S4i

    Professor Thump Here are the latest blogs from Professor Thump on S4i Functionality and Ovaloids.
  15. Professor Thump

    Music In Motion

    If a picture is worth a thousand words...What is a video worth? Professor Thump is visually oriented. That being said I thought all you Audio Guru's would love to see "Music In Motion". Check it out... July 2009 - Posts - Professor Thump
  16. Professor Thump

    FYI - Klipsch S4i coming in August - w/ volume control

    Image S4i In-Ear Headset with Mic and 3-Button Remote Headphones - Overview Limited numbers of S4i is available at our website. Get them while they are HOT!
  17. Professor Thump

    Any Bonamasa fans in here?

    I love Joe Bonamassa stuff.
  18. Professor Thump

    X10 falling apart - return or glue?

    Please call customer service at Klipsch to get an RMA number. We will be happy to replace them as long as they are under warranty. You can reach them at: 1-800-KLIPSCH (1-800-554-7724)
  19. Professor Thump

    Klipsch Image X5

    Quote: Originally Posted by Gothamm it most definitely did. I also have a pair now, and I couldn't agree more. with people saying they are better than the se530's, I am very satisfied with them. It is nice to be validated by the expert consumers who are early adopters of new...
  20. Professor Thump

    Custom 3 : Am I Wearing These Right?

    I am glad you can appreciate them. Enjoy!
  21. Professor Thump

    After buying Klipsch Image, SE530, Denon C751, and Klipsch C-3's at the same time, I am keeping.....

    Quote: Originally Posted by onlychild The Klipsch Image is everything I have been looking for. I would describe the sound as warm with incredible bass. They sound more like the SE530s then any of the other IEMs I tried. I would say the Image are about 80%- 85% of the SQ of the 530s...
  22. Professor Thump

    Image X10 Stuff TV Review

    Stuff TV posted a nice review of Klipsch Image X10's. Klipsch Image review – headphones reviews and videos from - the gadget guide Here are some quotes from the review... "Never before have we been so impressed by something this small – the Images are simply incredible"...
  23. Professor Thump

    Klipsch Custom3 vs Audio Technica AD900

    Quote: Originally Posted by Goit Ok I have to think this through. The Custom3s are probably more lush, colorful, and generally better SQ, it's klipsch. But it costs 150-170 dollars more (if import taxes are charged). And I don't know how it will fit, like will it hurt my ears so much...
  24. Professor Thump

    I will be missing a little work!

    Jason, Hope everything goes well for your operation. We will have to have a shot of tequilla when you get to feeling up for it. Don't forget to bring the B/S stick!
  25. Professor Thump

    Klipsch & work-outs

    Quote: Originally Posted by Sovkiller The Image has no filter what means that the sweat will go inside the driver, so this for workout is IMO ruled out... Sorry Sovkiller but you are incorrect. All our Klipsch PM's have dampers (filters) on the output of the armature. They...