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Verum Audio - Exciting high performance DIY planar

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by cskippy, Aug 22, 2018.
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  1. leeperry
    anyone tried SRH1540's & perforated Brainwavz XL?
  2. OldDude04
    Pleather is just a shortened version of Protein Leather.
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  3. theangelboy
    Thanks for your reply. I guess I will wait to order one. Hopefully he doesn't raise the price in the future.

    "Pleather" or "protein leather" is fake or synthetic leather. It's the most common pad material used on headphones because it's cheap and seals relatively well. However, it doesn't breathe and makes ears and heads sweat. Also it tends to go hard or start to flake after months or years of use. Of those pads you listed most are pleather although depending on the model of ZMF, K701, and HM5 pads you tried it might have been velour or real leather like sheepskin.
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2019
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  4. theangelboy
    While we are on the subject of pads, what are the outer dimensions, including thickness, of the stock pads? Are they round or oval (they look round)? And are they angled at all?
  5. The8thOctiveBoy
    I have really large ears, and the stock pads were just two small. Currently rocking ZMF Auteur Lamskin pads, and loving them. They sound really similar to the stock pads, to my ears at least. And they have a lot more room.
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  6. Artyouth
    Thanks for the pleather explanation.
    The ZMF I tried is a lamb skin ori. K701 velour and HM5 pleather.

    I have a serious problem to pair Verum with my amp. If your recent amp have a high output impedance and want to run it in balanced. You may have the same issue as me.
    I reported this on the other forum. Go check it if you want to learn more about his.
  7. Artyouth
    It should be round but what I measure the outer is 105x110, 30mm thick not angled.
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  8. Garuspik
    It is round steel ring inside earpad. It cannot be oval :wink:
  9. Artyouth
    Just noted that you're a trade member now. Glad to see you back Garuspik.

    Round on the pads bottom, a little oval on the pads open. If I apply a little squeeze it will stay on round a while.
    Honestly I'm happy with this little oval which give me room to fit my ears.

    PS. I'm still waiting the yoke fixing instruction.
    Not trying to push... you're so protected I have to be careful when asking my customer's right.
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2019
  10. omniweltall
    I thought you got banned, Garuspik. Anyway, glad to have you here.

    Looking forward to my Verum 1.
  11. MF Kitten
    I noticed it's very easy to bend the metal ring, so I have had to be very very careful. The ring is also kind of sharp along the edges. I would like to see a fine mesh to protect the diaphragm from debris when the pads are off too, personally. Sometimes pads don't have any mesh, and you can't use those.

    Maybe use thicker rubber rings instead of pleather for the headband knobs, as the pleather rings come off with very little pressure. If they don't need friction, try using felt pads instead, as they won't grab the metal and twist itself loose like the pleather did.

    The grilles could be attached in a more easily removable way, like with screws. Thst is only my personal preference, and I don't really plan on modding these anyway, so it doesn't matter to me :)

    The top knob for the heaband width/angle adjustment has a bigger pleather disc instead of a ring. This fell off too, but it actually works fine that way.
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2019
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  12. Richtofen
    Here's how they look in silver carbon for those that haven't seen
  13. Richtofen
    Hd800 size comparison
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2019
  14. Richtofen
    Files aren't appearing whatever head fi IMG_20190223_102103.jpg
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  15. omniweltall
    I just found out this has 8 ohm impedance. Anyone ever seen impedance as low as this before? I fail to see the reasoning for this. 20 ohm I can understand. 8 ohm?
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