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Verum Audio - Exciting high performance DIY planar

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by cskippy, Aug 22, 2018.
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  1. raducutzu
    Man, that carbon fiber finish is sick, way better than the prototype's "little d..ks" type of aquaprint. Now I'm having second thoughts about choosing zebrano.
  2. Richtofen
    Yeah it means they can run fine off a phone, but obviously an amp helps. Really liked these cans, want to see what verum 2 will be
  3. Zachik
    No Verum 2 until I get my Verum 1 :angry: (I am not really angry, BTW)

    Still waiting for my shipping notice... @Garuspik - any update on shipment status and progress?
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  4. omniweltall
    Careful with that amp.

    How many people plan to use this from a cellphone?
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  5. Zachik
    Why?! Could damage headphones due to extremely low impedance??
  6. Zachik
    Not from a phone, but from a DAP for sure!
  7. omniweltall
    Not sure. But 8 ohm is stupid low. Usually the lowest I'm aware of is 16 ohm. Watch out for impedance matching.
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  8. kintsaki
    I have not yet received a shipping notification.

    I thought that all pledges would have shipped by the end of February.

    I send an inquiring message to Kickstarter a week ago
    and have not received an answer.

    Are there any others that have not gotten a shipping notification yet?
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2019
  9. OldDude04
    Posted today:

    Project Update #32: Verum : audiophile planar magnetic headphones by Verum Audio
    Shipping progess: 200 Verum's has been shipped.
    Posted by Verum Audio (Creator)
    Hello! Many of you has already received Verum 1, and much more a waiting impatiently :wink:

    I understand this and explain current situation with shipping progress: already 200 pcs (out of ~520) are shipped. I haven't shipped anything during this week cause I'm waiting for production of titanium parts for headband, but hope on Wednesday I'll finish making of all 300+ sets. I can't produce each set after another cause I have one lathe machine and perform one operation for all parts, then another.

    But this is not a break in production! I already have hundreds of assembled cups waiting to be installed in headbands.

    Assembled cups of Verum 1 with installed pads.

    Also I'll answer questions like: I'm a backer #170 and you say you've shipped 200 units. Where is mine then?

    2 reasons:

    1) For example I have backers #600 something between first 100 early birds

    2) I ship by colors and didn't shipped carbon versions yet ( except early backers of course).

    Also there were some minor cosmetical faults like peel-of grills and those problems are solved once and for all. So I took this "break" also to doublecheck all units and prevent all possible problems.

    You all see positive comments on KS, forums,Reddit etc. So no doubts that Verum 1 is worth waiting. Delays are inevitable for such small startup with ambitious goals.

    p.s. Sorry, I won't asnwer personally questions like "when you ship?". If I'll answer your question then it'll took more time for actual delivery.
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  10. kintsaki

    "" I reported this on the other forum "" Which other forum? can you provide link? or PM me?
  11. kintsaki

    Thanks, I used to get his updates and then this last one was late I started worrying, got it a few hours after I posted here. It is OK to be late as long as the final result is good.
    So far the 8 Ohm impedance and the distortion are worrisome. If he has figured the distortion out I would be glad to wait more to have it fixed before he ships.
  12. Garuspik
    There is nothing for me to "figure out". Some amps can't work on 8 ohm load, that's not a problem of headphones cause even iphone 6 drivers Verum 1 rather well.
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  13. Zachik
    Can people who already got their Verum headphones report back which amps they're using?
    (other than iPhone 6... :wink:)
  14. OldDude04
    I successfully used an LG V30, a Cayin C5, an HP laptop and my Emotiva BasX A100 and had zero issue with the Verum being 8ohm.
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  15. The8thOctiveBoy
    I have run them off of my phone (LG V30), and the Audio-GD NFB-1AMP, which has an output impedence of 1 ohm I believe. Both have worked great with no distortion.
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