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Verum Audio - Exciting high performance DIY planar

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by cskippy, Aug 22, 2018.
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  1. theangelboy
    Looks nice! Does your set have gold on the left and silver on the right? Are all the sets like that by default or did you request that?

    I definitely want to see pics when you get it. That's the color combo that I think would look the best and the one I would order if I get one.
  2. OldDude04
    They are in the building, impressions to come later!

  3. OldDude04
    My Zebrano/Silver pair are a bit darker than I thought the Zebrano would be but still they look great. I'm gonna hold off on sound impressions until I get a good bit of head time in. I'm currently using my M1060's stock pads because the Verum's pad openings were just slightly too small for my ears. Here are a few pics of my Verums with my Periapt cable:

    Verum 1 (1).jpg Verum 1 (2).jpg
    Verum 1 (3).jpg
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  4. Hippocamp
    Nice! What are those connectors? 2.5 mm? 3.5 mm? Also, I'll be interested to see how the straight connectors into the cups work. Right angles might put less stress. Planning on building a balanced cable once mine have shipped.
  5. fpantalone
    So ... can you describe the difference in sound with the Periapt cables ??
  6. OldDude04
    They are 2.5mm. Any of the newer HiFiMan cables or Monolith M1060/M1060C cables will fit the Verum.

    Not much if any, I'm using it because it's 7ft and gives me a bit more room to move around. Plus it's crazy well built, not to mention it looks good, lol.
  7. Artyouth
    I switched to m1060 stock pads by the same reason as yours. However I can't accept the sound so back to Verum stock.
    I also roll over 10 pads and the Verum stock do the best.
  8. Zachik
    What is the pads' opening size?! I am a little worried now... :thinking:
  9. Artyouth
    You mean the Verum stock pads?
    60x55mm is what I measure now.
  10. Zachik
    That is gonna be too small for me :anguished:
    Hopefully, would still feel OK despite not quite fitting my ears...
  11. Garuspik
    When I've shipped pads to you they had .... round opening :sweat_smile:
  12. theangelboy
    I have big ears and generally dislike pleather. What's the best non-pleather, more spacious, pad that you have tried? I'm considering getting a pair but if I can't find a viable pad alternative I might not bother.
  13. OldDude04
    Fortunately for me, the M1060 pads sound as good if not better than the stock Verum pads. I've tried Alpha pads, ZMF cowhides, Audeze leather, and the M1060 pads so far.

    They were still comfortable to me, but I like a little room for my ears. Since I had other pads around, I went with one that sounds just as good but gave me that extra room.

    I haven't tried any non-pleather/leather pads yet myself. I wasn't willing to unstick my vegans from my M1060 just yet. When I do get the custom alcantara pads I was talking about in the M1060 thread the other day, I'll try them on the Verums and see how they sound. I'll shoot you a PM and let you know if you like.
  14. theangelboy
    Thank you! That would be awesome if you are willing! :o2smile:
    OldDude04 likes this.
  15. Artyouth
    Sorry I don't know the meaning of pleather (I heard pleather pad long ago but still don't know what exactly is).

    Anyway, I tried many such as ZMF K701 AH-D7000 AR-H1 etc. Finally Verum stock, Shure840 and HM5 sound acceptable for me. Overall Verum win. 840 second.
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2019
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