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Verum Audio - Exciting high performance DIY planar

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by cskippy, Aug 22, 2018.
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  1. MF Kitten
    Schiit Magni 3. Also tried my phone. Both work perfectly with very clean sound.
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  2. Roll
    LGV20, Geek Pulse, Beta22, and THX AAA 789 - no problem at all.
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  3. agnostic1er
    Hello Garuspic: Have you managed to reduce earlier H2 distorsions peaks in the mid?
  4. wonderfaller
    Bought my Verum (Zebrano) directly through the website on Feb. 8th and paid using PayPal.
    I have yet to receive a shipping communication as well.
    Tried to reach you via mail, Roman, to no avail.
    While I understand the delay, let's say I'm getting a little impatient.
  5. nlwouter
    Backers will be recieving their verums before website orders. As i am backer 338 and having not recieved a shipping order, i think you'll need to wait a bit longer.

    He also noted himself they are indeed delayed and looking at the reviews i think these are easily worth that wait.
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  6. geniekid
    ADI-2 DAC HP out (.1 Ohm output impedance) and Black Widow 2 (unknown output impedance).
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  7. allaces305
    Gas.... Take your time... Make a great product.... I'm a backer of your project and I'm still waiting on my set but i hear amazing things about the Verum 1 so far.... So just make sure you can deliver great quality.... Anyways Good things come to those that wait!!!
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  8. kintsaki
    with two whole months delay approaching from the original scheduled shipment
    for the pledges a new release date and an update on the status of production is definitely

    Wasting for res[once...
  9. OldDude04
    Posted this morning by Verum Audio.

    Prorgress update - we've started shipping of Verums with carbon finish
    Posted by Verum Audio (Creator)
    Hello! I know, I'm running late with delivery to all backers except early birds.

    What's the current status:

    • All parts for all kickstarter orders are already manufactured
    • ~250 pcs are shipped ( ~ 50% of KS orders)
    • ~250 cups (125 headphones)are assembled and are waiting to be installed into headbands
    Delay is caused by illness of 2 out of 3 employees that were assembling Verum 1 (Third one is me and I'm pretty healthy :D ) For such small start-up as Verum it's a very big problem. And on this stage of production I've decided not to hire another person cause it'll take too much time to explain everything from the very beginning to a newbie.

    Fortunately, my colleagues recovered and from Monday we'll start assembling with triple force.

    As usual, time for photos!

    This week I've sent about 20 carbon coloured headphones:


    Assembled carbon Verum's before packing and shipping

    p.s. I think many of you has read lots of recent reviews and feedback. As far as I know all of them are pretty positive. This project is successful and every backer will receive his own Verum. But, sometimes, circumstances modify even the best plans.
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2019
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  10. Zachik
    Quick questions for people who already received their Verums:
    Did you get a shipping notice, or did the box just show up?
    For those in the US, if a notice did come - how long from notice until package arrived?
  11. geniekid
    I received a shipping notice. About two weeks later I received the package. I was an early bird (Carbon/Silver).
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  12. xRaptorxPunisher
    Is the wait time still 3-4 weeks from order?

    Order serious question why are you selling this headphone for so low. It beats out most planars I’ve tried even the LCD like outside the 4.
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  13. geniekid
    These headphones are fantastic. Some thoughts:
    • Frequency response is very even. I found it lacking a little on treble extension, but I like the HD800 and Clear so calibrate accordingly. I think without EQ, I would rank Clear > Verum 1 > HD6XX > HD800, and that's only because of the Clear's mid-range and high end. One wonders whether the Clear would still sound so *clear* if it had the bass presence of the Verum 1 to distract our brains. :p
    • Dynamics are good, although I personally believe dynamics follow from neutral FR response and extension, so this is more of a nod to my first point.
    • Resolution is great. Not as good as HD800 or Clear, but better than the HD6XX (a serious compliment).
    • Transients are great - impact is real. A typical strength of most planar magnetic headphones.
    • Surprisingly comfortable for a 470g headphone. I found it more comfortable than the Clears (450g), HE4XX (370g) and AFOs (I might be the only person on earth who doesn't like the AFOs comfort-wise). The Sennheisers are better, but both the HD800 (330g) and HD6XX (260g) are relatively light to begin with.
    • Build quality is good. Assembly and materials feel rugged. Smell of the leather pads screams "new car". The cover over the 3.5mm jack keeps slipping off. Time will tell how the rest of the cable holds up.
    I've listened to all the headphones mentioned through various amps, but the above observations were made with PC -> ADI-2 DAC -> headphone. The Sennheisers in particular are known to scale well with better amps, so anyone reading this should account for that.
  14. CoFire
    Where are all the impressions of the Verum 1 in comparison with current established planars? (400i, 4XX, HEX V2, LCD-2C, LCD-X, E2, etc.)

    I'm looking forward to placing an order of the signature fits the bill.
  15. blackdragon87
    This headphone looks interesting to me. Will probably get one as my next headphone Quite a big fan of planar magnetics
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