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Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 Thread

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  1. 727south
    Anyone try this cable? do they make any different?
    or this
  2. cogsand gears
    Thank you very much :D
  3. H20Fidelity Contributor

    There's not much you can do really. If they're under warranty you can try to RMA, though I'm not sure if that's covered? It's not something I would attempt myself. Possibly try your local jeweller, he may be able to remove the pin carefully with a special tool or even drilling it out.

    Not cool.
  4. gambit300
    I feel like he might be able to remove it using super glue or solder to connect a piece of metal to it, and then pulling it out. I also don't know how stuck the pin is. You also run the risk of getting glue on on the shells or burning the plastic. This is likely a bad idea, but I'm not sure what else you could do.
  5. Gilly87
    I wouldn't mess with a vacuum, you might cause too much suction inadvertently and do damage to your drivers or the wiring.
  6. rmappita
  7. AstroTurf
    Man... Those really are big an ugly !!!

    But, If they sound good? I say go for it.

    LOLz, Jim

  8. jay567
    Okay to those that don't believe cables make a difference, THEY DO.
    I logged in for the first time in years just to let you guys know the capability of the TF10.
    I am originally from Korea and I happen to know and have contact to couple specialists (there are 2 that I know of) that make cables from the best materials available. One of them does this as a pure hobby and one of them does it as a source of petty cash whilst not adding value as much as the businesses.
    So why they are known even though they are not advertised "companies"? Simply because on a Korean audiophile site like Head Fi, people have bought these and put up review on how much change they bring.
    I have hand made pure silver (99.9% from my memory) with my TF10 and trust me it's wonders different to the original cable. I am not a fan of the exaggerated V shaped sound signature that the TF10 with original cables bring. I used to only use Shure products since I was in love with their mids but with the silver cables and couple push on the mid range with EQ, I did not really miss the shures at all.
    The silver cables I have in general balances out the TF10's sound, increases the resolution and the detail/clarity of the sound in general, extending on the high range whilst keeping it sound natural. The overall bass amount does decrease a bit but the punch is nonetheless existent.
    It is unfortunate that you peeps do not have the access to these lovely cables.
  9. jay567
    Oh btw, if you guys can somehow get access to IE8's tips, they are great with the TF10 as well as the sony tips. These tips with over-ear method will wipe away any isolating/comfort issues.
  10. Watagump
    Bottled water is better also.
  11. atistatic
    in your memory u did replace or put off the cable in the wrong way?
  12. jc denton
    Hello all. First post in years and it has to be something as inane as this.
    I have a pair of UE triplefis that I love. The cables, though, last as long as the average fruit fly. I preferred the sound profile of stock cables and its non-microphonic quality, but they die so easily!
    First cables that came stock died at the jack. Have a habit of holding my music player at an angle to see the screen, and that naturally put cumulative pressure at the straight jack.
    Second cable was given by a good friend who had switched to Westones.
    Bought the third stock cable, this time they'd upgraded to a right-angle jack. The cable is dying at the bend near the earpiece for one side, however. If I stay completely still, I can angle it so I get some sound out of that side, but the volume has taken a massive hit, and it's clear it'll die within a week at this rate.
    Checked stores and sure enough, the right-angle stock cables are now discontinued, among other things. I can order the old straight-jack, though, but I'm sure that'll die too quickly.
    Does anyone have experience with fixing a cable dying at the bend? (specifically, where the molding part meets the rest of the cable. Used to have a pic of that from here somewhere..)
  13. Watagump

    Might not be the answer you are looking for, but why not just invest $30 or so and get a better quality cable. There are lots of aftermarket cables built like tanks.
  14. jc denton
    I've been catching up on aftermarket cable reviews posted on this board, and it seems not all of them have a favorable sonic profile (not to mention the microphonics from the helix-type cables).
    The Westones are the only ones I've actually had a chance to try, and the treble was enhanced every so slightly in a way that I didn't need.
    Still, I feel like I'm being left out by only going after the stock cables.
    On the fence about what to get now...
  15. stevenswall
    Sorry to bring up "Controversial" scientific fact, but simply put, cables don't change sound. You can't hear the difference, because there isn't one as far as the human ear is concerned. I used to think they changed sound, and then I started listening to them critically, and found it just wan't the case. To prove it to yourself, try setting up a blind test with a friend.

    This being the case, you don't need to worry about a changing sonic signature. Simply switch out cables until you find something that is comfortable and not monophonic.
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