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cogsand gears
Mar 12, 2011
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Computer monkey

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    Computer monkey
    Art. Painting and photography.
    My wife and son. Art and design. Tattoos. Science. Wearing knitted beards.
    Headphone Inventory:

    Astrotec AX-60
    Vsonic GR07 MkII
    Fischer Audio DBA 02's modded with westone female sockets for removable cables. El cheapo Lunashops Westone style IEM cable. Answer my PM's Frank!!!

    Fischer Amps FA-3e
    UE Triple fi10 pro with DIY Toxic Cables OCC cryo Silver cable.
    UE Superfi 5
    Sound Magic PL 30.
    Sony MDR EX300.
    Vintage 'Steampunk' Aluminium & Brass headphones. Recabled with silver plated copper and fitted with 30mm drivers from JVC 'Flats'

    Heir Audio 3ai + 4ai
    Audio Technica ATH-CK100
    Aurisonic ASG1.1
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    TTVJ Slim
    Steampunked Fiio E5

    Cmoy from eBay (Sold)
    Little Dot Micro+ (Sold)
    Fiio E11 (Sold)
    Source Inventory:
    DIYmod (direct out to pins) Ipod Video 5th gen with 128gb CF conversion + internal Elna Cerafine 10uf Caps.
    Steampunked iPod nano 3rd Gen. 8 GB

    32gb CF modded Ipod Mini 1st Gen 1300ma battery
    16gb CF modded ipod Mini 2nd Gen.
    Cable Inventory:
    Not as many as I used to.

    DIY crystal picollino ipod LOD with micro USB charge socket built in.
    DIY Toxic Poison ipod LOD with micro USB charge socket built in.
    Power-Related Components:
    6 gang extension Lead... Electric meter. 3 pin plugs all over the place. Multi meter.
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Orbitsound T6 Valve Amp dock (6N3 Tubes swaped out for NOS GE 5670 5 Star tubes - Nice!) with 'Airsound' singular stereo speaker - With DIY Toxic Cables Silver interconnector cable + DIY Toxic SPC 18 awg AC power cable. Jena Labs copper 3.5 to 3.5 for source connection.
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    DIYmod? All the cables and that. Comply Ts400 = better treble.
    Music Preferences:
    No R&B or HipHop please... Or Opera.
    Knives. Soldering Iron. Wire strippers. files. Saws. Kettle. Toaster. Oven. Camera. Light bulbs. Magnifying glass. Reading glasses.


    "There is no crime in being kind. Not everyone is out to screw you over, maybe, just maybe they just want to get to know you"
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