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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. burtomr
    Yup, Silver is the best conductor with the lowest resistance followed by Copper, then Gold, but it's much less conductive with much more resistance, in fact it's very close to Aluminium.
    The reason small amounts (1-2%) of Gold are added to Silver is to 'fill-in' the molecular spaces between the molecules of Silver to improve conductivity.
    SILVER:        6.30
    COPPER:       5.96
    GOLD:          4.10  
    ALUMINIUM:  3.50
    SILVER:        1.59
    COPPER:       1.68 
    GOLD:          2.44
    ALUMINIUM:  2.82
    Ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrical_resistivity_and_conductivity
  2. AnakChan Moderator
    Thanks. I understand the 1-2% gold as mentioned in my post, but it's the 4N gold that I don't understand. From seeteeyou, if I understand his post that is a -mostly- gold cable? Or did I misunderstand it?
  3. Vespertine
    Hmmmm.... Of course Conductivity and Resistance are two entirely different things, however I am interested as to why gold is used on all high end connectors, as opposed to silver.
    Any Ideas?
  4. burtomr
    Yeah that's easy: Silver oxidizes, Gold doesn't.  
    Hi-end connectors (Oyaide, Furtech, Vermouth) are Silver plated with Rhodium over top to prevent oxidation which is presumably better than Gold over Brass.
  5. Vespertine
    Ah yes, it was easy! I have Oyaide connectors also so I should have spotted that :)
  6. burtomr
    Well some peeps of course claim that 100% Gold is the 'cats meow', similar to almost every aspect of stuff made by man = Gold is good and more Gold is 'mo bedder', hence we have 24K Gold plated cars in Russia and solid Gold faucets in the Kardashian crib, etc, etc....lol
    Audio wise some think solid Gold wires sound good so now have BLING cables to match these:
  7. Vespertine
    Lovely!!! A bit of dazzle never did anyone any harm, actually that is a lie, my ex Mrs was the PR Director for Christian Dior, she dazzled me then we got divorced and she took loads of money, and gold as it happens, and that f'ing diamond ring....
    Anyway...they look awesome, and the photo is amazing too...
    I was actually going to buy a second pair of 1plus2's , as I think they are that good that I simply know at some point I will leave them somewhere by mistake and wanted to have a backup pair. 
    I wanted the Gold plates on them, but Gavin said that the Gold Plates don't sound as good as the carbon...
    As it turned out I went for some customs as I thought they would be easier to put in and take out....
    I was wrong :) and I personally think that once one has heard the 1plus2, and if it is to one's tastes, then everything else struggles to match up....especially the beautiful bass...
    Thanks Mr. Burton!
  8. burtomr
  9. Vespertine
    I would quite like to satisfy my objective curiosity with all of this by passing it through my subjective brain, and at half the price of the uBer, last I heard, this seems to be a good way of doing it.
    To be honest the page confuses me a bit OM (Over moulded) ??? Eclipse? 
    So really what would I order, would it be best to wait five weeks for this OM version, possibly a redundant question, I don't know.
  10. Audiowood
    I share the same feelings here. The bass is just so superb. Not too much, not too little, just nice, like an expensive full range speaker and sub just tune in the most cohesive way, so natural.  If I would rank it subjectively, I would say the 1p2 bass is on the same league as the Th900 and LCD-3.
  11. Audiowood
  12. Vespertine
    Yes the bass. I have the 900's also, and have never heard any Audeze products. I agree that it is most definitely in the same league as the Th900's, I would even go so far as to say that it might be considered in its own league, all by itself, in my listening experience.
    Natural is most certainly the word, creamy bass, it pours onto your ear drums rather than hits them.
    I would consider myself a lover of bass, these never distort, ever.
    Indeed when listening to the 1plus2 it often feels as if the sound waves are like a drop of water landing in a glass of water rather than on a hard surface. I really get that image of wavelet dispersal, that is what it sounds like to me. 
    Including the bass. I find it has energy also, though I could talk a lot about the timing of the earphones and how they seem to have that nailed, which is what is peaking my interest more with this talk of cables, as I am starting to think that timing could easily be improved with better conductors. 
    Interesting also that you mention not too much and not too little, whereas I would consider them to be quite bass heavy, but that could be a relative illusion, seeking it out, if I am satisfied, I will of course label them as bass heavy.
    Either way, it is gorgeous, and I can't find it anywhere else, not in anything I have listened to ever in my life.
    So I would rank these currently as best bass ever, however I do remember clearly moaning to Gavin about the lack of it before I got a proper seal.
    I am also hoping that perhaps new cables will stay in the units more, could go either way I suppose. I want to return to using these on the go.
  13. VisceriousZERO
    But the customer service leaves so much to be desired... so so so much...
  14. burtomr
    Well, the bad news is the only way to find out is to become one of these:
  15. Audiowood
    Indeed I have sign up for it. Now waiting for Craig to respond. Not the most responsive guy in the universe, lets wait and see..
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