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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. Gintaras

  2. Gintaras
    Vespertine, check this out and shop with confidence :p

  3. Greed
    I would quit dreaming. The uber cable is definitely not made from the likes of "high-end" speaker cables.
  4. Vespertine
    "Shop with confidence" hahahahahah :)
    F Me!!!
    Well, there must be customers, but very few, and I suppose that is the point, the materials don't cost too much, but the RnD, well some of them simply just "throw the book at it" , but the RnD must take a while.
    Mainly it is supply and demand though, these people sell what, a handful of cables a year, that is why they charge that.
    I know for a fact that the Optical Cable is only priced like this for that reason alone, these companies have to stay afloat in a ridiculously niche market.
    OK, I cannot speak with authority on most, but that optical cable I can, and there is absolutely no F'ing way that optical cable of any grade costs that much, and for that price I could get terminations in solid platinum with my initials engraved by one legged blind monkeys, and engraved well.. Utter rubbish only for NFL or Basketball stars who have more money that they do brain cells and get some high end audio company out to fit out their cinema room, money no object.... clearly .... 33K for some clean bendy glass ... OK ... 
    As I was saying, I might get into the high end audio cable game, there seems to a lot of margin in it .. :) 
    Production costs are not why they are priced as they are no matter what anyone who sells them tells you. Their time in coming up with it for a handful of people is what you are paying for. Whether that is fair or not is up to you, but it is a fact.
  5. Vespertine
    Its Royal Signature Series makes you delve deep into the musical soul while, at the same time, keep the audio and video signal clean and free from the noise that divides and distracts you from your music and images. It was built on a 28 year tradition of legendary predecessors like FTM3, FT12, SQ-88-Gold, LS-288-Gold and The Emperor's new clothes
  6. Gintaras
    Vespertine :D

    go get into a cable biz so we can have good discounts from you :p

    in real world i tend to trust cables, i had Atlas Spdif and sold it because it was not nearly as good as Wireworld Spdif i have, i also trust my all silver 8mm thick double wire speaker cables. as regards toslink glass fiber the cheaper cables are made of plastic, not glass.
  7. Vespertine
    [​IMG] Fiber no problem ... I can even terminate them for you ... right now ... 
    I suppose it is like anything, I was just thinking about parallels to the Fine Art Market. It is pretty similar really, where the cost of materials and time does not necessarily equate to the sticker price. In one case it has a lot to do with marketing, I know that for a fact for Art, and the other I suspect is the same after a point.
    I think that at those kind of prices your returns really will have diminished beyond the resolution of human hearing. There has to be a point where only instruments can distinguish the difference, the ear is just not capable.
    However of course I agree that better cables will give better sound, I have never doubted that, I have only doubted one thing about cables which I will never say anything about ever again :)
    I suppose there are all sorts of parallels when you get to "High End" ... people WANT reassuringly expensive with everything if they have the money....
    We are all a bit guilty of it in a way .... well I am ... not to that extent, but I will tend to believe a more expensive headphone is better than a cheaper one with no evidence at all other than the price. It is a cognitive bias, we have many of them ... thousands, and good marketing men know them as well as good psychologists.... 
    I suppose we can draw a parallel with the 1plus2, no it's component parts do not make up the price we pay, but we are all MORE than happy to pay for what Gavin has created, interestingly to a point also for many of us, where only some of us have taken the next step with the Uber and loads of us are hovering around really curious but can't quite justify the price, I suspect that the fact it costs nearly the same as the headphones themselves plays a part here too, it seems out of proportion logically, another bias.
    Probably why we are all talking about it and waiting for Audiowood to report on one that costs half the price, less than....
    Certainly the case for me...
    If the uber was 525USD I would buy it instantly, but it isn't.... I can afford the full price, but I cannot justify it, mainly because it costs the same as the headphones. The bias wins although logically I might be cheating myself out of a lot more joy. Maybe one day I will find out [​IMG]
  8. Mimouille
    Solid core silver.
  9. burtomr
    Does Audiowood have an UBER on hand to compare? Otherwise what exactly are we going to find out even if it costs half the price?
  10. vwinter

    You were already at 101-102% anyway so what's another 100% right?
  11. Vespertine
    It is just an upgrade alternative that costs half the price, so although he may not have an Uber to subjectively compare it to, if he says that it is major improvement; then it is a cheaper alternative to better performance from 1plus2's. That does not cost the same as the headphones.
    Which is what I am interested in, and part of what some of this thread has been about.
    So by your reckoning, we are going to find out nothing from Audiowood?
    Wasn't it you that posted the Whiplash cable in the first place saying that the Uber had been usurped?
    If it was, then your question is a little strange to say the least.
  12. Vespertine
    So with the uBer now being obsolete, by your own hand. Surely you yourself should be the most keen among all of us for Audiwood's report, you haven't even heard the whiplash and assigned the Uber to the obsolete bin ???? Then question the validity of the very same cable that you say is better than the Uber?
    Sorry mate, don't quite follow....
  13. burtomr
    You need to take a chill pill.....make that several chill pills.
    My comment about the new Whiplash Gold Reference cable was meant facetiously, plus I was providing a link to it.
    There a lots of 'upgrade' cables available for the 1plus2, many that are significantly cheaper than the Tralucent cables. I would think it would be quite relevent to actually compare them to the Tralucent cables, like the UBER, otherwise it's just another cable choice.
  14. Vespertine
    I am quite relaxed, thanks for your concern though. I can take enough Valium to fell an elephant and still work through the night, it is just the way I am put together.
    I love the classic fallacy that you start with though, an ad hominem tu quoque straight off the bat, sweet! When people do that it always means something man, it means that they have instantly lost traction on the discussion. 
    Sorry I didn't see the facetious in your comment at all, I took it as as wrote as I do a lot from this site, probably silly of me. Tu Quoque mate ...
    Audiowood ordered it. I was going to also, thought that you were an authority on this, that is how it came across anyway. Thanks for the correction.
    Didn't realize that your links or comments were to be taken with a pinch of salt. [​IMG]
  15. lee730
    Don't forget a hint of envy :wink:...
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