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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. Audiowood
    The bass is what I keep coming back to 1p2, I was hoping to find something to match the TH900 and I have found it, after going around many IEM. On top of that, the 1p2 has the kind of extended treble that suits me so well. So here I have the winner IEm in my hands. I do agree with you, once you heard this 1p2, its very hard to find another IEM to match this kind of quality.
  2. Gintaras
    hahaha.... cute little animal.
    yes, 1p2 is love at first hear, no way back for me personally. and unique because this can emulate big loudspeaker sensation so well that makes me smile each time i listen to them.
  3. Vespertine
    Yeah ... I wonder what is going to beat them and when ... money no object ....maybe I need to start spending money on Amps etc, I am so much about portable though... maybe I can do better than the Colorfly C4 ...
    Seems that 1plus2's have held top spot for most of 2013 ..... and into 2014...
  4. lee730
    Buy it used like I did :wink:. Well that is if you get lucky enough for someone to sell their uber that is ;P.
    The bass has always been amazing on these things. It hits hard yet never goes over the top for me. Although I don't consider them bass heavy Per se. Yet I don't consider them bass light either. They move a ton of air for being IEMs and that gives me that sensation. Even with the SE5, the 1Plus2 are still my go to IEM. But all 3 compliment each other very well and keeps things fresh for me. The AK120-S mod with 1Plus2 is sublime. The treble gives me the shivers lol. It gives me the treble of the Stage 4 IEMs but slightly better now. Still would love to hear the Stage 4 on the mod. Depending on the pairing I'd probably still say the Stage 4 is the best IEM I've heard in terms of treble, followed by 1Plus2 and then AKG3003.
  5. Audiowood
    Ok I went ahead and order the new whiplash cable. Got a deal from Craig as I had some history with him.
    I want to report that Craig is an honorable guy after this deal and .....
    Sorry Craig for the heart burn & thank you very much, (I understand the cost of cable is sooo expensive) - :)
    Will report back on the cable here..
  6. Vespertine
    I shall await your report, I presume you just ordered the one on the page and as available...
  7. goodvibes
    Good luck with the Whiplash cable though I suspect it wont voice as well as what Gavin comes up with for his own IEMs. I've heard that the cable itself was great but there's more to matching. Pure speculation and they may sing together.[​IMG] 
  8. Vespertine
    Is the Uber still 1k or something?
  9. burtomr
     something = $1300
    Vespertine likes this.
  10. Audiowood

    Yep, that's the one.
  11. Vespertine
    I might go into the headphone cable business...
    Deffo some good margin to be had....
  12. Gintaras
    are you gonna to manufacture cable wire too? otherwise you might be in for a big surprise when supplier will quote you per meter (high end cable). some cables start from 10K a meter without terminations.
    what i heard is that uBer cable wire comes from very expensive material used in top brand high end loudspeakers, so this well explains exorbitant price of uBer... the wire is not used in headphones but taken from high end and adapted to IEM... and it well explains the aspect of fragility of uBer cable too. :wink:
    frankly speaking i doubt many manufacturers use such wire components in their cables.... Tralucent is a pure audiophile shop where cost is no objective but it's all about sound.
  13. burningv
    Can anyone tell me how the 1plus2 sound with old school death metal? I'm planning on purchasing them eventually and I would like to know how they perform with the genre. 
  14. Vespertine
    To be honest if people are flogging stranded metal for 10K a meter then that gives me even more reason to mess around.... 10K a meter... it could be made of diamond and not have manufacturing costs 50% of that. I would love to know what a cable that cost 10k a meter is made from....
  15. vwinter

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