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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. Vespertine
    Won't ya hurry​
    Coz I'm tired of these scenes​
    For a blue coin​
    Won't ya bring back​
    All those colours to my dreams​
    Silver majik ships, you carry​
    Jumpers, coke, sweet MaryJane​
  2. burtomr

    You would be realizing wrong: My link to the new Whiplash cable was quite correct and my comment was appropriately facetious as was my statements regarding the need to compare that cable with the Tralucent cable.
    You really should back it down a notch or two...you're speeding toward rudeness...[​IMG] 
  3. lee730
    Listening to the Uber cable right now..... [​IMG]
  4. Mimouille

    You got the Uber !? Or is it a loaner? How do you like it?
  5. lee730
    It's a loaner as of right now but I am most likely gonna buy it off of Mark. So far I am very impressed with it. Havne't listened  to it yet out of my desktop rig. Currently listening through my AK120-S mod and T1 Amp. Definitely more dynamic sounding. The sound is more natural and effortless. Hearing the layering even better. Lots of depth complimenting the width. Oh my, the micro detailing is sick.
  6. Mimouille

    Ok so basically it sucks.
  7. lee730
    You got it. Sucks the big one :wink:.
  8. Greed
    Loved the sonics, couldn't deal with the ergo.
  9. Mimouille

    Could you elab (-orate)?
  10. lee730
    It's not portable enough for him. I can see what he means as well. I could see myself using it on my way from work and to work. But taking it out with me while with family or friends would be a no go.
  11. burtomr
    Yeah, it's more like a necklace than a cord...definately have to wear it behind the back.
  12. Greed

    Sure. As you know the cable is awkward to maneuver with. It is stiff, and has a circular memory from the loose coil it arrived to me in. You can straighten it out, but then coiling it back up again could become problematic. Basically any rough play and it the solid core could crack, especially after extended use coiling and UN coiling etc. But that was honestly not my main concern. The ergo problems were mainly the ear leads. They are again very stiff and hard to shape around the ear in a position where it is flush with the profile of the side of my head (hope that makes sense). The lead would pop out and I would have to re-adjust. It became too much trouble, especially after using my SE5 exclusively for a month or so.

    The sonics are extremely good, and quite a bit better than the silver/gold cable - but the uBer is very much a home use type cable IMO. And for me, I don't use my portable gear at home.
  13. lee730
    What do you use to carry it in burt? I will have to get a bigger carrying case. I honestly don't want to have to constantly switch cables out....
  14. Vespertine
    Right'o !
    You are right there are much bigger fish to fry...
    Apologies if my posts offended you, or were rude, I don't really think that this thread is for me after all, I enjoyed the banter about cables with Gintaras, indeed I thought it was quite amusing.
    Wait a minute, this is an internet forum -
  15. burtomr
    I try to not coil/uncoil it. I just hang it on the wall when not in use. You can coil it for transport but no tighter than 6-8", or quart ZipLoc. 
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