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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. Vespertine
    Interesting .... and how do they do that then? What kind of shielding provides 100% negation of RF frequencies? I don't think that the plastic that the units are made from would protect against RF interference, which might suggest that it is not RF shielding that improves the SQ.
    I only know of one material that would stop absolutely any frequency from penetrating, and it would certainly be impractical. I mean all RF, that's a pretty broad spectrum.
  2. flymetothemoon
    Would like to share real life experience on the Uber with you guys.
    In fact it doesn't really matter whether Uber can do 100% shielding or not and the only thing I know it brings the 1Plus2 performance to another level [when compared to my stock Tralucent Silver].  
    FYI, I've picked the stock silver as my travel cable over the stock gold/silver as it sounds better in my combo (or to my taste).  
  3. Vespertine
    I suspect that the Uber simply has a much larger proportion of Gold in it, possibly some platinum and or silver also. It is just a different conductor, but if I were to put money on it, I would say that it has a very high gold content. This is why it is so expensive, and it is also why it comes with fragility warning, twisted pair gold, isn't very strong at all.
    Yeah, that's what I think.
    Now, let's not forget why Gold is such a good conductor especially with regards to sound. What do very dense metals reflect, no shield needed?
  4. Vespertine
    Check it out!
    Gavin may even have some Platinum in there too :)
    Dense rocks! The more dense, the less friction, less friction = the snappier and higher fidelity of the wavelet signature arriving at the drivers.
    We don't want friction for good SQ.It is like pass the parcel, the more people involved, standing next to each other, tightly, the less chance there is that the parcel will be dropped or damaged. Copper isn't so dense, so in this silly analogy, people chuck the parcel to each other as they have to, so sometimes it gets dropped and or damaged, it certainly wont be the same parcel by the last person as it was with the first person, it has just been thrown, of course it will be degraded in some way :)
    Unlike electron dense Gold.
    It might be better deep fried, everything else seems to be :)
    I hope my smiley faces means that this post wont be deleted. I am not trolling or thread crapping, just trying to get back on to why the 1plus2's sound so f'ing amazing, whichever cable you use.
    I have always maintained that different conductors will give a different SQ, I just don't think that their properties change over time, indeed this is less likely with a more dense metal. However I appreciate, respect and understand that people have a different opinion to me on that. Which is cool.
    After all Ladies and Gents, we are talking about twisted pair, that's it...
    Another clue might be this.... like a quiz, please fill in the next item in the sequence in Tralucent's R'n'D --> Uber
    Silver = Good SQ - Silver and Gold = Even Better SQ - Gold = ??????
    Occam's Razor?
  5. burtomr
    The uBer has a braided (woven) conductive shield from plug to earpiece connectors shunted to ground at the plug:
  6. Vespertine
    OK, so how does that alone improve the sound quality?
  7. Vespertine
    I mean if a grounded shield on cables improves sound quality that much, then after reading this, every single headphone company will do it. It is not hard to achieve.
  8. burtomr
    Shielding 'may' be a important factor missing from other companies cable designs...but that's not my department...I just know that the uBer has a grounded shield. There are other design elements like the wire composition, insulation, etc. that also factor in to the SQ. I would suggest you ask Gavin @ Tanslucent for more info. 
  9. Greed
    One of the major reasons the uber sounds better is because it consists of solid core wire instead of stranded. In theory your signal is better transmitted. Other factors include shielding, metallurgy, and design (dielectric, etc.). 
  10. R Scott Ireland

    Ha! Don't even go there.

    I play flute and the arguments over metals are never resolved (and never-ending). I hear differences with different metals, but physics sort of says "no".

    Anyway, my gold flute sounds warmer than my silver/platinum alloy, which sounds more brilliant.
  11. Vespertine
    Well physics kind of says the resonance would differ ... like really very very slightly .... in-perceivable to the human ear for sure, between metals that is ....
    However to an experienced flortist (that is coming up as a spell error, I am sure it is flortist?) the sound changes would be perceives as I suspect there are more variables than just metal types, could be wrong, but a really very interesting comparison.
  12. R Scott Ireland

    Well Vespertine, good to hear physics doesn't totally disagree, and with you're background you would know!

    Other variables do make a big difference in sound. Headjoint embouchure hole cut and shape being the most significant.

    Anyway I am way, way off topic, so I'll shut up. I'll just say that flutes, and all other orchestral instruments sound fantastic with the 1plus2.
  13. seeteeyou
  14. flymetothemoon
    Probably the matter of different resonance frequency from different metals and that made them sound different.  
  15. AnakChan Moderator
    Err, I don't think I know my metals well enough but isn't gold more resistive than copper? I understand putting 1-2% in a silver cable but 4N Au?

    Or is it just proof of concept?
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