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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. tgdinamo
    Of course not - but before I settled with TP/1P2 combo I went through enough other phones that I would have easily saved a lot of money if I was smart enough to get 1p2 right away (with other phones I was not convinced that there could be no room for improvement. For example one of the headphones I purchased before 1P2 are RE-600 which I was very happy with regarding most music I listen too except for hard rock and metal (distorted guitars do not sound natural to me and I was ready to accept that distorted guitar can never sound as good in digital as it does on vinyl).
    But 1P2 shattered that myth for me completely - it covers the whole spectrum perfectly. Fortunately when it comest to players I was smart/lucky enough to get Tera right away and save a lot of money by avoiding going through other players first.
  2. lee730
    While I could have just stuck with 1Plus2 being the ultimate IEM (IMO), I still wanted a couple other IEMs to give me different flavors/types of presentations. I'm glad I did as it keeps everything fresh for me. The problem with my SE5 is I'm scared of falling asleep with them in lol....
  3. tgdinamo
    If I felt like this about the stock AK120 I would perhaps consider the S mod - but I much prefer Tera to stock AK120. Also, I have settled on only 24-96 and 24-192 files and no longer even listen to my 44K (with exception of less than a handful of my favorite albums that I have not been able to find in hires).
  4. lee730
    A part of my issues with the Tera is what it did to the mids on the 1Plus2. It sounded off to my ears. Just wasn't a very good pairing for me. But I do really like how it pairs on the SE5 and that got me to consider getting one. But factoring in the inconveniences of removing the sd card every time I want to turn it off (its a pita) and navigating through the unit without a screen doesn't help things.... I'm pretty much done with portables besides getting a better amp down the line. I was hoping the UHA760 would top the T1 amp but it hasn't :frowning2:. Will try burning it in for few hundred hours and if it doesn't impress me enough I'll be putting it up for sale. The gain and digital pot are huge pluses on it but not worth it at the expense of sound quality for me.
  5. tgdinamo
    I have kept RE-600 for backup and also have several nice over the ear phones that pair well with Tera to mix it up (KEF M500 and Beyer DT-1350 which I both purchased specifically for Tera).
    Of course I also have the mandatory and amazing TP pairing Koss Porta Pro (modded) which are the only pair that still kind of hold their own to 1P2.
  6. tgdinamo
    I use Tera almost exclusively when it's in my pocket so the ergonomics with it being small and easy to feel buttons through jeans or shirt are perfect for me.
    The SD card removal is one of the downsides so I agree with you about that. The only other significant downside is that the random function on Tera is not as random as it should be. As you already know some Tera owners also complain about no true pause function but that does not bother me at all.
    But these are small tradeoffs and I prefer extra pushing of buttons to initially get to where I want to be (after I take the SD card out and have to start at the beginning), and then dropping the player into my pocket and leaving it there to constantly taking the player in and out of pocket like I used to do with my iPhone (and I HATED to do the triple press on the iPhone cable controls to move backwards - somehow more than 50% of the time I could not execute that triple press perfectly enough and ended up going forward rather than backward [​IMG]).
  7. lee730
    It's pretty nice to have that feature. Actually quite nice when you can have both features (screen the ability to change buttons without turning on screen :). Although I'm generally picky and like to pick my specific tracks I listen to. 
  8. mirari
    Sorry for sidetrack but does anyone know if the Hybrid Silver Gold cable work for JH 16s?  If so, does it fit in well or do the pins stick out slightly?
  9. lee730
    You could contact spkrs01 and ask him. I'm sure they can adjust the pin sizes to accommodate your request. Now how the gold cable will sound on your JH IEMs I don't know.
  10. midnightwalker

    Yes, it works well with the JH16.
  11. Aero Dynamik
    Why do you expect a difference in sound? Unless, of course, you expect interference from powerful radio signals and/or strong electrical currents running in parallel with the audio cable.
  12. Vespertine
    Hahaha .... Yep ....
  13. lee730
    lol I thought you were converted :wink:...
  14. burtomr
    Speaking of "interference from powerful radio signals": Do you know that the one of the uBer Cable's design features is 100% RF shielding from plug to eartips? Is that the reason for it's legendary improvement is SQ?...possibly. It certainly is unique in that construction feature amongst all other 'upgrade' cables.
  15. lee730
    Oh can't wait to try that out :p.
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