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The Official Sennheiser IE800S thread!

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  1. kuebler
    All very subjective...
  2. widezu69
    I wonder if the 2.5mm plug at the y-split is now balanced? Look like trrs in the pictures. Wonder if you could connect that directly to say a AK XB10 without the extra cable.
  3. zeddun
    With the ie800 S coming out soon, now would be an ideal time to purchase the original ie800 as retailers may be wanting to clear their inventories in anticipation of the newer model.
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  4. Kunlun
    Uh, the lcdi4 is open, no isolation. Useless on the go, so why not buy a real set of headphones?
  5. kubig123
    Yes it is. Otherwise offering balance cables would be useless and I would actually damage your dap.
  6. kubig123
    We’ll, first of all it’s easier to transport the i4 than any headphone.

    I can put them in my bag without adding almost any weight. It would be different if I had to go around with a set of audeze lcd-xc.
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  7. kubig123
    Not really
    I have the ie800 and the i4 and I can guarantee you that the i4 is well above the 800.

    You can argue that since it’s open and doesn’t offer any isolation it cannot be use on th go.
    But in term of sound it’s a different planet.
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  8. Ahmad313
    Agreed , LCDi4 is in the league of U18, Tia Fourte and Zeus XR , these bad boys really deserve the TOTAL title ,
  9. kuebler
    This may be possible... Maybe Venus instead of Mars, or whatsoever...

    But the higher league believe most probably is the typical subjective want-to-believe of a proud owner... :beerchug:
  10. Fafner

    Not really, as I stated I owned and I still own the IE800. Never heard the newer IE800S, but I don't expect it to be a completely different beast, if it was Sennheiser just would have labeled it differently, or?
    My "on the go" use is when I'm away from home, but in an hotel, or in my house on the mountains, not when I'm walking around. I can't imagine myself listening to a Mahler symphony when wandering around. :) The LCDi4 doesn't isolate, granted, but I guess that's one of the main reasons it doesn't sound like an IEM at all.
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2017
  11. PhilW
    That must still go to the oBravo Ra Cu lol
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  12. jmills8
    Detachable cable ? If not is the Y longer this time around ?
  13. audionewbi
    I must be the only guy who had fit issue as no one else see to be too concerned about the same exact fitting design.
  14. Rob80b
    Totally…not too sure how we got comparing a $999 iem, which is already ridiculously expensive for a tiny pair of vibrating membranes, which may or may not improve ones musical enjoyment over their free earbuds, and then stepping into fools territory at a $2495.00…lol

    Yes all very subjective…..
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  15. kubig123
    even more subjective if you have not heard the i4...
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