1. BB124T

    For sale - ie800s

    Selling my ie800s in good condition. Bought it on Amazon, 2018 march. 500USD includes PP and shipping fees.
  2. cooldude211986

    FS: Sennheiser IE800s IEM

    Up for sale is my lightly used Sennheiser IE800S. Purchased this brand new from Sennheiser. It comes in its original box with included accessories. Pricing includes shipping within US. However, buyers are requested to cover the Paypal fees.
  3. B0b

    [Sold] Sennheiser IE800S headphones with Vesper Audio detachable cable mod

    SOLD. For sale are Sennheiser IE800S headphones that were modded by Vesper Audio to replace the fixed cable with a detachable one. Also included is an Audio Hive Allegro (silver) cable. Modding the IE800S is a delicate and tedious procedure. I believe that the sound quality has significantly...
  4. BB124T

    Cancel- Sennheiser IE800S

    This ie800s is in almost new condition. I'm selling it because I get my Solaris. If you want more details, please send PM. Include all accessories in the original box. The price includes shipping fees
  5. audiokid

    Brand new Sennheiser IE800S S Earphones Latest Version, replaced under warranty

    Brand new, unused Sennheiser IE800S Flagship Earphones. Very similar to the IE800, but with a slightly more balanced sound. They're very natural, non-fatiguing, accurate and incredibly fulfilling. Even with the iPhone, they're truly remarkable. I'd say they are identical to the HD800S over-ear...
  6. Jackpot77

    [SOLD] Sennheiser IE800s for sale/trade

    ** TRADE AGREED ** Sennheiser IE800s for sale/trade - in immaculate condition with all tips and cables. Original box and all accessories included, all in excellent cosmetic condition. Looking for a sale, but interested in the following trades: Acoustune or Dita IEMs Ibasso DX200 Fiio X7ii Sony...
  7. N

    Ie 800 comparison

    Hi head fi, I currently have the hd700’s and I love them. My only gripe is that I can’t take them from my desk and they don’t isolate any sound ( I have a roommate that only plays games 24/7 and has no inside voice. Need isolation to study with). I don’t want a pair of over ear closed headphones...
  8. Noobzilla

    Need IEM advice. Impressed by Senn IE800S and FA Fibass

    Hi Everyone, (Tldr at the end) I'm currently on vacation in Japan and didn't plan on bringing my laptop and dac\amp. I only happen to visit a few electronic stores here while my sis-in-law was shopping for camera lens. My oh my I was not expecting an entire floor full of audio stuff including...
  9. DimitriTrush

    For Sale HD800S Brand New warranty EU 1250US All inclusive Worldwide

    PRICE DROP 1249 US/1050europrice inclusive shipping/paypal Ⓜ️HD 800 S Brand new never opened warranty 2 years SHipping to EU/UK/US no trades Watch the Unit video here
  10. BigAund

    Sennheiser IE800s - Now Sold

    SOLD FS: Sennheiser IE800s with accessories and box. I bought these directly from Sennheiser before Christmas, they're great but I'm just not using them enough to justify the cost. They're in perfect condition, come with the 3 cables (3.5,2.5 Balanced, 4.4 Balanced), ear tips, case. I'll also...
  11. Dobrescu George

    The Official Sennheiser IE800S thread!

    Sennheiser IE 800 S is the successor to the mighty IE 800! What do we know so far: - Successor to the mighty ie800 - Price: 1000$ - Box contents vastly improved over ie800 - Comes with Balanced options Official Specs: Impedance - 16 OHM Frequency Response - 5 Hz - 46.5kHz SPL - 125dB at 1v...