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The Official Sennheiser IE800S thread!

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  1. Kunlun
    I'm hoping there is a slight nozzle re-design allowing for more tip selection and an easier for for more people. The change in tips offered hints that maybe this is the case, hopefully.

    From the pictures so far, it's much longer.
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  2. Rob80b
    Again..totally...but lets first hear feedback on the ie800S and see if its a worthy upgrade or just an embellishment to its predecessor. : )
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  3. Ahmad313
    Yes we have to wait and see some feedbacks ,
  4. shotgunshane Contributor
    Do I have to go to another planet, in order to hear in-ears that are on another planet?
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  5. kubig123
    just to the bank, $$$$$$
  6. musicday
    What a good year for universal IEM, and CES 2018 will bring many surprises. Hopefully the cable is very strong, even if i would have preferred 2 pin or MMCX connectors. Amazing that the dynamic driver is only 7 mm in diameter and yet can reproduce such a wide frequency range.
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2017
  7. Ahmad313
    Don't worry and wait a little bit all iems that are lives on other planets will come back to the earth just new upgrade models will have to arrive ,
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  8. Dobrescu George
    I won't contest that they sound good, but the comfort is very different. ie800 just just the kind of comfort once you get a seal :smile_phones:

    ie800 is tiny, light, and just disappears in your ears. i4 is not the smallest IEM out there for sure :darthsmile:

    Now, i'd like to place them side - by - side sometime :L3000:
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  9. soundblast75
    I got em yesterday, but am busy right now so ill just give a little info as per previous post questions.
    The cable is longer.
    Case pretty much if not exactly the same, still great tho.
    Same nozzle and design. Seems Comply are normal tho, am i wrong.dont use them so..
    Sound wise..same idea improved.i think to some it wont be enough but to me all previous spikes and unpleasantness is gone tho treble is still there just more rifined.the fq range is insane, everything is clear and crisp beyond anything ive heard.bass is unbeatable and extends super low plus sweetness and slam.Zelentos are same league,bass also great,smoother and more laid back,at the moment a bit wider, tho id give Zenns at least 200h before i judge.
    Keyword is ultimate realism and clarity.
    Its nuts, seriously!
  10. musicday
    Congratulations gospodin. Can you compare with i20,i4 ,Tia Fourte if you heard them?
    Also i would like to know about the soundstage, how big it is.
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  11. Deftone
    Have you got IE800 and new S model side by side or a comparison from memory ?

    There is only a mention of improved bass on the senn website, no real description of improved or new driver. I will have to find out more.

    The treble was not harsh for me when the correct fit was achieved, shallow.
  12. soundblast75
    Cant compare to any of the above sorry.
    I had the ie800 briefly, if you've heard them you'd have an idea but they lacked what these have. Magic
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  13. chi2
    The very motor of the audiophile industry. And Head-Fi.
  14. Dobrescu George

    People here, myself included, are good at finding all the downsides of a product, so there is little chance of a product not being criticized for whatever minus it has :smile_phones:

    I hope that prices will keep going down, or at least that better priced products will keep coming in the less extensive markets so we keep the tech going, I'd like for yesterday's 500$ IEM to be today's 100$ IEM, and just new tech to be added at the top :gs1000smile:
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  15. Deftone
    looking forward to hearing more detailed opinions although I can’t imagine many people actually picking them up anymore. S version or not most people moved on from the IE800, not me, I still think it’s one of the best.

    I have no way of hearing IE800-S for myself but I would jump at the chance.
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