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The Official Sennheiser IE800S thread!

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  1. Sc00p
    Just picked up a pair off the Sennheiser site for £205 off. 15% voucher + after applying the voucher, waited about 30 seconds and another offer appears on the right for another discount.
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  2. Deftone
    Share the voucher code!
  3. Deftone
    Where did you find out about this offer?
  4. Ahmad313
    What is the code of that voucher ,? the offer is still valid ,?
  5. chi2
    Most certainly for ie80s.
    Edit: My fault, was too early in the morning, sry
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2017
  6. Sc00p
    its in the uk. Just googled 15% off and got a code, after that was applied, after about 30 seconds wait, the basket checkout screen, a message popped up on the right saying "Don’t miss out! Return now to receive your personal discount. Simply copy your code and complete your order:<code>" Applied the code and it applied a 2nd discount. Works on 660 S too.
  7. phiemon
    Can you explain that, please? Which headphones are "better" for that price? Thank you!
  8. McCol
    Ok, I’ve ordered using the same method and saved over £200 and hopefully 7% cashback through quidco.

    Put them in your basket then as your about to navigate away it will give you a code for around 12%, apply this (VEIN229T1A9) and then apply SENNUK15 (from a voucher site), this should bring the price down to £665, plus £45ish back from quidco hopefully.
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  9. McCol
    Order confirmation email received.

    Always regretted moving my IE800 on so eager to try these.
  10. BigAund
    For the screen with the 12% code - is that the one you get when you click buy now? No such luck for me unfortunately, but maybe I'm on the wrong screen?

  11. McCol
    There should be an option to apply the codes I’ve listed under the price
  12. BigAund
    Managed to apply the 15% code, but the other one doesn't work and I don't get the pop up offering me a code. Am I understanding right, you've used both codes?
  13. McCol
    I put the them in the basket and then went back a page, when I did this a pop up with a code came up, used that first then the SENNUK15 code.
  14. egokun
    Wish I had the cash to squander on these. They do sound like something I would like immensely, even if I think I'd have serious fit issues with any tips other than Complys.

    If only I could try them out, but I'm in Italy so it's pretty much impossible to find someone who has one.
  15. Ahmad313
    This offer is applicable in Uk only ,??
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