1. Somatic

    TOTL Mid Range Headphone

    Seeing if the community can help me. What is the best headphones for mid range? So far I like the midrange on the HD600 better than Susvara and TC. Maybe from more energy in the upper midrange giving it a more forward midrange? Looking for the best forward sounding midrange available. Thanks a...
  2. ZMFheadphones Atrium

    ZMFheadphones Atrium

    New co Flagship from ZMF Open Back Handcrafted Wood Proprietary Patent Pending Dampening/Air Flow System
  3. T

    Looking for recommendations: TOTL headphones for Techno

    Hi, I'm hugely into Techno music and other EDM genres such as Trance/Drum & Bass but mainly Techno & most subgenres. I purchased Focal Clears 4 years ago powered by a Questyle CMA600i but they recently snapped & I am outside of my warrenty. Using this opportunity to upgrade from the Clears/AMP...
  4. Kagerou

    Flagship IEMs feedback and recommendations

    Hi everyone I’m looking to buy a new TOTL, Flagship grade IEM. I’ve been looking at primarily: Nobleaudio Sultan, Empire Ears Odin, 64 U18T, 64 Tia Fourté, Thieaudio Monarch 2. I wanted to know if there’s any I should be looking into, if not, is there any in the list that is clear cut above the...
  5. hewlett168

    Best/Worst TOTL headphone w/r to Warranty and Driver Durability

    Many users of Head-Fi will buy their headphones on the used market. If a used headphone develops a fault of some sort, this can result in very high repair costs and even potentially make it not worthwhile to repair the headphone, especially for TOTL headphones ($1500+). This can be quite a...
  6. InternetSandman

    Looking for low-profile high-end/TOTL IEM

    Sorry if this is a long read Basically what the title says. I'm looking for a high end or TOTL IEM that can be worn comfortably under an over-ear headset. I use an Audio Technica BPHS1 (with aftermarket Brainwavz earpads that give my ears more room inside) for when I'm playing online games with...
  7. Thieaudio Clairvoyance

    Thieaudio Clairvoyance

    Clairvoyance - Tonal Euphoria The Clairvoyance was tuned with a zero-tolerance for tonal imbalance. Featuring a flat midline that transitions smoothly to the exact inner ear canal resonance peak, the Clairvoyance presents a natural tonality that mirrors the precision of calibrated professional...
  8. iBo0m

    What are some favorite IEMs in Asia (not so well-known elsewhere).

    Hello to Asia! Being aware of multiple audio sessions during every year in Asia and browsing through, I've noticed many models that are rather rare here in the Europe, but based on the number of reviews popular in Asia. For example local brand's model Sony IER-Z1R has 221 reviews...
  9. H

    high end headphones for EDM/bass heavy music?

    Hi everyone. I've lurked on this forum for a while and decided to make an account because I really need some advice. I wasn't able to find exactly what I was looking for. I listen to a lot of electronic music. Mainly electro, future bounce, future house etc. Are there any headphones out there...
  10. DUNU-Topsound

    Introducing LUNA by DUNU, the world's first pure beryllium rolled foil diaphragm flagship dynamic in-ear! (Page 18: Loan Tour Announcement)

    November 10th, 2019 Shanghai, China FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, EXCLUSIVELY FOR HEAD-FI PrefaceOver the years, DUNU has accrued a ton of experience building earphones and drivers; a few years ago, we reexamined our core technologies and thought long and hard about how we could make a major...
  11. Moonbuds Super Nightingale

    Moonbuds Super Nightingale

  12. panzercancer

    TOTL iem for "casual" listening. Various genres.

    Hi everyone! Been following headfi for some time. I've decided to indulge myself and get a good pair of earphones, been lurking around, reading reviews and impressions all over and became confused with all this info, which sometimes is conflicting even. I do not have an extensive previous...
  13. Eaton Liu

    LP6 Ti 199 -- The Most Expensive and Technical Advanced Portable Player on The Planet?

    About two months ago, I attended an audiophile meeting hosted in LA. The meeting mainly focused on portable audio gears -- IEMs, DAPs, portable amps, and some sealed headphones. I was not a fan of this subject because I had been a full-stack system user for a decade since the debut of HD800 in...
  14. cleg

    Flux Lab Acoustics Atlas — TOTL all-in-one DAC/headphones amp/player

    I have an honor to introduce new Flux Lab creation to Head-Fi audience. It's Atlas — DAC, headphones amplifier, preamplifier and player. Official site: Flux Atlas is the outcome of 10 years of experience designing High-End audio equipment and...
  15. PW AUDIO 1900 cables

    PW AUDIO 1900 cables

  16. Ksweene5

    End Game Headphone - Thought Experiment - Knowledge and Experience Sought

    Hi HF - I am looking for my endgame phone - please share your make/model ideas and if you're up for it a little narrative would be great!! Im wanting to spend around $800 at the high end, ive been looking used. I know there are way more expensive headphones, but for the foreseeable future...
  17. Moonbuds Heron vs Moonbuds Nightshade

    Moonbuds Heron vs Moonbuds Nightshade

    TOTL Moonbuds :- Created my Moon Harvester!!
  18. Audioscope

    In search of end-game*

    I have been in this hobby for 11 years now. I am an engineer but also a published photographer and artist. Over the years, I have bought, kept, and sold a lot of gear. I learned that expensive multi-thousand dollar gear are sometimes not worth their price tag. In fact, in a lot of cases...
  19. Audeze LCD-MX4

    Audeze LCD-MX4

    Audeze LCD-MX4, the studio LCD-4 for music producers! Features Planar magnetic drivers for better dynamics and frequency response Premium leather for style and durability Made in our Southern California facility Audeze Technology Flux density 1.5 Tesla Large ultra-thin Uniforce diaphragms...
  20. ceeloChamp

    High End Universal IEMs -- Tell Me Your Favorites

    Hello Everyone, CIEMs are amazing, they look cool, they sound amazing, and they fit like socks on a chicken, but they are a huge pain to order. Now-a-days they are about the same price as their UIEM counterparts, so if you don't have a pair...get you one. However, I don't think I'm alone...
  21. pichu

    I have $4,500 to spend. Open to any suggestions!

    So I have $4,500 to spend on a pair of headphones, an amp and a dac. I’ve messed around with a bunch of low fi and midfi and want to go all the way this time. I was planning on going with the Autuer Teak from ZMF with a Soekris 1541. I feel that this may be pointless as I would most likely shoot...
  22. pichu

    I have $4,500 for a full headphone setup

    So I have $4,500 to spend on a pair of headphones, an amp and a dac. I’ve messed around with a bunch of low fi and midfi and want to go all the way this time. I was planning on going with the Autuer Teak from ZMF with a Soekris 1541. I feel that this may be pointless as I would most likely shoot...
  23. Toad_of_Toad_Hall

    Meier Audio Corda Soul - TOTL DAC/AMP/DSP

    I can say from experience that Meier Audio offers some of the best value headphone amplifiers and DACs in the game. Think of them as something akin to a European version of Schiit. Enclosures are modest and marketing costs minimal. The attraction of these amps lies in their sound and design...
  24. Dobrescu George

    The Official Sennheiser IE800S thread!

    Sennheiser IE 800 S is the successor to the mighty IE 800! What do we know so far: - Successor to the mighty ie800 - Price: 1000$ - Box contents vastly improved over ie800 - Comes with Balanced options Official Specs: Impedance - 16 OHM Frequency Response - 5 Hz - 46.5kHz SPL - 125dB at 1v...
  25. Dobrescu George

    George (Audiophile Heaven) Review Index!

    Hey there! My name is George and I am a man passionate about music and audio! I am the main writer and editor of Audiophile Heaven! I thought I should make a thread where I post news about my review work, work in progress, and where I post a little index of my previous works! Tidal...