1. CL14715

    [SOLD] Andromeda Gold #741 (Mint Condition)

    Andromeda Golds serial # 741 purchased from a member recently, in perfect condition. All accessories that come from factory are included.
  2. iamkn

    [SOLD] ThieAudio Legacy 9 (Resin Version) + 4.4mm Balanced Stock Cable

    Condition: - Like new; working perfectly well (Received on 8/4; used ~5hours in total) - 100% authentic - Resin build; 1st batch of production - 2-Pin 0.78mm 4.4mm Balanced stock cable - 1-Year warranty until 28/3/2021 (details will be provided) - Only tried S size ear tips but thoroughly...
  3. I'mSparticus

    SOLD: Audeze LCD-MX4 (US) $1200

    Hey there, Well time to part with part of my collection. Up for sale are one of my favorite headphones the MX4's (B Stock) from Audeze. Its just hard to justify having 3 TOTL headphones atm, so reducing my collection a little bit. Condition: 8/10, there are a few small paint chips on the...
  4. Wifiman


    Selling my susvaras bought 2018. The condition is pretty good with modded surface finish. Still have one year of warranty left and the pads are replaced just 2 months ago. Will consider trade for only MEZE empyrean. The price doesn't include PP fee or shipping. Feel free to PM for more info.
  5. electrathecat

    IC: Sony NW-WM1Z Hi-Res Walkman DAP in mint condition, priced to sell SOLD

    Due to getting a new car recently I unfortunately have to cull some of my lesser-used equipment to relieve the cash crunch I'm in. My loss is your gain as I'm going to be pricing items fairly aggressively as I list them (and I take pretty great care of my stuff!). Up for sale is the premium...
  6. electrathecat

    FS: Blue Hawaii BHSE with RK50 Alps in great condition, priced to sell SOLD

    Due to getting a new car recently I unfortunately have to cull some of my lesser-used equipment to relieve the cash crunch I'm in. My loss is your gain as I'm going to be pricing items fairly aggressively as I list them (and I take pretty great care of my stuff!). Up for sale is the HeadAmp...
  7. iBo0m

    What are some favorite IEMs in Asia (not so well-known elsewhere).

    Hello to Asia! Being aware of multiple audio sessions during every year in Asia and browsing through, I've noticed many models that are rather rare here in the Europe, but based on the number of reviews popular in Asia. For example local brand's model Sony IER-Z1R has 221 reviews...
  8. CrocodileDundee

    SOLD: Empire Ears Valkyrie (Like New)

    Selling another of my beloved IEMs as I have too much of them and I can't sell my Custom's. This is one of the newest triple hybrid (1DD 1BA 1EST) on the market. If you haven't heard any Est driver yet, do it and get impressed with the liveness on the highs it gives. And, they look Gorgeous...
  9. Ramzal

    [SOLD] Focal Utopia w/ Norne Audio Silvergarde S3

    I am selling my pair of Focal Utopias with Norne Audio Silvergarde S3 Cable. Price is $2200 OBO I have original box, original cable, and purchase receipt from authorized Focal Dealer (March 11, 2019). These have been lightly used. Cosmetically, they are 9.5/10 with no blemishes or marks that...
  10. H

    high end headphones for EDM/bass heavy music?

    Hi everyone. I've lurked on this forum for a while and decided to make an account because I really need some advice. I wasn't able to find exactly what I was looking for. I listen to a lot of electronic music. Mainly electro, future bounce, future house etc. Are there any headphones out there...
  11. O

    [WTS] 64 Audio Tia Fourte Noir

    64 Audio Tia Fourte Noir for sale in excellent condition, as new. With balanced cable and 2.5 to 3.5 extension cable. Box included and all box content included. Pictures coming in tonight.
  12. rishabhgkp

    SOLD Beyerdynamic T5p 2nd Gen in India

    These are new Beyerdynamics T5p 2nd gen, never used, selling them as was an impulsive buy. Comes with all accessories and case, but no box, as it was large to be brought from US. TOTL closed back headphones. Bought from Woo Audio, official dealer in US, comes with purchase bill and warranty...
  13. DUNU-Topsound

    Introducing LUNA by DUNU, the world's first pure beryllium rolled foil diaphragm flagship dynamic in-ear! (Page 18: Loan Tour Announcement)

    November 10th, 2019 Shanghai, China FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, EXCLUSIVELY FOR HEAD-FI PrefaceOver the years, DUNU has accrued a ton of experience building earphones and drivers; a few years ago, we reexamined our core technologies and thought long and hard about how we could make a major...
  14. petezjunior

    *Pristine* Focal Elear - Tremendous Top of the Line headphones for CHEAP!

    I am reluctantly selling my Focal Elears because I have 2 pairs and need to get rid of my gear to raise money for a trip. So far in my audio journey, I have owned numerous headphones including the ZMF Eikon, HD-800, Ether, Aeon Flow, Edition X, HE-5, HE-560, HD650, Fidelio X2 and more. Without...
  15. Phantaminum

    Withdrawn: Apex Teton

    Selling an Apex Teton. This amp oozes TOTL from the case to the knobs. It’s beautiful sounding but I’m still on the hunt for a specific sound. The amp does have a scratch to the left of the front transformer. Amp includes: Driver: IBM 5U4GB rectifier Mullard GZ32 rectifier Sylvania 7236 Output...
  16. CrocodileDundee

    SOLD: Sony IER-Z1R

    Selling my almost new Sony IER-Z1R. only a month old. No scratch or marks. I will provide my Invoice provided. PS.: Shipping outside Australia for an extra cost. Pick from Melbourne.
  17. Moonbuds Super Nightingale

    Moonbuds Super Nightingale

  18. panzercancer

    TOTL iem for "casual" listening. Various genres.

    Hi everyone! Been following headfi for some time. I've decided to indulge myself and get a good pair of earphones, been lurking around, reading reviews and impressions all over and became confused with all this info, which sometimes is conflicting even. I do not have an extensive previous...
  19. Eaton Liu

    LP6 Ti 199 -- The Most Expensive and Technical Advanced Portable Player on The Planet?

    About two months ago, I attended an audiophile meeting hosted in LA. The meeting mainly focused on portable audio gears -- IEMs, DAPs, portable amps, and some sealed headphones. I was not a fan of this subject because I had been a full-stack system user for a decade since the debut of HD800 in...
  20. Schwibbles

    SOLD: AKG N5005

    SOLD!! Second owner. Owned for about 3 and a half months now and have only lightly used them. The original owner only lightly used them as well. Always owned by nonsmokers. The N5005 and its accessories are in excellent condition with the following exceptions: One of the reference filters...
  21. bluebair

    *SOLD* Campfire Solaris: removed memory wire, extra carry case, symbio tips, and more.

    If youre here, you probably know what these are. These IEM's are my favorite audio product I have ever owned or listened to. This was purchased 12/7/2018, so it is still under warranty SN 203. Price is including shipping & paypal fees to the US. I threw in an extra campfire audio comet case...
  22. cleg

    Flux Lab Acoustics Atlas — TOTL all-in-one DAC/headphones amp/player

    I have an honor to introduce new Flux Lab creation to Head-Fi audience. It's Atlas — DAC, headphones amplifier, preamplifier and player. Official site: Flux Atlas is the outcome of 10 years of experience designing High-End audio equipment and...
  23. PW AUDIO 1900 cables

    PW AUDIO 1900 cables

  24. subwoof3r

    FS: Blox YIN (mint condition) - TOTL earbuds (SOLD!)

    Hello everybody :) I'm selling my brand new pair of very high-end (TOTL) earbuds Blox YIN. This is the actual recent and best ever flagship from Blox. Used it mainly fo my review (already properly burned for 200 hours approx). Comes with everything that came with in brand new condition (wood...
  25. zeed

    [SOLD] Audeze LCD-2.2 pre-Fazor bamboo in great conditions

    Hello, For sale my pair of Audeze LCD 2.2 pre-Fazor, in really great cosmetic shape and perfect working conditions. Pictures below: These come with a balanced...