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"The Lab"

  1. B9Scrambler
    It takes on a slightly warm and thin, treble prominent, mid-ranged focused sound that has a well-extended, sub-bass focused low end playing support. I generally find this sound lacks a bit of musicality to it, but not these. They're a great listen. Posted my review Friday; https://www.head-fi.org/f/showcase/...perience-version-hifi-in-ear-earphones.22359/
  2. Podster
    Well you know I had to drop a pair into my cart @B9Scrambler besides I still love my original Series 1, still trying to recover from my last two drops but I sure can't say anything bad about this combo:wink:

    Noble Cayin.JPG
  3. peter123




    Still a lot of furnitures to build but I'm pretty sure that there's a couple of youngsters that'll enjoy not sharing room for the first time in three months
  4. Podster
    Bet they will Peter, I love that mud room. Coming right along:)
  5. boblauer
    Good for you @peter123. There is light at the end of the tunnel.
  6. Hisoundfi Contributor
    Looks good Peter!
  7. peter123
    WOW, the pictures came out huge on my laptop :wink:

    Thanks guys! There's certainly a relief to get back to normal again :gs1000smile::gs1000smile:
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  8. B9Scrambler
    Review of the Seahf AWK-009 is up! Photos were fun for this one :ksc75smile:

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  9. Light - Man
    My take on the Focal Listen headphones (3 out of 5 stars)

    They're okay but nothing special.

    I found them uncomfortable to wear and therefore irritating even for short periods as the headband rubber is hard on the head and the clamping force is high.

    The earpads are borderline on-ear/over-ear and I found that they squash the ears.

    The sound is very average to me with decent mids but nothing special, bass and treble are rolled off and non distinct.

    Overall, I found they lacked the dynamics, excitement, energy, attack and transparency in the music that I had hoped for.

    I find it hard to say that much positive about these headphones but they appear to be built well with a very strong headband that is unlikely to break even though I gave it plenty of stick trying to reduce clamping pressure.

    I paired them with a Chord Mojo as well as my Hidizs AP100 DAP and Fiio A5 and Fiio A12A Amps - in all possible combinations.

    Overall, I find it hard to recommend these headphones and I don't understand some of the high praise they get - I found them a forgettable experience at best.

    To sum it all up - I felt a bit like this (if I was her and not the dog!) :ksc75smile:

    Last edited: May 21, 2017
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  10. HiFiChris Contributor
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  11. ngoshawk
  12. Mr Trev
    Inane though of the day:

    Rolls of parchment paper are quite possibly the most annoying substance on Earth
  13. B9Scrambler
    AK Audio's Light T2 is a pretty decent micro-driver :)
  14. peter123
    Nice! I really like the original Light, do you know if there's any sonically difference between between the two?
  15. B9Scrambler
    I was under the impression the changes were physical only, but I'll clarify with AK since I've only heard the 2017 version.

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