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"The Lab"

  1. doctorjazz
    Have the 560 and the HEK (just got v2), but some with ears I trust say the HE-6 beats them all, slam, detail, all that stuff. But they do need power to drive them.
  2. Mr Trev
    Buy 'em. You know the saying… better to regret something you have done, rather than something you haven't:beerchug:
  3. doctorjazz
    I heard George W Bush was saying that when he invaded Iraq :)
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  4. Hisoundfi Contributor
    The HE-6 is legendary stuff, but overall I'm not impressed with Hifiman stuff on a whole. I don't say this to be harsh, but they are all crazy expensive and the sound of just about anything I've listened to hasn't been mindblowing good.

    The HE400 stuff is harsh and agressive sounding to my ears. I far prefer the ZMF Eikon, Sennheiser HD650, Meze type of signature. I'm sure most of you know what tuning I prefer based on the three described.

    Peter, before you go balls out on the HE-6, MAKE SURE you give the Focal Utopia and Focal Elear a listen. The new Focal lineup is a combination of both signature. It's really hard to explain, but it has elements of richness from a warmer signature with transients, detail and crispness found in the more linear and bright stuff. IDK, they just sound magical to my ears. Almost too good to be true.

    ZMF Eikon is a GREAT sounding headphone. Biocellulose drivers and they almost look like a Sony R10. The Eikon is kind of like a closed HD650 sound but with better sub bass.
  5. doctorjazz
    I really like the ZMF cans I've heard (I reviewed the Omni) . Elear Vs HE-560 is not so clear cut (I reviewed the Elear as well), depends on what your preferences are. The 560 does the mids and detail really well, and Soundstage, but can be sharp On The high end (system matching is crucial). The Elear is punchy, has good transient attack and a wow factor, but loses on mids and detail. I kept my 560 (but listen mostly to the HE-1000, which isn't perfect either, but is really quite nice sounding imo, of course)
    Last edited: May 13, 2017
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  6. peter123
    Personally I'd rate the HE400i over the HD650 as an allrounder, I'd even go as far as saying they're the best value headphones I've ever heard. To me the Meze is OK but a bit overpriced but then again I've always preferred open headphones over closed ones.

    I have not heard any other hifiman offerings apart from the HE-6, HE560 and of course the HE400i and I'm thoroughly impressed by all of them so obviously our preference seems to differ quite a bit here.

    I'll take a listen to the Elear but the the pricing of the Utopia over here (I've got no idea about the US pricing) is about 6 times the price of the HE-6 (demo pair) so I'm afraid they're not an option for me.

    Anyway I've decided to bring the Project Ember II to the store next week and listen to the HE-6 through it and see what happens :wink:
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  7. twister6 Contributor
    Peter, make sure to listen to DT1990 Pro. Everybody is raving about it, though I didn't hear it yet. And it's cheaper than HE560.
  8. peter123
    Yeah, the same store has it and it was my intention to listen to it as well but I didn't have the time. I will listen to the Elear and DT1990 on the Ember II next time I go there.
  9. Hisoundfi Contributor
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  10. ranfan

    My equipment space. Sorry for the potato camera :p
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  11. B9Scrambler
    In love with these right now; TFZ King Exclusive


    The clarity and detail these single DDs put out is just awesome. :ksc75smile:
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  12. Light - Man
    Likewise, sorry guys for the mess in my gaff :ksc75smile:

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  13. Podster
    THX for the NobleX review Vince, mine will be here Wednesday:) Just had to try a Noble for $250:beerchug:

    Unfortunately @B9Scrambler I'll be waiting a month for my King's to get here:slight_frown:
  14. ngoshawk
    Fabulous week with the Grado GH-2 Limited Edition!

  15. HiFiChris Contributor

    What's the sound signature of this IEM like? I'm really diggin' the design.

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