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"The Lab"

  1. ngoshawk
  2. B9Scrambler
    My headphones for today :)

  3. HiFiChris Contributor
    Last edited: May 30, 2017
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  4. B9Scrambler
    Have confirmation that sound remains unchanged. Differences are physical only.
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  5. peter123
    Thanks mate! I really like them: smooth, midcentric and very easily enjoyable. Every time I listen to them I think of them as a mini Aurisonics Rockets :wink:
  6. B9Scrambler
    Cheers! :beerchug:
  7. peter123
  8. B9Scrambler
    Bling bling?

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  9. HiFiChris Contributor
    Who's the manufacturer? I've never seen that logo.

    On a more or less related note, thankfully these in-ears below are not for regular sale but merchandise that was in a "survival package" I surprisingly won that turned out to be just a bunch of cheap merch (although the 4 GB aluminium USB stick is quite nice, frankly). I certainly haven't heard anything that bad in a loooong time.

    DSC03700-small.JPG DSC03704-small.JPG DSC03705-small.JPG
    Last edited: May 31, 2017
  10. Podster
    That sir is Blasphemy:astonished:

    Rock-et-Py Baby.JPG
  11. B9Scrambler
    A-Audio - http://a-audio.com

    Despite being fashion cans they actually sound pretty nice ootb. V-shaped sig and mids a bit veiled but I was expecting a lot worse to be honest. Haven't tried them with the ANC or bass setting turned on yet.

    Those cheapos look like winners :wink:
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  12. HiFiChris Contributor
    Thanks! Never heard of them.

    The website doesn't load for me somehow... Well, it finally did after a while.

    So it's a Bluetooth headphone with the option to also use it in wired mode, isn't it?

    I'm really wondering what the headphone market will look like in let's say 5 years or a decade. I guess we'll see even a lot more Bluetooth and wireless headphones and in-ears, mainly without the option to use them in wired mode, and probably also some purely digital headphones (Audio Technica have for example launched some purely digital headphones in the recent months). While this honestly makes me quite sad, the main advantage is that complex DSP corrections can be implemented for an improved user experience, which certainly is a really nice thing.
    However I hope that more serious headphones and in-ears will still be made and be available as purely wired products.

    For sure! A full (German) review of them is scheduled to go live on Friday. Frequency response measurements are already online.

    I haven't heard such a bad performance in years - even most stock in-ears and earbuds that used to come with smartphones had a more realistic presentation, and nowadays in a time where there are quite a few well-tuned ultra-budget offerings available, I certainly cannot think of why an in-ear can be tuned so badly.

    Yeah, they certainly are "special"...

    My old Sony ME-21 mono crystal in-ear (that I should probably review one day, just for fun, after I have already posted some impressions a few years ago in a German community and also briefly compared it to the Logitech/Ultimate Ears UE200), while having the ultimately much worse extension on both ends and not being for those who like to listen at medium to higher levels (-> distortions rise very quickly), is so much better than that cheap throw-away merchandise IEM. As I said, the only good thing about it is that probably only a few people get the "pleasure" to experience its sound...
  13. B9Scrambler
    The site is very image heavy. Pretty taxing on my internet and slow to navigate. Looks nice though. *shrug*

    I got the Legacy model which is wired only; https://a-audio.com/shop/legacy-over-ear-anc-headphones/

    I'm excited about the wireless market in the future, primarily due to the SoundPEATS Q16. Performance all around for a fully wireless in-ear is pretty great. Not perfect, but for the price it's way more capable than I was expecting, especially given the lack of apt-X.
  14. B9Scrambler
    Hard to believe, but the Havi B3 Pro II actually doesn't suck :ok_hand:


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  15. audio123

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