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"The Lab"

  1. peter123

    Very nice review!

    As you know I also picked up a pair only a couple of months ago (after talking to you about them) and I can confirm that they're indeed different (and significantly better) than my original pair that's from before any Havi's were available from anywhere except Taobao........
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  2. B9Scrambler

    Yes indeed. Would love to get some confirmation from Havi about whether or not they were updated/upgraded.
  3. peter123
    I'm pretty sure they are. It was the same with the Pro I as well, they never said anything official about an upgrade but when I got a review pair in and compared it with my old pair they were most definitely different and I then got confirmation from Havi thanks to @Baycode helping me out.
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  4. Hisoundfi Contributor
  5. Podster
    Another Great review Vince:thumbsup:

    Glad to hear the reinforcements on the Pro II's and I'm putting them on my post vaca/Twin list:beerchug:
  6. B9Scrambler
    Good morning Labsters! What's everyone rockin' on this fine Monday? I'm keeping it uber mobile with the AKG K403 and Shanling M1 (and a coffee...mmmm). What a pair!

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  7. crabdog
    Was the Benjie X1 and TFZ Exclusive King for me today. Perfect match up!
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  8. B9Scrambler
    Good choices. The King is absolutely stellar (imo) :D
  9. Podster
    I too am M1 today B9 but with the A4's:beerchug:

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  10. B9Scrambler
    Very nice! Liking the case on the M1. Still haven't bothered the put the screen protectors on mine :s
  11. boblauer
    I'm on the M1 bandwagon as well today, well everyday as it's the only DAP I have that works right now. Mine's paired with the Green Ting earbuds today.
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  12. Hisoundfi Contributor
    I'm holding out, waiting for a touch screen version of the M1, if/when it ever happens.

    I'm not a fan of the whole scroll wheel thingy. Still, it looks like a really cool device. The Bluetooth receiver is genius.
  13. HiFiChris Contributor
  14. boblauer
    With Firmware 2.0 All you need to do to scroll thru folders, artist's etc. is to hold down the forward/back button and it scrolls thru the lists quickly. You only need the wheel for a psuedo Enter key. It works IMO pretty well so a touch screen is not missed for that function, if you simply prefer the touchscreen implementation then it's all moot. The blue tooth radio is a nice function, I use it a lot for a variety of things both at home and work.
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  15. peter123
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