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"The Lab"

  1. jant71
    Fingers crossed! Glad to hear it went well. Best wishes for his speedy and uneventful recovery!
  2. howdy
    Great to hear all went well, Nik!
  3. tikue666
    Good vibes to you and your boy! He'll be fine in no time! 
    By the way, if it's titanium, he'd be hearing things with a sound sig of say an EX1 / Finder X1 / Macaw GT100, I'm jealous!  [​IMG]
    Just kidding... :)
  4. nmatheis Contributor
    Lol, yeah he'll have super good high end hearing :wink:
  5. Mr Trev
    Cool. Did you make sure they cryo-treated them first?
  6. nmatheis Contributor
    Oh Schiit, I totally forgot to ask. My man Ken at ALO totally would've done it for me. I've seen his cryo machine in action!
  7. doctorjazz
    Glad it's over, best of luck for the recovery!
  8. HiFiChris Contributor
  9. Light - Man
  10. Hisoundfi Contributor
    Merry Christmas to all my Labsters.

    I hope your day is filled with good times and awesome gear.

    Pretty excited, Santa dropped these off:

    howdy and ngoshawk like this.
  11. howdy
    Merry Christmas everyone!
    ngoshawk likes this.
  12. ngoshawk
    Happy Holidays, Labsters!:muscle_tone3::thumbsup:
  13. peter123
    Merry Christmas Labsters :santa::christmas_tree::santa::christmas_tree:
  14. bhazard
  15. Pastapipo
    Merry Christmas labbies!

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